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How Do You Say "Lost" in Farsi?

I knew it. You knew it. But for most Republicans, this is going to come as a surprise. Because they still think you can win a war by having 22 year old daughters of political hacks in charge of reconstruction and faith-based no-bid contracting as SOP:
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In Zion, A Deer Heads Into The Light

Zion National Park, September 23rd, 2006

Chase a deer and end up everywhere!



Note: No hunters were harmed in the execution of this post...

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Goodnight, moon

You'd think the pro-torture "compromise" the Republicans reached after McCain's little kabuki dance would be enough so squelch that noxious "independent" line that David "Dean" Floater and the Vanity08 crowd are pushing--how do you split the difference on torture, anyhow--but n-o-o-o-o-o.

I think I'm going go listen to Bill Clinton leave Chris Wallace whimpering. Again. Read below the fold...

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Damn. Just -- damn.

Go here. Read this. Tell me we're not on the eve of destruction.
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Turn off your television and your Internet. Spend 36 hours with real people. See if you don't feel better. Read below the fold...

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Sunday Gasbaggery: This Week: Bill Frist; WHAT NIE?, Menendez v. Kean Jr, and The Roundtable

abc_tw_frist2_060924_nrCourtesy of ABC News UPDATE: This post has been edited to correct a consistent typo that changed the name of Senator Menendez; my apologies to the Senator, and to our readers, here and at AJP. Read below the fold...

Stupid NARAL. Honestly, are they Republican moles?


Katha Pollit:

Connecticut is a major battleground. If Joe Courtney beats Rob Simmons, and Diane Farrell beats Chris Shays, and Chris Murphy beats Nancy Johnson, little Connecticut will give Democrats three of the 15 seats they need to take back the House. That's quite an opportunity! Or maybe not:

So, who does NARAL want to win? Read below the fold...

One word, Dave (may I call you Dave?)

That word is: Disintermediation.

Why on earth would I read "David Broder" when I can read a hundred bloggers with better style, better analysis, and better information, and all of it more timely?

Your brand is shopworn. You're old and in the way. Don't go away mad. But please--

Go away.

I'll link to Broder's latest mind-boggling fantasy only because I might get some minimal number of hits from WaPo. Read below the fold...

Of "rebellion" and "compromise"

Clinton. Blowjob. Impeachment. $20 million.

Bush. Massive lawbreaking. Retroactive legalization. $0.

Some "rebellion," huh? And get a load of that "compromise"!

Had enough?

UPDATE As Glennn remarks: Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Interesting technology. Should we adapt it?

And on a brighter note, the world's most expensive bra ($1.9 million)

You like the pictures, if that sort of picture is the sort of thing you like. Read below the fold...

Chavez got that "smell of sulfur" thing just right

[You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles? Matt 7:16]

What's the smell of sulfur but the smell of evil?

But we can't say we weren't warned.

The child is father to the man.

The boy blows up frogs by shoving firecrackers up their ass and lighting the fuse, according to a boyhood friend.

The man becomes the Torturer-in-Chief.

I'd say that's Moral Clarity, straight up. Read below the fold...

Bin Laden was Saudi, so it makes sense that Saudi intelligence would know he was dead

Sure it does.

Guess we couldn't make that deal with Musharraf, huh? Read below the fold...

If they'd just stop changing Bush's meds, they wouldn't have to keep Him under wraps


When is Bush's increasingly goofy and scary behavior going to become a story?

We all know about Bush's trainwreck presser. Here's today's example: Read below the fold...

It all makes perfect sense now

I mean, the Republicans are the party that used Terri Schiavo's dead body as a political football.

They're also the party that believes in forced pregnancy.

So, it's to be expected that they would find "outrages upon human dignity" to lack "clarity."

Shameful, shameful, shameful. Read below the fold...

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Don't you feel safe?


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