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Arrogance, Incompetence or Just Plain Evil?

You make the call, because I honestly can't tell anymore. I take the SCLM is all over this, not:

By Stephanie Heinatz

Daily Press (Newport News, Va.)

FORT EUSTIS, Va. - Long before the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld forbade military strategists to develop plans for securing a postwar Iraq, the retiring commander of the Army Transportation Corps said Thursday.

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Felix at the Petting Zoo

Git your token Republican darkies here. Free advice for Republicans: 'separate but equal' isn't exactly the rallying cry for "ethinics" anymore. Read below the fold...

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Let me tell you that it hurts so good

GWBushCo loves him some torture. Acccording to ABC News, though, the military is now prohibited from:

--Interrogators may not force a detainee to be naked, perform sexual acts or pose in a sexual manner.

--They cannot use hoods or place sacks over a detainee's head or use duct tape over his eyes.

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Maybe they'll know it when they see it


I've been reading all of the stuff about ABC's hackumentary "Path to 9/11" with interest. This summer, I taught an upper-level course about history and film. In this class, the students watched certain movies outside of class and then we discussed them. In light of that experience, I think I should comment. Read below the fold...

My contribution to trashing the Disney brand over PT911


(See the last line.)

Maybe someone with more time and less outrage can write a "Neutral Point of View" article that will pass Wikipedia standards ...

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Goodnight, moon

Dammit, I wasn't cynical enough again. I didn't think that Bush would actually strap himself onto ABC's propaganda catapult, by breaking into the extremely non-political Blame The Clenis for Everything Path to 9/11 mockumentary in order to deliver an extremely non-political prime time address on 9/11.

I just didn't think Bush could be that shameless.


Is there anything the Republicans won't lie about?

Is there anything the Republicans won't degrade? Read below the fold...

YABL: CIA Black Prisons Closed? HAHAHAHAH!

You knew it was a load of crap, didn't you? I knew you did. You were right, sez The Times (um, that would be the one in London, not New York's Old Grey Whore):

While the president said last week the CIA’s secret jails had been emptied, there remain “dozens” of important terrorist suspects who have “disappeared completely”, according to Clive Stafford-Smith, legal director of Reprieve, a UK charity that provides legal support for death row prisoners. “We know who is in Guantanamo, but where have the others gone?” Read below the fold...
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LIHOP and MIHOP Creep Closer to the Surface

Hmmm. We're having public meetings now on the subject of 9/11, um, "alternative scenarios" shall we say? And in North Carolina no less?

Hmmm. Possibly more interesting is what sounds like an entirely valid (statistically speaking) survey I had not heard of before:
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Disney's 40 Million Dollar Product Placement Pact With GOP Threatened

Following a tip from Digby I went to the ad hoc protest held outside the gates of Disney's Burbank Compound earlier today (Friday, Sept. 8th, 2006). Though I avoided the temptation to title this post "The Happiest Protest On Earth" I can say the group of 25 (or thereabouts) protesters were a very agreeable lot of concerned Americans. I met a couple of nice people from Courage Campaign (Digby linked to them in the above noted tip) and listened to snatches of conversation as we held signs, improvised chants ("Bad Mouse" "Mr. Rove's Wild Ride" etc.), and waved to cars, many of which had drivers honking their horns and signalling general approval. Two guys from CNN shot some footage and interviewed a couple of the assembled. Odd, what with NBC being literally three minutes away, that they had no crew on scene. Oh, well. Read below the fold...

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So ABC's gonna shoot itself in both feet with this Path to 911 thingie...

and the cats in my backyard have declared (loud and rowdy) night wars. Did y'all see that the gov't wants you not to worry about mercury in your tooth fillings? Just in your tuna fish... (shakes head and wanders off muttering). Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Put the first coat on the front steps today. That is, I prepared the surface of the front steps for some hours with a scraper, and then had a brief moment of pleasure laying on the paint.

God, the latex stuff they use this days: It's like painting with cake frosting. The stuff just sits there. Totally bizarre to a guy who grew up when men were men and house paint meant oil-based paint.

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Holy Shit: The Money Behind the 9/11 LieAPalooza

It's over at this Kos diary by bewert. Ever heard of an outfit called "YWAM"?

It's the Christian organization Youth With A Mission (YWAM), through their auxiliary - The Film Institute (TFI). Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM, is the father of PT911 director David Cunningham.

This is some brilliant shit. Apparently there has been an extensive effort to scrub a lot of this off these here Internets....but GoogleCache rides again: Read below the fold...


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