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Because We Must Say It: We Told You So

You saw this coming. Like, what? 100,000 light years away? Someone remind me again of how "smart" our Dem leaders are. Thanks, guys/gals, for leaving Lamont in the cold.
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Cool Friends Who Win Awards

I have cool friends. My buddy Brian just won a Spectrum Award for his totally cool Sci-Fi graphic art. You can buy his stuff here, and you should. Because he's doing the new Justice League cartoon art, and his version of Wonder Woman is tres hawt. Read more about Cool Friends Who Win Awards

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Silly posting, part one of many, I hope, as humor and goodwill return to our nation under Democratic rule. Rove before the results came in:

MR. ROVE: Well, like the polls today showing that Corker's ahead in Tennessee; or the race -- polls showing that Allen is pulling away in the Virginia Senate race.

MR. SIEGEL: Leading Webb in Virginia. Yes.

MR. ROVE: Yeah, exactly.

MR. SIEGEL: Have you seen the DeWine race and the Santorum race and -- I don't want to --

Waxman On, Waxman Off

One must writhe in envy over Rep. Henry Waxman, while at the same time feeling the deepest pity at the Herculean task which lies before him. We all know the swamp must be drained, but he's the guy who has to suck on the hose to get the siphon started. As he put it:

"'I'm going to have an interesting time because the Government Reform Committee has jurisdiction over everything,' Waxman said Friday, three days after his party's capture of Congress put him in line to chair the panel. 'The most difficult thing will be to pick and choose.'"

Let's help. Just this once let's SKIP the obvious choices of Iraq and associated thievery, Katrina and the ripoffs, and even K Street's bribeola enterprise. It takes all of us villagers to raise the child of cleaned-up government, to wildly overstrain a paraphrase. Read more about Waxman On, Waxman Off

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Killed by Roadside Bomb

[Editorial Note: The eleventh hour of the eleven day of the eleventh month has passed, and our war is still with us, at the center of a dramatic shift in power brought about by an election, its continuance at the center of an organized resistence to the implications of that election, bolstered by a compliant, brain-dead media. For that reason we're keeping this meditation by MJS at the top of the blog for today. Read more about Killed by Roadside Bomb

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Love Your Enemies

More rapid fire posting and then I'm really outta here. But you've got to read this interview with a very savvy and organized seeming member of the Taliban. Registan has some good stuff too. Also, did you notice? US and Iran are going to talk about Iraq. You can hear the wingnut heads exploding a hundred miles away. Read more about Love Your Enemies

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Pelosi Hearts Murtha

Nancy weighs in.

I've got to run, so short version: is this a good thing? Bloggers love Murtha, but in truth, he's a rather conservative, pro-big budgets for the DoD kind of guy. What makes him a better choice over the folks Rahm likes? I honestly don't know, and would love to hear from you. Read more about Pelosi Hearts Murtha

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Media Reform: Your Ideas, Please

Lacking good smoke, Xan asks the very important question: how are we to tell the Dems to reform the media? Read more about Media Reform: Your Ideas, Please

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Glenn Smacks The Bobbleheads


Despite all of that, when Feingold stood up and advocated censure -- based on the truly radical and crazy, far leftist premise that when the President is caught red-handed breaking the law, the Congress should actually do something about that -- the soul-less, oh-so-sophisticated Beltway geniuses could not even contemplate the possibility that he was doing that because he believed what he was saying. Beltway pundits and the leaders of the Beltway political and consulting classes all, in unison, immediately began casting aspersions on Feingold's motives and laughed away -- really never considered -- the idea that he was motivated by actual belief, let alone the merits of his proposal.
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Fantastic, Captain!

How does it feel to be so wise
To see through eyes that only see what's real?

Elton John:

"From my point of view, I would ban religion completely. Organized religion doesn't seem to work. It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it's not really compassionate."
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Purity Balls: You're Paying for Them

Remember Father-Daughter coverings? You'll be happy to know:your tax dollars at work.

Add this is the fucking 100 hours, Nancy. I draw the line at paying for incest. Read more about Purity Balls: You're Paying for Them

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Environmentalism Causes Meth-Smoking Gayness

Just when you thought they couldn't be any more stupid.

Nearly two years ago, Rev. Haggard began his earth campaign as he threatened the Republican U.S. Senate, stating that he would turn the evangelicals against them if they refused to ratify global warming laws.
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Countering the "Centrism Mandate" BS

I'm not watching, but the word is that the Bobbleheads this morning are busy spinning away, and that Joe is joining them, constructing the meme that the election was a "victory for moderates" and a "centrist mandate" is the will of the electorate. Let's slap that bullshit down hard, right now.

Let's start with the actual makeup of the Democratic caucus. Boo's got the choice goodies, be sure to read the whole thing for a complete list to save and smack centrist memers with:
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