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Willard Mitt Romney: Just another Republican nimrod pandering to The Base?

I'm really glad to discover Willard Mitt Romney's full name, because "Mitt" Romney has always sounded weird to me, vaguely Germanic--mit schlag [Down, Jeff! Down Karl!], Mitt Romney--and three names always make a man seem so much more solid, don't you know... Read below the fold...

Shoot doves with Republicans!

On 9/11, yet. Of course, it's a fund raiser.

Say, are they inviting Dick "Dick"Cheney?

That'd put them firmly in "The Most Dangerous Game" territory. Though granted, they are Republicans.... Read below the fold...

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White House Unveils "Scare America First" Campaign

New White House Stationery Unveiled at Press Conference

(Jivester's Scare the Holy Fucking Crap Out of You News) The White House announced today its plans to "frighten the pants off of everyone" during the two months leading up to the November elections. "This is not a partisan effort on our part," said Tony Snow, sporting his spooky Ari Fleischer mask before a nervous, edgy gaggle of White House reporters. Read below the fold...

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Global Climate Change for Poor People


If anything is going to slow China down, it’s going to be shit like this. I was reading somewhere a few weeks back about execs not wanting to live in Hong Kong, for fear of what the air blown from upwind industrial facilities is doing to their kids. The Chinese will have to clean up enough so that their upper-middle classes have a nice patch with sunshine in which they can live. For the Chinese, that will prove a lot of work. Read below the fold...

Joe on the issues


Inspired by Atrios's link to Matt's analysis of Joe's blogroll, I thought I'd check out Joe's stance on Iraq, by going to his issues page ("").

But all I got was this. This is a mistake, right? Read below the fold...

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As the Junk Piles Up

Fess up, geek. Sometime, somewhere in your life, there was last year's machine, sitting in some closet or basement, gathering dust as you got over your proud (however quiet) assertion in your own mind that you'd "rebuild" or "fix" it. There may even be the Uncorrect among you, who have thrown away computers and parts into improper and illegal dumpsites. Well, time to atone for those sins. Read below the fold...

In Florida, the base can't undrink the Kool-Aid, votes for Harris

It's a shame. It seems that remediation just isn't possible. I mean, they think Katherine "I'm not melting!" Harris belongs in the Senate:

"The die-hard Republican voters, they love her," said Jennifer Duffy, editor of the Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan election newsletter. "They think she got a bum rap in 2000."

Read below the fold...
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Your New Library


I think the political benefit of such an arrangement is that in the future, most "libraries" will be corporate for profit access havens. Information there will be organized to meet certain interests, and that methodology won't calculate ours. But for now, it looks interesting. A fun project would be for someone to go over Google's material, while comparing it with old school microfiche of the same material.
Read below the fold...

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Well, This Can't Be Good


Great Lakes draining away.

A decade of warm winters with sporadic snowfall has failed to refill the snow-dependent Great Lakes, with falling water levels bringing the top ever closer to the bottom in Lakes Michigan and Huron.

Read below the fold...
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The Smallest Violin You'll Ever Hear Me Play


Here's something you rarely get out of me. Brevity. I was travelling without computers this weekend, so I missed a lot of the blogosphere reaction to the ABC hatchet job on "9/11 = The Clenis." But reading through a lot of the efforts, I've got to wonder how a coordinated blogswarm to make it instead the rallying cry for a national movement to turn it off would've gone. People wrote a lot of letters to uncaring executives on the Bush payroll, and media people who have exactly no motivation to be other than willing lapdogs. If instead they had begun conversations with their neighbors and friends, how could that have gone? And to what effect? Even shorter: what? you didn't really expect the TV people to tell the truth about 9/11? Did you? ABC is one of the "free" networks, and in my world, you get what you pay for. There's also the notion of GI/GO. Read below the fold...

Katie Couric sign-off contest

We learn from Xan that Katie Couric doesn't have a signoff, like the great ones did: Nothing like Walter Cronkite's "And that's the way it is."

Then she asked for viewers to send in suggestions.

Readers, perhaps we could help Katie out?

Please be sure to make the signoffs appropriate for Bush's America--Say, "Good night, and good luck" ... Read below the fold...

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A Cactus Fat With Prickly Pears


A cactus fat with prickly pears
Reveals a truth beyond compare
That truth, you see, is up for grabs
When you sieze it how it stabs!

+++ Read below the fold...

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Harridan Harris Wins FL-R-SN!

The Thief of Tallahassee, Katherine Harris, pulled it out (ew, bad phrasing Xan, shame) and "easily" won the Republican primary to become their sacrificial lamb for the US Senate against the immensely popular Bill Nelson.

Sleep well, my pretties. That Babe of Botox, the Loonie of Longboat Key, the Christofascist of the Swamplands, come November will plague us no more. Read below the fold...

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No redeeming social value ...

New oilwell drilling in North Lubbock (just north of the original Country Club, where a longtime Lubbock landmark, County Line BBQ, which had koi ponds and wandering peafowl, closed unexpectedly this spring. Read below the fold...


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