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ASOR: Iraqi and Palestinian Archaeological Report

Just got in from the Mesopotamian Archaeology section of this year's American Schools for Oriental Research (ASOR) conference. All the news isn't bad, I'm happy to report, when it comes to the area of study that has the most political significance: Iraqi archeology. I also got some notes on a panel discussing the state of Palestinian archaeology, which is actually more interesting than it may sound. Read more about ASOR: Iraqi and Palestinian Archaeological Report

Bush plans "one last push" in Iraq to get "breathing room" for 2008 election


Well, so much for James Baker, the Iraq Study Group, and all the adults. What a surprise. The Guardian:

Bush has told senior advisers that the US and its allies must make "a last big push" to win the war in Iraq and that instead of beginning a troop withdrawal next year, he may increase US forces by up to 20,000 soldiers, according to sources familiar with the administration's internal deliberations.

Apparently, I'm a Unitarian-Universalist

You know, the people who knock at your door for no apparent reason?

And after I said there was no God, no heaven, and no afterlife, I still got classified as a religionist!

Take the quiz at BeliefNet's Belief-O-Matic!

Actually, I shouldn't totally mock the site; any religious site that publishes Richard Dawkins can't be 100% on the Kool-Aid. Read more about Apparently, I'm a Unitarian-Universalist

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Thank you, Bob Woodward...

... and the rest of you fucks who cheerled this war of whim.

WaPo headline:

Iraq sectarian strife imperils entire region
Analysts say civil war is a reality, but real worry is that chaos will spread

Now that Iraq civil war denial is going the way of Donald Rumsfeld, the Post acknowledges that Operation Pandora just may be the catalyst that World War III was looking for:

We're not talking about just a full-scale civil war. This would be a failed-state situation with fighting among various groups," growing into regional conflict, Joost Hiltermann, Middle East project director for the International Crisis Group, said by telephone from Amman, Jordan.

Science for Republicans!


Shades of Timescape:

If his experiment with splitting photons actually works, says University of Washington physicist John Cramer, the next step will be to test for quantum "retrocausality."

That's science talk for saying he hopes to find evidence of a photon going backward in time.

UCLA student tased after failing to show ID

Torture is the new normal, isn't it?

Thanks, Republicans! Thanks, Christianists! Read more about UCLA student tased after failing to show ID

The flip side of accountability is repudiation

Yes, we've got to hold the Republicans accountable for what they've done, not just under the criminal Bush regime but for the last thirty years, since they started building the VRWC so they could hold wages flat and grab as much as they could.

But, for our own self-respect, and to win back the respect of the world, we've also got to repudiate the Republicans, and what they've done to the country. Thoroughly, systematically, visibly, ruthlessly. Read more about The flip side of accountability is repudiation

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It's the equivalation, stupid

How are the Repubs and MSM going to chip away at the emerging Democratic majority?

As James Carville might have said, if he weren't busy throwing Howard Dean under the bus: it's the equivalation, stupid.

Since the advent of "Nightline," cable news, and Ronnie love — and the end of the fairness doctrine and something we used to call "shame" — the news game has been a game. Read more about It's the equivalation, stupid



Crunch day of work here but have to drop at least a road flare to encourage everybody to go read "What's In Your Burger?" Sorry it's the Atlanta paper so there may be registration but this is not to be missed. Read more about Yum!

We're not the only ones who say Fuck!

Bush: Torturer-in-chief

It's only natural that the sociopathic kid who blew up frogs would grow up to be the sociopathic President who tortured people. The Herald Trib:

The Central Intelligence Agency has acknowledged for the first time the existence of two classified documents, including one signed by President George W. Bush, that have guided the agency's interrogation and detention of terror suspects.

Class warfare? Count me in


Because we didn't start the class warfare. We're just losing it. That needs to be fixed. Via Kos (who sure needs the hits), on the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Democratic Senator Jim Webb speaks the hitherto unspeakable truth: Read more about Class warfare? Count me in

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Watch what they do, not what they say



Even as a die-hard Greenie, last week's election made me a happy, happy camper. BushCo and the Right Wing's capacity for doing evil has been greatly reduced.

But I'm even happier because the Democrats in Congress now have no excuse for sitting on their hands. Before last week, the standard response to questions like: Read more about Watch what they do, not what they say


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