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Goodnight, moon

Frost on the panes of The Mighty Corrente Building this morning.

But that's only because the damn bartender emptied the ice buckets out the window of the executive boardroom last night! Who can sleep, with a noise like that?

You can imagine what it's going to be like November 7.

One way or another.

In the immortal words of Bob and Ray:

"If that's for me, tell 'em I left an hour ago!" Read below the fold...

Three words, Fat Tony, three words


Fat Tony goes on TV:

[Scalia] said unelected judges have no place deciding politically charged questions when the Constitution is silent on those issues.

The three words?




Shit, Bush v. Gore was a "Good for One Time Only" ticket to the White House for Inerrant Boy! So, was the Constitution silent, or not? Only Fat Tony knows for sure. Read below the fold...

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President Bush Vows to Invade New Zealand in Response to Earthquakes in Hawaii

President Bush (seen here disguised as Don Ho) Prepares to Invade Kiwi Land Read below the fold...

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Sunday Gasbaggery: Meet The Press Does North Korea and Minn Senate Debate, Kennedy, R. v. Klobuchar, D.


This morning's headline goes to Amy Klobuchar, who successfully boxed rival candidate, Mark Kennedy roundly about the head and shoulders. And boy, did he ever ask for it.

First, as our wee interlocutor, little Russ, intoned, the serious matter of North Korea, which was discussed with only one guest, John Bolton, our as yet unconfirmed ambassador to the UN.

Read below the fold...

Republican traitors

No, silly, not the Republicans who voted to replace our Constitutional system of government with authoritarian rule by eliminating habeas corpus--

The Republicans who are siding with the Defeatocrats. Don't they understand that God is in the White House?

Two leading Republican senators called Sunday for a new strategy in Iraq, saying the situation in getting worse and leaving the United States with few options.

Read below the fold...

The Big Dog is way, way too nice to the Republicans

That'll be the day? Apparently not:

Former President Bill Clinton told Iowa's Democratic Party faithful on Saturday that the actions of "an extreme sliver" of the Republican Party have backfired and "profoundly divided" the country.

Read below the fold...
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But, but, but, safer food would destroy our economy!!


In San Francisco there's a ballot initiative to bring paid sick days to restaurant workers.

You may not realize this, my fellow Americans, but EVERY TIME YOU EAT OUT you take your life in your hands. Literally. Read below the fold...

Today's Voting Lesson: Push the Freakin' Button!

Voting on the old dinosaur machines in Pennsylvania and other places had its flaws, but there was one part they made helpfully stupid-proof. After you pulled the little levers to register your vote in each race, you pulled a BIG lever that opened the curtain and allowed you out of the booth. That lever was what officially "cast" your votes into the little counters inside the machine. Very 1930s-ish technology but (unless the damn machine threw a shoe, or tossed a wire off a pulley which they were prone to do, trapping you inside and causing a hysterical call for a repairman) it worked. Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Ever get the feeling that the real problem Republicans had with Clinton and Monica is that the sex was consensual?

Instead of, say, with animals, or as an abuse of power. Read below the fold...

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It Ain't Just Spinach !!! GOP schizo on food safety

I hate to link to CBS_News, but even a busted clock's right twice a day, and the BUSH WHITE HOUSE DOES NOT WANT U.S. FOOD TO BE SAFE. Go read. Oh, yeah ... Jim Bunning, R-Cattle Industry, actually wants to revive and strengthen food safety rules. Read below the fold...

What do they know that we don't?

WaPo says that Bush and Rove remain inexplicably confident.

Amid widespread panic in the Republican establishment about the coming midterm elections, there are two people whose confidence about GOP prospects strikes even their closest allies as almost inexplicably upbeat: President Bush and his top political adviser, Karl Rove

Read below the fold...

Science for Republicans!

From Wikipedia, sharks gotta swim:

Due to their size and the nature of their metabolism, many sharks have a higher demand for oxygen than bony fishes and they cannot rely on ambient water currents to provide an adequate supply of oxygenated water. If these sharks were to stop swimming, the water circulation would drop below the level necessary for respiration and the animal would suffocate. The process of ensuring an adequate flow of the gills by forward movement is known as ram ventilation.

Read below the fold...

Warning for our Diabetic Friends


Very short NYT article here with many details lacking, but be advised:
Read below the fold...

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Kansas not Kansas Anymore?

Dammit, I really need to get ready for tonight's blogger gathering in the wild north of this state, but friends keep pulling me back into the ethertubes. Fucking great post by Skippy:

via katieallisongranju (didn't susan st. james and jane curtain star in that?) via mcjoan at dkos: a kansas editorial (by steve rose, chairman of the johnson county sun) explaining why the publicans suck:

Read below the fold...


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