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TBogg [hearts] The Clash AND The Flatlanders


Two Greatest Bands Evah?

I'd say so!

NOTE TBogg links to this good article on Joe Ely and The Clash. Read more about TBogg [hearts] The Clash AND The Flatlanders

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Foley's Enablers Walk

It would be so nice to have a job that pays hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, plus all the perks I can scam for myself, plus access to hawt, firm, youthful flesh ready to service me at the drop of an email. No, you're not surprised. Yes, Democrats better fix this kind of "oversight" ASAP:
Read more about Foley's Enablers Walk

Republicans "willfully ignorant"

Of course, that's true about Republicans in general, on any subject whatever, including Iraq, but in this case we're talking about the Ethics committee report on Republican Foley's pedophilia:

Foley panel: GOP didn't protect pages
The panel said it discovered a pattern of conduct among many "to remain willfully ignorant of the potential consequences" of Foley's conduct.

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PanAsian Cricket is Going to Get Ugly (Friday Sex Posting)

At least we can be sure that "size doesn't really matter."
I really, really feel for all those Indian kids who are going to be ahem, ribbed by their peers over this one. Some studies should just stay in barely read scientific journals. Read more about PanAsian Cricket is Going to Get Ugly (Friday Sex Posting)

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Meth, Nukes and Foil

No, this post is not mistitled.

n October, police raided a trailer home which doubled as a meth factory - and they stumbled across a treasure trove of nuclear secrets that had somehow escaped from Los Alamos. As CBS reported:

"That's a hell of an act! What do you call it?"

That's the setup for the punchline to the famous joke, The Aristocrats! Now, it may be that with the Iraq Study Group, the long-running and incredibly vile "family act" that the Bush malAdministration has been putting on for the American people is about to reach some kinda awful climax and punchline--"The Aristocrats!"--as well. We can only hope. Read more about "That's a hell of an act! What do you call it?"

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Impeachment: Now, Later or Never?

So a popular topic in the ether now that we've got a Democratic congress: should Bush be impeached? I'm going to a discussion on Sunday led by various progressive groups (Code Pink, AfterDowningStreet, etc) on the topic, and I wonder what strategy people will end up advocating. Your thoughts? Read more about Impeachment: Now, Later or Never?

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The war on Christmas is not over headline:

"Man arrested for alleged holiday bomb plot."

That's "Man arrested for alleged Christmas bomb plot," heathens! Read more about The war on Christmas is not over

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Hey Kidz, it's another chance to express yourself in a completely meaningless gesture. Go vote for our friends at Team BIO. Read more about Vote!

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Sheepish Reentry into Blogtopia

Sorry everyone, Life got busy there for a moment.
Fun sites I've read in the spare moments I've been able to be online:

It's old, but still funny.

Frontloading primaries and ways to combat that. I hope it works. Read more about Sheepish Reentry into Blogtopia

Why can't the Beltway 500 honor those who were right on Iraq?

Paul Krugman (unbound):

We should honor these people for their wisdom and courage. We should also ask why anyone who didn’t raise questions about the war — or, at any rate, anyone who acted as a cheerleader for this march of folly — should be taken seriously when he or she talks about matters of national security.

Where "anyone who acted as a cheerleader" includes the entire Beltway 500 and all the members of the nine-hours-wonder Iraq Stugy Group. Read more about Why can't the Beltway 500 honor those who were right on Iraq?

Time to Admit It: Baghdad Bob Was Right


Oh, we made such fun of "Baghdad Bob," aka the Iraqi Information Minister. Now no lesser body than the Iraq Study Group pretty much confirms: yup, he was pretty much on target. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Tony Norman explains:
Read more about Time to Admit It: Baghdad Bob Was Right

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Commanding Heights – China and America race for Moon.


While we quietly quibble about he Dixiecrats the new space race has begun. And like the one of old this race for the moon is about controlling the new strategic commanding heights. Drone planes dropping DU shells into gravity wells, devastating their targets like mini asteroid strikes, leaving radioactive fallout – the future of warfare. Read more about Commanding Heights – China and America race for Moon.

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King of Pain


It is not, however, the same old thing as yesterday.

The crowd is getting ugly. Soldiers roll up in a Hummer. Suddenly, the whole right half of your body is screaming in agony. You feel like you've been dipped in molten lava. You almost faint from shock and pain, but instead you stumble backwards -- and then start running. To your surprise, everyone else is running too. In a few seconds, the street is completely empty.
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What's the Matter with Kansas, Part Deux


A rancher in Kansas is fighting his county commissioners in an effort to save prairie dogs. Larry Haverman wants to keep the balance of nature in balance, and hopes to see black-footed ferrets restored to the ecosystem. Neighbors and the county commissioners want to poison his pastures instead. Read more about What's the Matter with Kansas, Part Deux


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