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Get Out The Vote, Neocon Style #9

"They Hate Our Freedom" Poster-Boy Relaxes With Friend



Any questions?


This is the 9th and final "Neocon/Get Out the Vote" posting... Read below the fold...

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Equivalation may not be a real word. But it's a real problem — quite possibly the single biggest problem in our national media and discourse.

Let's define it thusly:

1. The knee-jerk assumption that competing sides, especially political parties, are equally extreme, equally guilty, etc.
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Cheney: Waterboarding a "no brainer" Graham: Waterboarding a "war crime"

Thanks, McClatchy. Charlotte News Observer:

Cheney indicated that the Bush administration doesn't regard water-boarding as torture, and allows the CIA to use it. "It's a no-brainer for me," Cheney said at one point in an interview.

Good thing it calls for a brain instead of a heart, right, Dick? Read below the fold...

Bush: I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe (repeat 21 times)

Let's parse Bush's presser again:

1. "[BUSH] We must not fall prey to the sophisticated propaganda by the enemy, who is trying to undermine our confidence and make us believe that our presence in Iraq is the cause of all its problems."

2. "[BUSH] I'm confident because I believ the power of liberty will defeat the ideology of hate every time."

3. "[BUSH] I believe that the radicals represent the few in the Middle East." Read below the fold...

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Rush Limbaugh: Parkinson's Free and Loving It!

(Jivester News, Lmtd.) Rush Limbaugh joyfully informed his listeners today that he is less than three months away from celebrating fifty-six consecutive years free from Parkinson's Disease. "It's a record I'm proud of," Rush told his legion of listeners. "My dopamine receptors are firing just fine--well, mostly. Even though Idiopathic Parkinson's usually begins in middle age I can't help but feel I could have begun manifesting symptoms at a much younger age. If I had it. But I don't. It's a good thing." Read below the fold...

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Celebration Chili Receipt

I voted today. Straight Dem ticket. Upyernoz, Gov. Goodhair!

Damn machine wouldn't give me a paper ballot to review. I did get a receipt, though. Voted right there in the lobby of the grocery store.

I promised y'all a chili receipt. You want the one for old-school, cattle-trail 1870s chili, or the one I make in the crock pot (probably this weekend if the forecast holds)?
Vote, dammit!

What you will NOT get:

Read below the fold...

Bush-isms galore! (Are they changing his meds, yet again?)

I've been head down on a project for a few days-- sorry for the light posting. So, I got to read Froomkin's column just now, where I learned that Inerrant Boy held another news conference. Read below the fold...

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By the Beat-Beat-Beat of the Tom-Toms!

Bettuh hide the white women, suh! Those devil drums gettin' closer now! Lord, but a negro is loose in God's country!

They think of everything!

We've come a long way, wait. We haven't.

+++ Read below the fold...

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Digital Divide in a ditch – bad stuck!

Something Lambert said about fundamentals got me thinking.
You ever been in one of those fourth and go with six yards between you and glory?Just enough to keep the blitz honest.
You run through your check list – The struggle ahead is steep and stark. Read below the fold...

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RIP Stay the Course

Last known photograph of Stay the Course, taken just prior to its presumed death in a hail of gunfire on October 23rd, 2006.

Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Note: Press Secretary Tony Snow asks that Americans "...just forget about the whole thing. Don't bring it up any more. It's over, so just move along. Git."

+++ Read below the fold...

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Losing the Uncle Tom Vote

It's very simple. Bush and Rove have played fast and loose with the First Amendment prohibition about church and state, and spread a lot of cash around faith communities. Having met some of the "leaders" in the religious communities of color, I can tell you that many are truly unimpressive and self-motivated. There are plenty of black and Latino ministers willing to tout the Republican party line at the pulpit, just as white pastors do. Read below the fold...

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Get Out The Vote, Neocon Style #7

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Yeah, That Wall Will Help Sooooo Much

Bottom line: Bush has one rule when it comes to the people who work in His Majesty's Government- loyalty is all. People are hired because of how connected they are to the BFEE, and we've seen everything from cronies like Brownie to Ledeen's 23 year old daughter and back again. So spare me any crap for labeling this post as of the category "Bush Character." Republicans have been in charge for six years, and this is all. on. them. Read below the fold...

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Cheap, Selfish Bastards

A very smart person and I argued recently about the idea that Dems with big war chests should be spreading the love around to close House and Senate races in the name of party unity. Smart Person told me, no, that's not what needs to happen now, because the close races are conservative Dems, and progressives want them to lose. But there's not concensus around the net on this.

Happy news:
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