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Turn It Off

He better hope I don't run into him while I'm in town. Seriously. I don't know if this counts as a form of vote suppression, stupidity, or that create your own reality shit Republicans are so good at. But whatever the case, I swear I'll give him a fat lip in Valerie's name if I cross his path. Read below the fold...

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Names to Remember #1

My boy David has been all over it, and you know it's bad when he, Kevin and I are all on the same page:

Read below the fold...

NPR blows "stay the course" story, missing fact Bush denies he ever said it


That NPR isn't perceived as a bastion of massive and self-satisfied suckitude is a sad commentary on the state of the rest of our famously free press.

Take the coverage of the "stay the course" flap--please. I was listening to Morning Edition just now, and started yelling at the radio. Again.

Never mind the amazing but true fact that the coverage is all about the semantics; all about the words used about Iraq, not about the war itself, or even about whether the words make any kind of sense: Being so very, very meta is what makes the SCLM so very, very post-modern. Read below the fold...

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DC Liveblogging and Me

So you've probably heard, I've relocated to DC out of the Midwest, and I've come into a financial situation that will allow me to do nothing but blogging for a time (love you grrrl!). Yesterday, I went to the Greenwald and Blumenthal event at CAP, and a reader questioned my liveblogged report. Well and good, let's get some things straight before I get too caught up in the muck here in our nation's cesspool. Read below the fold...

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Lessons learned?

Now that it's damn near too late, know any Dem candidates throwing neighborhood potlucks to get out the vote? Read below the fold...

Taking the plunge at Skippy's


Sometimes, you've just gotta roll up your sleeves.

NOTE Post by Skippy's blogmate, Karnacki the Magnificent. Read below the fold...

Help Bush use "the Google"!

Think Progress has the transcript:

HOST: I’m curious, have you ever googled anybody? Do you use Google?

BUSH: Occasionally. One of the things I’ve used on the Google is to pull up maps. It’s very interesting to see — I’ve forgot the name of the program — but you get the satellite, and you can — like, I kinda like to look at the ranch. It remind me of where I wanna be sometimes.

Read below the fold...
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Rush Limbaugh Determined to Jump the Shark

Rush Limbaugh just can't help himself, poor old sod. Not content with being a junk-addled mouthpiece for Torquemada Inc., he just had to perform a takedown on Parkinson's Disease sufferer Michael J. Fox. Referring to Fox's on-camera commercial appeal to Missouri voters (on behalf of Senate candidate Claire McCaskill), America's Gassiest Bag said: Read below the fold...

Know your cliches!

I thought that the Republicans had mastered the art of talking entirely in cliches long ago, but those wacky Republicans! They can always surprise us. What House flak Dan Bartlett: Read below the fold...

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Damn, Damn, Damn - I have a grave aversion to Slavery

I swore I was going to have nice anxiety free day. After looking at the tone of today’s posting I see that ain’t gonna happen. So. . . in the memory of my dear departed ancestors, please let us remember AMERICA spent the majority of its time as slave society. As Lambert has so delightfully informed us there are C-130s ready to take you to the detention center nearest you and set you to work in a civilian inmate labor program . Read below the fold...

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The Death of QWERTY - Protein coding and interface


A shift in perception – a shift in interface. Finally, scientist are learning that large, complex data structures (DNA, computer data) are best perceived by their patterns. We have better evolved systems of pattern recognition than our eyes and the linear processing associated with syllogistic reasoning. Soon the autistics will be doing our data processing,hooked up directly to supercomputers like Blue Brain. Its all in the interface. Scientist are using music to code for proteins. Read below the fold...

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35,000 in Secret Prisons

I'm at the Center for American Progress, listening to Sid Blumenthal and Glenn Greenwald talk about the Imperial Presidency, and one thing is important enough for me to want to live blog. Sid says that Wilkerson, Powell's old chief of staff, believes that the correct number of victims in secret Bush prisons is 35,000, only %5 of which "may" have to do with terrorism. More than twice what I thought, and hardly any to do with the "war on terror."

Wake up America, it's getting closer. Read below the fold...

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Get Out The Vote, Neocon Style #5

A Stay the Course Production

Quotes from the film Dead End:

Aw, what chance have they got against all this? They gotta fight for a place to play, fight for a little extra somethin' to eat, fight for everything. They get used to fightin'. "Enemies of society" it says in the papers... why not? What've they got to be so friendly about?

... Read below the fold...

Sebastian Mallaby teabags WaPo management

Our Seb, yesterday. Let's pass by his Beltway-standard pissing and moaning about the polarization of American politics--making one's way to the cocktail weenie table is so unpleasant lately. You never know who you'll run into! Ain't it awful?--and make our way, as few before us have, to the end of his column, where we find this gem: Read below the fold...


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