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Melkor and Hitlery Play Ball

Greg talks about why Hill and Rupert aren't quite kissing buddies. I find this dance of powers interesting, even as I am one who names him Morgoth:

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Today's Moment In Odd

This list is just strange:

The inventory of official gifts from 2004, published this week by the state department reads like the wish list of the sort of paranoid survivalist who holes up in his log cabin to await Armageddon, having long ago severed all ties with the rest of the world. Read below the fold...
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Conyers v Bush

Crap, how did I miss this? Talk Left

Conyers v. Bush: Lawsuit over Federal Deficit Reduction Act
Rep. John Conyer's (D-MI) is suing President Bush over the enactment of the Federal Deficit Rediction Act. Shorter version: The House and Senate passed different versions of the bill and even though they went to conference, the House never voted on the version passed by the Senate as a House clerk changed a provision in the Senate version and Bush signed it into law. Bush can't sign a bill unless it has been agreed to by both the House and Senate. Read below the fold...

The mating call of the Republican nimrod

I stumbled on this Republican dating site the other day, I forget how or why--maybe I was doing some research about natural selection for greed and stupidity after reading in WaPo that "signals of natural selection are incredibly widespread across the human genome"--and came across this splendid example of the plumage of the Republican nimrod. From the site's "Success Story": Read below the fold...

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Goodnight, moon

Just finished watching The Seven Samurai on the very small screen.

I especially like the parts where the peasants drag the bandits down from their horses into the mud and then go after them with sharpened bamboo stakes.

Kinda reminds me of what the bloggers are doing to Ho Lieberman in Connecticut.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Read below the fold...

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1917: Aliyah begins ...

Jews buy land in Palestine. Individuals and organizations purchase the ground. They buy farmland; they buy homes; they buy land in the Negev desert. They pay for it.

They began to move to it. Arabs began to riot. Arabs killed the first Jews in 1929 to stop immigration into Palestine. Read below the fold...

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Just a Friendly Reminder...

Crape Myrtle, July, 2006

Crape Myrtles are in bloom in my neck of the woods. Read below the fold...

We must build a shrine to Froomkin on The Street of Small Gods

The head. The lead. Everything is right. Sweet manna:

An Imminent Threat (to the Constitution
A blistering report out today from a blue-ribbon legal panel dramatically establishes how President Bush's use of signing statements to assert his right to ignore legislation passed by Congress undermines the rule of law and the constitutional system of separation of powers.

The report, from an American Bar Association task force, goes a long way toward establishing the parameters for what could be a ferocious and consequential debate -- or an unparalleled acquiescence to an executive-branch power grab.

The task force members outline a clear path to the restoration of the traditional balance of powers. But will the Republican-controlled Congress step up to the plate?

And will today's coverage of the report by the traditional media lead to a continued examination of this important story? Or will the press allow what the task force describes as an imminent threat to the Constitution slide back off the national agenda?

Here is the full report . Here is some background on the panel's members . Here is a news release . I wrote at some length about signing statements last month over at . Here is Charlie Savage 's seminal Boston Globe piece from April. Here is an archive of signing statements.

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Sunday Gasbaggery: Fox Sunday: John Bolton, Hastart, Gigot Joins Roundtable

Lebanon Travis Fox Wa Po
Image by Travis Fox, Washington Post

Beware of Premature Cease-fires

That's the headline from the entire of Sunday's Pundit Pap, phrase courtesy of the American Politics Journal. Read below the fold...

Sir Arlen the Craven bends knee to King George, offers "Get out of jail free" card as token of fealty

Wouldn't it be wonderful if editors inside the Beltway could write headlines like they do at The Baltimore Sun:

Specter softens stance on NSA domestic surveillance

Senator critical of wiretaps to offer bill retroactively legalizing program

I just have a tiny, tiny concern with how the subhead's formatted. Those italics--Senator critical of wiretaps to offer bill retroactively legalizing program--are just a bit weak. Formatting with a little more impact, formatting that would really put the story across, formatting that would convey the danger Constitutional government is in from the Republicans, would look something like this:

Senator critical of wiretaps to offer bill retroactively legalizing program

Clinton. Blowjob. Impeachment. $20 million.

Bush. Massive lawbreaking. Retroactive legalization. $0.

That's some criticism, huh?

Had enough? Read below the fold...

Editors continue to butcher Bush "signing statements" story

Remember, editors have the power, not reporters. Editors write the headlines, not reporters. (Editors also assign stories to reporters, and decide whether to front page stories, bury them in the back of the paper, or spike them. And Judy Miller had training kneepads compared to these guys.) So, get a load of this headline:

Lawyers decry Bush's legal interpretations

Read below the fold...
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The Hillionaire

It's very much a New York perspective, and it's clear that the author is excited about the prospect of having the Senator from that state become President. Still, there are some interesting points and it's worth the read. I was most intrigued by the idea that she attracts and keeps high powered staff and volunteers. Professionalism seems to be her watchword. Read below the fold...

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In another poll of US voters, conducted last week by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research for the Israel Project, support for Israel had grown since conflicts began with Hizbullah and Hamas, the Islamist Palestinian group that was elected into power last January in the Palestinian territories. Conflict erupted between Israel and Hamas in Gaza last month over the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier. The latest Israel Project poll found that US public support of Israel had risen to 60 percent, up from 45 percent last January, before the election of Hamas. Support for the Palestinians remained at 7 percent in both polls.

Read below the fold...
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Turkey Shoot

Daily Star:

The medics loaded the ambulances with the casualties and made the same perilous return journey to the Najem Hospital on the edge of Tyre. A car was burning furiously on the road just outside the hospital, the result of yet another Israeli helicopter strike. The missile had hit the rear of the car but the three occupants had just enough time to escape before fire engulfed the vehicle."This is getting worse and worse by the day," said Qassem Chaalan, a Lebanese Red Cross volunteer. His unit had made 20 trips into the Tyre hinterland that morning to recover casualties. By midday, he was reporting that 10 cars, including an ambulance belonging to a local charity, had been attacked in the vicinity of Tyre alone. Read below the fold...


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