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Thank The Goddess

Goodnight, moon

15 miles of twisted vine and only one pumpkin.

On the other hand, it's turning orange.

Now, here's hoping the college kids don't take it into their heads to smash it. Read below the fold...

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Teach My Boy to Fly

A folk/spiritual song thingie...

Teach My Boy to Fly

When I hide, when I run
I burn my memories in the sun
When I die don't bury me
I'll fly in the wind till I'm free, Lord
I'll fly in the wind till I'm free

Be a good man, aim your gun
Pull the trigger, have some fun
A soldier now, fight the fight
Rockets glare in the night, Lord
Rockets glare in the the night Read below the fold...

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I've got it today, bad. It's a curse to have focus, and none, at the same time, no?

Need a good job to buy a home? Too bad, move to India or someplace with a booming economy. Read below the fold...

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Pondering the Goretax*

We're crazy. We're cynical. We're rabid. We are also, upon occasion, right. Foil lovers everywhere rejoice: ABC (!) has announced that your paranoia has been well placed all along. It makes you wonder, about other stuff... Read below the fold...

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Why Religion is Stupid, Reason #9674


One question I always want to ask religionists: so if God is "the father," just how big is His Willy? Looks like a whole passle of ladies aren't going to find out.

Read below the fold...
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I Could Smoke Some Dope, Would That Help?

Ah, truly the Goddess has blessed us with blogs...or perhaps not.

Off the cuff seems to be the way of things today, so in that spirit join me as I tumble through some wholly unordered thoughts. Today’s kwestion: how important is the ABC decision to air a Republican promo about 9/11? Read below the fold...

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Unemployed? Starving? Dying for Lack of Medical Coverage?

Bobo tells you all you need to know:

The Populist Myths on Income Inequality
Published: September 7, 2006

The market isn’t broken; the meritocracy is working almost too well.

To continue reading this article, you must be a paying, credit card using subscriber to TimesSelect.

Read below the fold...

But Bush has nothing on at all!

Here's what's happending on the Beltway right now:

Standoff Shuts Down Capital Beltway

GREENBELT, Md. (AP) -- A standoff between police and two people in a stolen car shut down the Capital Beltway on Thursday, stranding motorists in the Washington area for more than an hour at the height of the morning rush.

OK, let's reframe, and ask the question again: Read below the fold...

Republican pollster: "Talk to cats and dogs"

AP via WSOC, Charlotte:

RIDGEPORT, Conn. -- The owner of a polling company who worked for candidates such as President George W. Bush and Sen. Joe Lieberman has admitted she made up some of her results.

A federal indictment accused Tracy Costin of telling her employees to "talk to cats and dogs" while instructing them to make up survey results.

Is there anything the Republicans won't lie abotu? This is like that long-time Sylvia riff--The Woman Who Lies in Her Diary! Read below the fold...

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Kinky Is As Kinky Does

My good friend and neighbor Barry has a few ideas as to who should be the next governer of Texas. Well, actually he has one specific idea: Kinky Friedman! Read below the fold...

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Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.




has. Read below the fold...

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The Ghost of Bill Hicks

A couple of Bill Hicks YouTubes to rock your Deja Vu...

Here and here.

+++ Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

The tomato I put on my windowsill a couple of weeks ago is actually turning red--guess I picked it a little early, eh?

But the ones out on the vines: Still green!

And little sun for the past few days. Sheesh. Of course, I'm assuming sun ripens them, as if they were getting a suntan, or burn, and not some internal vegetative process.

Have to go get some horse manure, soon. (Literally. I get my maximum daily requirements for metaphorical horse manure already.) Read below the fold...

Willard Mitt Romney: Just another Republican nimrod pandering to The Base?

I'm really glad to discover Willard Mitt Romney's full name, because "Mitt" Romney has always sounded weird to me, vaguely Germanic--mit schlag [Down, Jeff! Down Karl!], Mitt Romney--and three names always make a man seem so much more solid, don't you know... Read below the fold...


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