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Time to check the squash and tomatoes for bugs

So the Republicans have finally revealed themselves as authoritarian death cultists.

That's no reason to let bugs eat the leaves of my squash or infest my tomatoes. Read below the fold...

Leah is a sweetheart

And she sent me some improving videos:

  1. Local Hero
  2. Yojimbo
  3. Seven Samurai
  4. Bowfinger
  5. The Hidden Fortress
  6. The Hunting of the President

But where are the Mad Max videos? For some reason, I'm feeling a little apocalyptic these days.... Read below the fold...

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Death and Dreams I

(First in a series)
Read below the fold...

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Today's the Day!


That Ritter and McGovern come to Philly. If you live in the Philadelphia area or within a few hours drive, be there! I'mplanning on asking if they have any ideas on Israel and Lebanon, too.

Many people have made up their minds on Iraq, but many more still have nagging questions about how we became embroiled in this contest of atrocities that has become our occupation of Iraq. The conflicting positions taken by various factions inside and outside the US have generated confusion and malaise. Read below the fold...

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Goodnight. Loving. Chisholm. Chisum.


Cattlemen; empire builders. First, drovers -- cowboys.

First, honest working men trying to make a living good enough to keep their families in better shape than they'd been kept.

Then, men who'd made some money and wanted to make some more. Men who found themselves befriended by powerful -- and often unscrupulous -- political allies. Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

When he was very old, my maternal grandfather, who was a warm man, a vigorous man, would wake up in the morning with this thought in his mind:

"I'm alive!"

Would that so many could do the same.... Read below the fold...

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Snowflakes From Faraway Lands

The website From Israel to Lebanon has graphic images up from the latest war-affected areas of Lebanon and Israel. Civilians are getting the worst of it. Read below the fold...

So, why does it make sense to attack Hezbollah by destroying Beirut?

Just asking.

And doesn't that question remind you of another question?

Like, "Why does it make sense to attack Al Qaeda by destroying Iraq?"

I really to have to change the "Middle East" tag to "Middle East Clusterfuck."

It's like the old saying: "History repeats itself. The first time as tragedy, the second time as tragedy."

Sigh. Read below the fold...

Bomb Bugs, Not Babies

This post has no political content at all. It is, however, exterminationist in its thinking and subject matter. The subject is garden pests, particularly squash bugs. Read below the fold...

Class warfare

Hey, and guess what? The rich aren't dying. But everyone else is. The less money you make, the faster you age, and the sooner you die. New Scientist:

People from lower socio-economic groups are more likely to die earlier than people in non-manual jobs from heart attacks, strokes and cancer. Unhealthy habits such as lack of exercise, excess weight, smoking and poor diet account for around a third of these deaths.

Read below the fold...

Stupid headlines


In Mideast Strife, Bush Sees a Step To Peace

No, Bush sees mideast strife the same way that the Republicans see everything--as a way to win, or get close enough to steal, the next election. Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Well, somebody had to post on the Middle East.

I couldn't think of a thing to say; I'm glad Shystee did. Read below the fold...

Veto Kabuki

Sure, Bush, increasingly desperate to hold onto his deluded base, actually pulled out his Mighty Veto Pen and mightily vetoed a bill. Read below the fold...

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Ritter and McGovern in Philly--Be There!


As I said, I'm running this a couple times before Saturday for maximum exposure. My husband, our friends, and many fine grassroots organizing folks have worked hard to make this happen, and it promises to be wonderful. If you live in the Philly area or within a few hours drive, get there! Read below the fold...

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Semi-Random Blog Comment of the Day

In the comments section (bold added by moi) regarding Digby's post Moral Boundries:

How is it possible that Bush can blather on about his reverence for life and his entire audience - including the press - doesn't just puke at the hypocrisy? We already know, as Derelict points out, that once a baby is born, they don't give a fuck about it. Now we also know - in case we were having trouble quantifying it -that American embryos bound for a garbage dumpster qualify as sacred life, whereas innocent civilians in Iraq and now Lebanon (since we appear to be co-sponsoring that destruction)are worth absolutely nothing.

Read below the fold...


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