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The Good Little Monkey


Once there was a good little monkey that could never do wrong.

He came to town one day, and everyone said "now, there's a good little monkey that could never do wrong." Read below the fold...

And speaking of rounding up the traitors and putting them in camps...

... that's what the Republican pro-torture [gag] "compromise" allows:

In recent days the Bush administration and its House allies successfully pressed for a less restrictive description [Hmm....] of how the government [i.e., the extremely legitimate Bush regime] could designate civilians as "unlawful enemy combatants," the sources said yesterday. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of negotiations over the bill.

Read below the fold...
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Surprising Reading for October

You've read Hersh. Now you should take a little trip down memory lane, and read these two posts from Robert Parry, the man who broke the Iran-Contra scandals back when we had a functional press. Read below the fold...

Word of the day: Extremism


Bush keeps casting around for words that describe the enemy He is actually fighting, and apparently "Islamic Fascism" didn't take. Surprise. Now the word seems to be Islamic extremists, now propagating as extremists.

The problem? Read below the fold...

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The Kiss Redux: Bush Stumps "Most" Republicans

More shocking news from Watertiger.

Earlier in the day, Bush met privately with Republican donors at an estate in Greenwich, Conn., raising almost $800,000 for GOP House members facing tough re-election fights.

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Tuesday Humor Blogging

Ok, this made me laugh. Jersey Cynic brings us this little ditty that I'd missed:

New Official State Mottos:

Read below the fold...
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Anthrax Mystery Deepens

Color me shocked, shocked to discover that we weren't really told the facts at the outset of this case. Five years, and this is the best they can do? My regard for the FBI is just shaken, I tell you:
Read below the fold...

George Felix Allen left a severed deer's head in a black family's mailbox?

Please, somebody tell me this one's not true. Because otherwise, I'll have failed to be cynical enough about Republicans, yet again. All all these guys sadists, or what?

AP: Read below the fold...

Surprise! Republican pro-torture "compromise" isn't about "clarity" at all!

ccjailAP, way at the end, naturally:

The deal between the administration and the Senate is packed with imprecise adjectives.

In the black-is-white Republican world, clarity is obfuscation. This, we knew.

But, gosh, what could the [cough] "compromise" be about? As we said: Read below the fold...

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Goodnight, Moon

Spike Lee is on the NFL show tonight, my roomies have it on and I watched a few minutes. It's so funny to me, a blogger and radical and ideologue. I can hardly imagine what it must be like to have to read a pre-written script from a hidden screen, to have to curb my ribald tongue, to have to worry about what my bitchy agent will say to me the next morning, should I speak of the "wrong" subject or topic. Thanks the goddess for the intertubes, and for you, gentle reader. Let me know when I'm too shrill, and say 'fuck' too often, for you are the only ones for which I hold a care. Read below the fold...

When You've Lost the Laurel MS Leader-Call...

Doing my daily search for Civil War news, I run across this line:

An obsession with striking virile poses has preoccupied a substantial proportion of the electorate ever since the Confederacy lost the Civil War.

Well, that looks interesting, especially from a paper in Mississ-damn-ippi no less, so I noodle on over to look at the whole item it comes from. Imagine my knockoverability to read the beginning of the piece:

Generally speaking, the more people tell you how tough they are, the harder they’re working to convince themselves. George W. Bush is no exception. The president’s authoritarian impulses, on display during an amazingly petulant Rose Garden press conference, so clearly derive from his own fundamental weakness of mind and character that it’s become increasingly embarrassing to watch him perform. The more strenuously Bush struggles to hide his Inner Punk, the more clearly it emerges.

Whoa! Must be a LTE whose writer either reads us or channels our spirits, right? Wrong. It's a columnist, one Gene Lyons, and he actually writes for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, which despite its name is not tainted by any tinge of liberality. Read below the fold...

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Phone Jamming for Net Neutrality

The radical in me really likes this idea. Let's face it: we're poor when compared to corporations, we don't get invited to the quail shooting outings and Beltway cocktail parties where policy is truly made, we're ignored when we march in the millions. So why the hell shouldn't we jam some phones? It's not like the fuckers aren't paid enough to deal with suchlike:
Read below the fold...

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Macaca Meets Bambi

Well, it's just the gift that keeps on giving, n'est pas? Felix was a Thug before Thug was cool:
Shelton said Allen used the N-word only around white teammates when they played for the Cavaliers in the early 1970s. Allen was a quarterback; Shelton a tight end and wide receiver. Read below the fold...

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Lie to the Little Children: Thus is the Way to My Kingdom

Just in case you had any doubt that evangelical "churches" = GOP staging areas:
Read below the fold...

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Black Flag: The Blog

Sigh. Time for another blogger ethics panel. What is that now, like #3782?

Seriously, will you media people just do me a favor and learn how to use the intertubes? My 80something grandmothers have figured it out, I can't believe it's that hard to do. Read below the fold...


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