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Why do we blame the reporters when it's the editors?

Sure, Judy "Kneepads" Miller, "Steno Sue" Schmidt, Jeff Gerth on Whitewater--The list goes on and on. But there are plenty of traditiona press reporters who just do their jobs: Walter Pincus comes to mind at once. And Seymour Hersh.

But the reporters aren't responsible for assigning the stories. The reporters aren't responsible for what's front page news and what isn't. The resporters aren't responsible for which reporters get hired or fired, or for newsroom culture. And the reporters aren't responsible for the headlines. Read below the fold...

VLWC Gets Money, Becomes "Troubling"

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has been in operation for years, indeed decades. Funded by a stealthy group of those who are either wealthy in their own right or capable of generating wealthy via donations from ignorant rubes, fearful fundamentalists, corporatists buying influence suckers for a particular cause, they have built an impressive structure of think tanks, "educational" organizations, and "groups" which consist mostly of letterheads with impressive sounding names but membership consisting of unemployed Republican operatives and those hoping to become such in future administrations. Read below the fold...

The Mighty Diplomat Speaks

[I just consolidated Xan's post and mine. There are two explanations for any state of human affairs: Fuck up, and conspiracy. Xan says Fuck up, I say conspiracy.]

Xan: It's a Fuckup
Displaying the immense grasp of the intricacies of geopolitics for which He has been recognized worldwide, the near-omnipotent subtlety of thought, Dear Leader solves the Middle East's current crisis. My God, why were we not blessed with his wisdom long ago?

''See the irony is that what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this s--- and it's over,'' Bush told Blair as he chewed on a buttered roll. Read below the fold...
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Sunday Gasbaggery: All The Rest


Disasters of War
Disaters Of War

Condi Rice was everywhere this morning. And everwhere that Condi went, her devotion to George Bush was never far behind.

Speaking from the G-8 conference, Condi was robotic, repetitious, unspontaneous, and unconvincing, perhaps because her discussion and explanations were studded with talking points.

She didn't sound like a Secretary of State, she sounded like a low-level spokesperson spouting propoganda. Read below the fold...

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Hey, guys -- I'm not real hip, so I have a question.

Is Clark Kent an emo kid? Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Last night I saw two skunks come up from the hill in back of the house and along the side yard, where they disappeared around the corner of another house.

A mother and child, from the size of them. Read below the fold...

Times editorial board bitch-slaps Bill "Helen" Keller

In an editorial that would have been great if only it had been written two or three years ago, the Times writes of The Real Agenda of the Bush administration, and slip in the shiv oh-so-nicely: Read below the fold...

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Sunday Gasbaggery: Meet The Press: Russert Does Biden v. Gingrich, Bob Novak Riffing on The Wilsons


Israel Palestinians kid against tank
Can Israel Survive?

Russert sets the context - Crises in the Middle East, what should the US do about the Axis of Evil, (gee, I thought we were doing the Axis of Evil since 9/11, that would make it about five years of doing, Tim)... Read below the fold...

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Message fatigue ...

Right now the overload topic du jour is pandemic flu. How about you? Read below the fold...

Editorial weirdness from the Boston Glob

In the midst of a generally OK--for the press--editorial on bloggers, we get this little gem from the Glob editorial board:

One lesson of American politics is that opponents have to find common ground. Beating the other side into submission doesn't work; neither does waiting for the opposition to see the light.

WTF? Read below the fold...

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Forum on Iraq


I'm going to run this a couple times before next Saturday for maximum exposure. My husband, our friends, and many fine grassroots organizing folks have worked hard to make this happen, and it promises to be wonderful. If you live in the Philly area or within a few hours drive, get there! Read below the fold...

Um, it's called fascism

The essential Glenn Greenwald:

As its leading bloggers vividly illustrate, pro-Bush "conservatism" is a highly authoritarian movement which seeks to vest unlimited and unrestrained power in their Leader, views garden-variety political dissent as blasphemy and treason, and glorifies violence as a justifiable tool to achieve their glorious political ends.

Glenn doesn't use the F-Word because he's too polite. Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Christianists can't add two and two

Of course, we know that--they're the 36% supporting increasingly desperate "President" Bush.

But now, with the release of a new 5:00 Horror from the education department, we've got proof. The Times:

The Education Department reported on Friday that children in public schools generally performed as well or better in reading and mathematics than comparable children in private schools. The exception was in eighth-grade reading, where the private school counterparts fared better.

Read below the fold...


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