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Dean Broder wipes drool from chin, teabags another Republican

Now that the Democrats have control of both houses of Congress, why does Dean Broder keep servicing Republicans? You'd think Broder's readership would want to know about winners, not losers, and national parties, not regional ones. Some would say it's because The Dean of Beltway Bigfeet is just a Republican shill. The more charitable would chalk Broder's increasingly pitiable behavior up to institutional factors: After a decade of Republican rule, Republican sources are the only sources in Dave's rolodex. Or maybe Broder just genuinely enjoys doing these guys. Whatever. Get a load of this: Read more about Dean Broder wipes drool from chin, teabags another Republican

Republicans no longer a national party

And guess what region they represent? Hint: It's not the Northeast, the Midwest, the Mountain States, or the West. Sidney Blumenthal: Read more about Republicans no longer a national party

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A Parting Teabag for Rummy

Just in time for the Sunday gasbag shows, the NYT obligingly prints another "leaked" administration memo, and cannot help a few, final, sweet words for one of it's beloved macho men. Read more about A Parting Teabag for Rummy

Stop being so damn nice to the Republicans, Howard!


“If George Bush made any single huge mistake,” Mr. Dean said, “it’s that he thought he could be president by being president for half of America and by treating the rest of us with contempt.”


More like a third; Bush's numbers have been in the 30s for some time now.

Those Who Cannot Undrink The KoolAid--the base--is by no means "half of America."

Thank the God of Your Choice, if any. Read more about Stop being so damn nice to the Republicans, Howard!

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Crap on the Radio

Okay, I thought James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" was the whiniest suckfest ever to make it out onto broadcast. Then I heard John Mayer's "Waiting on the world to change." What do YOU consider the suckiest music on the radio? Read more about Crap on the Radio

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When "Joe Thug" Comes Marching Home Again...

Lest we forget, more than just our soldiers will be returning from Iraq. Read A Bad Homecoming? for some rational fears on what we will be facing when DoD-sanctioned thugs come back. Read more about When "Joe Thug" Comes Marching Home Again...

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Insurers abandon commercial coverage in NOLA

The Travelers, which recently suffered a setback in a Federal appeals court when its policies' wordings denying flood insurance coverage to Louisiana customers were ruled "vague", has announced it's leaving the most vulnerable parishes of New Orleans. Read more about Insurers abandon commercial coverage in NOLA

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A simple proposal

1. If you are a member of Congress, your home must remain in your district -- that is, the place from which you were elected.
2. If you are a serving member of Congress, you have the right to a free bus ticket to DC timed to allow you to arrive the night before the first morning of the first session of your term, with appropriate luggage. Read more about A simple proposal

Saturday Funny Headline Blogging

From today's Richmond VA Times-Dispatch:

Don't take biblical films' truthfulness on faith
Experts say portrayals in movie adaptations aren't always accurate


Take a biblical story, put it on the big screen and immediately you have a problem.

Republicans to gut GSA's ability to investigate fraud


The Republicans are certainly making their list and checking it twice, aren't they? Their to-do list of ways to avoid accountability, that is. Only 56 days left until Democrats gain subpoena power! WaPo: Read more about Republicans to gut GSA's ability to investigate fraud

So, did Bush and Maliki fix that whole Iraq thing?

I had to take the news drip out of my arm for a couple days, and when last I looked the Maliki/Bush meeting was big news, so....

One minute. Let me check.

No. Apparently, they didn't. Why not check out what the locals think?

One of our Iraqi cameramen was watching this press conference and he was laughing, hearing what the prime minister Maliki was saying, what president Bush was saying.

Funny, I have the same reaction when I read Tom Friedman. Read more about So, did Bush and Maliki fix that whole Iraq thing?

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Foner Tags W as Worst President Ever

Via Atrios this morning I learned that Eric Foner, probably one of the rock stars of the historical profession, has ranked W as the worst president ever:

One other president bears comparison to Bush: James K. Polk. Some historians admire him, in part because he made their job easier by keeping a detailed diary during his administration, which spanned the years of the Mexican-American War. But Polk should be remembered primarily for launching that unprovoked attack on Mexico and seizing one-third of its territory for the United States.
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What's your Terror Score?

Don't ask. Homeland Security won't tell.

Almost every person entering and leaving the United States by air, sea or land is assessed based on ATS' analysis of their travel records and other data, including items such as where they are from, how they paid for tickets, their motor vehicle records, past one-way travel, seating preference and what kind of meal they ordered.

I'll have the Halal meal please... or maybe not. Read more about What's your Terror Score?

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Naval Operations in an Ice Free Arctic: Cruising toward Serfdom


I was cruising through the sphere today and wandered off into Kos. I usually don’t. I’ve been trying to reformulate my worldview. I found one of my axiomatic themes (geography determines economy) at Political Cortex. The change in climate, the development of quantum, photonic, encryption, simulated brains, feudal intellectual property rights, massive capital domination by a disproportionate few, not to mention electronic voting. Read more about Naval Operations in an Ice Free Arctic: Cruising toward Serfdom


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