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Joe Lieberman Regrets Buying Headgear "Off the Rack"


Jesus' General, the Official Online Organ of the Glorious Christian Cultural Revolution has a patriotic campaign poster for Javoll Liebermannisch here.

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Killing the Middle Class

I'm no economist, so that's probably why I have never understood why people continue to use terms like "recovery" and "expansion" while talking about the last six years. So far as I can tell, the only place one can find growth in the American economy is at the very highest income levels, and to corporations benefitting from reckless spending programs related to the war or oil. Seems I'm not wholly wrong:

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O Just Squash Them All

I've decided to try being a "normal average 'Merkin" for once. This is prescribed by the Nudniks and anons who venture to visit here as a cure for our constant misery as raving leftist loons, obsessed with weird things like peace 'n' love 'n' justice for all 'n' cease fires that only stop the killing for right now rather than guaranteeing Happy Ever Afters for everybody in the Levant 'n' stuff like that. So I thought I would crank down the meter on the attention span and see what happened... Read below the fold...

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Hill, Tom and the DLC Crew Speak

I'm not going to post much from it, as I'd rather not bore my readers to tears, but it is worth at least a cursory review. The part that caught my eye:

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Guns, Goons and Sales

I wonder if this has anything to do with why the Iraqi security forces are having such a hard time controlling Iraq.

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Two Polls


The problem mentioned most often by all the adults polled was the war — in Iraq and conflicts in general — 22 percent; economy at 14 percent; immigration and political leaders at 9 percent; the energy crisis at 8 percent and terrorism at 7 percent. Read below the fold...
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Trigger Happy Indeed



The IAF revealed on Tuesday that it had prevented a severe disaster on the previous day when it had halted the fire that a UAV was shooting at Israeli troops.

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Goodnight, moon

Well, I'm certainly going to sleep soundly tonight.

Because King George has a new plan to end the civil war in Iraq. Man, I'm yawning already.

But seriously--How many more people have to die so Bush can get close enough in the next election to steal it again? Read below the fold...

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Another Statue for the Street of Small Gods

(located in the Mighty Corrente Arboretum and Botanical Gardens)

Prof. Juan Cole in the Chronicle of Higher Education:

The question is whether Web-log commentary helps or damages an academic's career. It is a shameful question. Intellectuals should not be worrying about "careers," the tenured among us least of all.

Some background and commentary by 7 other professor/bloggers here. More Cole Fury: Read below the fold...

We're #1! We're #1!

Remember the Partei rallies of "election" 2004?

The ones where the Republicans threw out ticketholders who had demonstrated insufficient fealty to King George, or perhaps were even not under His authority?

Ho Lieberman's doing the same thing. I guess he really is a Republican.

Lucky for Jane she didn't get beaten up by thugs, since that's also part of the Republican playbook. Read below the fold...

Republican death cultists in Ohio

Frederick Clarkson looks at the Christianists in Ohio, who are mobilized for 2004 election fraudster Ken Blackwell, and unearths this fine example of Republican lunacy. Rod Parsley is the "pastor" of an Ohio megachurch:

[H]e frequently presents himself as a political centrist, [but] writes of Islam, "I do not believe that our country can truly fulfill its divine purpose until we understand America was founded, in part, with the intention of seeing this false religion destroyed."

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Letters from the Outer Circle

It's not a blog exactly, in fact it's a press release sort of page from Clarion University in Pennsylvania. One of their professors is in Beirut and sending updates as circumstances allow. I've seen portions of this--his casting of various parts of the country as overlaid by the circles of Hell as portrayed by Dante--elsewhere, but this is the source. Go read Dr. Patrick McGreevy. Read below the fold...

Who, me? A Republican?

Increasingly desperate Republicans are looking to shed their party label. Like Senator DeWhine in Ohio:

If you wonder how attractive the Republican Party label is this year, consider that the tagline on DeWine's ad is "Independent Fighter for Ohio Families." The word independent is underlined, so you can't miss it.

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Pakistan and Perspective

I think Newberry has it just right. It's not just about horror and the slaughter of children, it's also about getting caught with your pants down. I believe farmers call this "eating your seed corn," and it appears to be what we're doing now:

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