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Saturday Str8 Grrl Posting

There are times when I better understand just how much I don't know about the whole of the blogosphere, today is one of them. She's cute, she's funny, she's pissed off. She's also seemingly not so political, and I'm told that gasp! a lot of bloggers are like that. Imagine.

Don’t piss me off

Do not tell me you can’t tell me.

I’ll stereotype if I want too. If you don’t like it, kiss my ass, you bleeding heart uber-liberal, PC fuck.

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The Dog and Pony Show Continues

There are days when I sincerely wonder how anyone could still be a supporter of the war. For countless reasons, the best that can be said about Iraq today is that the sand is getting plenty of liquid red fertilizer. Not that this will surprise you, but it looks like puppet boy doesn't want to be seen as a puppet anymore.
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Did Israel use "novel" enriched uranium weapons in Lebanon?

The Brits have been looking at soil samples. UK Independent:

According to Dr Chris Busby, the British Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, two soil samples thrown up by Israeli heavy or guided bombs showed "elevated radiation signatures".

The soil sample from Khiam ... was a piece of impacted red earth from an explosion; the isotope ratio was 108, indicative of the presence of enriched uranium.

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"That rather understandable desire for air"


We're not in Geneva anymore, folks. Without further commentary, consider this snapshot of today's debased America...

After playing tape of Dick Cheney calling waterboarding a "no-brainer," along with Tony Snow's subsequent spin, Rita Cosby interviewed retired Marine and former "interrogator at a survival school" Bob Newman (video — Internet Explorer only):
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"Mr. Rove appeared, bearing a tray of chocolate covered caramels"

Yep, that's Our Karl:

Pooler Jim Gerstenzang of the Los Angeles Times described the ride home: "Two minutes into the flight, Rove appeared bearing a tray of chocolate-coated caramels. . . .

And speaking of sweets:

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"Mr. President, how do you stay normal?"

Bush economy tanks on housing crash

And at 5:00 on a Friday, too...

But don't worry! The business stenographers are still optimistic!

The economy has slowed to a snail's pace, growing in the just-finished quarter at the slowest rate in more than three years and stirring fresh debate about the country's financial health heading into the elections.

So much for the Bush recovery, which was never all that great to begin with. I never saw a dime from it. Did you? Say, how's your mortgage? Read below the fold...

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Michael J. Fox Should Apologize for Having Parkinson's Disease

He should just give it back to Mr. Parkinson and say he's sorry.

Well, glad I could clear that one up for all of you.

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From the Department that Brought You Abu Ghraib

Sorry, DefTech, but this is a stupid idea:

"Pentagon records show one-fifth of the Army's active-duty troops have served multiple tours of war duty while more than 40% haven't been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan," reports USA Today. Read below the fold...
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God is Dead or, We're Bombing Iran Next Year: CAP Panel Report

It's always fun to learn the ways of a strange new people, and it could be said that's what I'm doing here in DC. Part of the learning curve always includes making a faux pas or two, and I made one today. However, I am in no way sorry I did, for it taught me more than anything all week. Read below the fold...

Who Do We Know With EDS?

Now, this columnist is ostensibly talking about one person who (allegedly--he might be faking it) has EDS. But see if who you picture when reading this list turns out to be somebody else entirely:
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Julia (formerly) of the spirits


Last night, Julia Sweeney came to Cambridge, MA for a single performance of her one-woman play, Letting Go of God.

It's a nicely woven autobiographical story of a woman losing her religion. This clip features the first seventeen minutes of the show, from a performance in Monterey, CA earlier this year. Read below the fold...

Evangelicals Dumping Bush?

Juan Cole is an even-more-than-usual must-read today. An evangelical telepreacher is saying the Iraq war is a disaster because it is delaying the Second Coming:
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