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No rendirse, muchachos! -- wait a minute ...

it's not Bill Travis hollering from the top of an adobe wall this time and leftist Manuel Lopez Obrador & Co. aren't surrounded by enemies on all sides, running low on powder, and being deserted by their countrymen. Hmm. Maybe this time, Mexico's people can win. Read below the fold...

Always wrong about everything


Science shows the way to healthy lifestyles for our Cheetos-addled friends:

One last piece of advice: Do listen to your mother when she tells you to keep your hands off your face.

"Picking is not a good idea," [Alexa Boer Kimball, director of Harvard University's Clinical Unit for Research Trials in Skin] said. "Almost always, you're making it worse."

"Almost always, you're making it worse."

Words to live by, wingers. Ponder them. Read below the fold...

Times shows Joe's enablers some love


Here's the front page coverage of the latest ranting from our Bedwetter in Chief. Look at the links under the headline:


So, what's the deal with this "Response to the White House" link? What's this "Third Way" bit?

At first reading, it's the official response, much like the Democrat's response to Bush's weekly radio address, or the SOTU. Read below the fold...





for propaganda. FDL nails it.

But Digby pounds it into the ground.

The solution?

Turn off your teebee! Read below the fold...

Bush v. Gore in Mexico

Our sympathies to the Mexican people. We in this country have been learning what it's like to live under an illegitimate government that took power through fraud. It's painful.


Felipe Calderon became president-elect of Mexico on Tuesday, two months after disputed elections, when the nation's top electoral court voted unanimously to reject allegations of fraud and certify his narrow victory.

Read below the fold...
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Operation American Freedom


Call me a wacky conspiracy theorist, but I am certain that there are connections between Republican Congressmen and President Bush. Read below the fold...

But Bush has nothing on at all!

How real is the war on terror?

Is Bush only 75% cynical about the "war on terror," or 100% cynical? Read below the fold...

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Freedom Isn't Free

I wrote the following lyrics for my sister. I hope she'll find a way to put them to music.


Freedom Isn't Free

I was standing in line today
Waiting to buy some groceries
I was thinking about my life
And all the things I've seen

Mom and dad and dreams
My children and my man
The way the sunshine brings
Shadows to the land

An old man began to talk
About war and about peace
Standing in the line
He said that freedom isn't free Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Dammit, I just read that a solution of bicarbonate of soda would have killed the mildew on my pumpkin leaves.

But how could that be? Bicarb isn't petroleum based!

Anybody ever defeated mildew with bicarb? Read below the fold...

Google to listen through PC mikes, develop "personalized profiles"?

Sure, it's just a prototype. But still.:

The idea is to use the existing PC microphone to listen to whatever is heard in the background, be it music, your phone going off or the TV turned down. The PC then identifies it, using fingerprinting, and then shows you relevant content, whether that's adverts or search results, or a chat room on the subject.

Read below the fold...

Rapture index closes down 2 on earthquakes, leadership

Rapture Index. So, why did leadership close down one point?

11 Leadership
The lack of resolve over Iran's nuclear program has downgraded this category.

Ah, yes. We haven't gone the Clusterfuck-alypse Now route with Iran. Yet. And The Base doesn't want to wait.

Remember, in the crazy mind of The Base, anything that brings the end of the world closer is good.

That's why they keep voting for Bush. Got it? Read below the fold...

London Times: Israel reorganizes army, plans for attack on Iran, Syria, blessed by Richard Perle


Does Israel, after losing in Lebanon, plan to double down? From the Times of London via Juan Cole, more on Clusterfuck-alypse Now: Read below the fold...

Busherdammerung: Glenn Greenwald calls his shot


To predict the next two years of the criminal Bush regime, look to the AEI:

The American Enterprise Institute sits in the innermost belly of the neoconservative beast.

Read below the fold...

Plant more trees!


[C]arefully planted trees can lower summertime temperatures in cities, significantly reduce air-conditioning bills and trap greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

Read below the fold...


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