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Snappy, snazzy, so fine!

General JC Christian found a way to help ABC/C U N Hell/Disney with their opening credits for their factesque production "Path to 9/11." After just one viewing of the General's work I felt really Mannixish. Or Manish. Or Amish.

Whatever. I felt something.


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What scenes would you expect to see in PT911?


From ABC's blog on PT911:

A chronological story
We have worked hard to make this not a political movie. We show both administrations with an unvarnished truth.

Great. I'll be interested to see one scene, then:

The one where Bush reads the memo, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US," and then hands it back to his briefer, saying "You've covered your ass." Read below the fold...

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Three Posts to Ponder


If there's one thing Republicans have understood and Democrats haven't, it is that politics is not about issues. Politics is about identity. The candidates and parties that win are not those aligning their positions most precisely with a majority of the electorate. The winners are those who form a positive image in the public mind of who they are (and a negative image of who their opponents are). Issues are a vehicle to create that identity, one that combines with symbolism and narrative to shape what the public thinks about when they think about Democrats and Republicans. Read below the fold...
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All We Need is Your Blood, Soldier

You heard about it before, but you know it was only the tip of an iceberg we will never fully comprehend, except in the form of the bill we'll all be paying unto the next generation:
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The Devil is in the Details

I've been working and travelling and whatnot a lot lately, so maybe I missed the detailed discussion about this. Breaking my own rule, the WaPo piece has just enough details to be very disturbing:

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Don't Think This Can't Happen Here

Thank the Goddess for Floyd. It's good to know not everone is brain dead to the issues that matter. You know, like the right to live:
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While the TV Flickers, Democracy Dies

I know the most important thing in the world is to give ABC better ratings for it's interminable bore, but if you've got some time between the football game and your daily dose of Republican propaganda, you should check this out. Helen and Harry have this pithy commentary:
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Don't Let the Little Head Do Yer Thinkin, Boys

I'm pretty open about myself on the Internets, but i also like to think I apply a modicum of common sense to what I do, and do not say to people. I'm with a lot of the commenters at Waxy, I wouldn't be surprised at all if someone died over this, starting with the "artist." But it's a good reminder for everyone to be, you know, sensible while surfing the Tubes.
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Arrogance, Incompetence or Just Plain Evil?

You make the call, because I honestly can't tell anymore. I take the SCLM is all over this, not:

By Stephanie Heinatz

Daily Press (Newport News, Va.)

FORT EUSTIS, Va. - Long before the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld forbade military strategists to develop plans for securing a postwar Iraq, the retiring commander of the Army Transportation Corps said Thursday.

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Felix at the Petting Zoo

Git your token Republican darkies here. Free advice for Republicans: 'separate but equal' isn't exactly the rallying cry for "ethinics" anymore. Read below the fold...

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Let me tell you that it hurts so good

GWBushCo loves him some torture. Acccording to ABC News, though, the military is now prohibited from:

--Interrogators may not force a detainee to be naked, perform sexual acts or pose in a sexual manner.

--They cannot use hoods or place sacks over a detainee's head or use duct tape over his eyes.

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Maybe they'll know it when they see it


I've been reading all of the stuff about ABC's hackumentary "Path to 9/11" with interest. This summer, I taught an upper-level course about history and film. In this class, the students watched certain movies outside of class and then we discussed them. In light of that experience, I think I should comment. Read below the fold...

My contribution to trashing the Disney brand over PT911


(See the last line.)

Maybe someone with more time and less outrage can write a "Neutral Point of View" article that will pass Wikipedia standards ...

Maybe tomorrow. Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Dammit, I wasn't cynical enough again. I didn't think that Bush would actually strap himself onto ABC's propaganda catapult, by breaking into the extremely non-political Blame The Clenis for Everything Path to 9/11 mockumentary in order to deliver an extremely non-political prime time address on 9/11.

I just didn't think Bush could be that shameless.


Is there anything the Republicans won't lie about?

Is there anything the Republicans won't degrade? Read below the fold...

YABL: CIA Black Prisons Closed? HAHAHAHAH!

You knew it was a load of crap, didn't you? I knew you did. You were right, sez The Times (um, that would be the one in London, not New York's Old Grey Whore):

While the president said last week the CIA’s secret jails had been emptied, there remain “dozens” of important terrorist suspects who have “disappeared completely”, according to Clive Stafford-Smith, legal director of Reprieve, a UK charity that provides legal support for death row prisoners. “We know who is in Guantanamo, but where have the others gone?” Read below the fold...


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