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The Definition of "Making It"

Forget cushy consulting jobs. Who cares about front page links at top blogs. Whatever when it comes to beating a major newspaper to breaking a story. Phila has arrived.

I am so jealous. Sob, it's even in French! I guess I'm just not trying hard enough. Read below the fold...

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Dixie Whistler

Tom is one of the Good Guys, and he's got a new book out you should buy. I've written about his work before, and I continue to find it a useful way to think about what can be done, what should be done, and what is worth talking about as we form strategy. Read below the fold...

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WTF: Insurgent Noodle Edition

Well, I guess you have to give them points for being creative:

BEIJING, Oct. 10 (Xinhuanet) -- The Iraqi authorities have arrested the contractor in charge of the mess hall at a Numaniyah training base, where up to 400 police officers were poisoned by their evening meal on Sunday. Read below the fold...
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October Surprise: Sex Follies Edition

Look out, Dems. If you're in the book, you're going to find yourself on a lot of TV shows the last week of this month. Read below the fold...

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Google Takes the Tubes


I know, I know, it's all about the money. But this doesn't make me happy:

SAN FRANCISCO - Internet search leader Google is snapping up YouTube for $1.65 billion, brushing aside copyright concerns to seize a starring role in the online video revolution. Read below the fold...
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Swift Kick to the Curb: Hamdan Lawyer Out of Navy

This won't surprise you at all:

By Carol Rosenberg
NEWARK, N.J. - The Navy lawyer who took the Guantanamo case of Osama bin Laden's driver to the U.S. Supreme Court - and won - has been passed over for promotion by the Pentagon and must soon leave the military.

Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift, 44, said last week he received word that he had been denied a promotion to full-blown Navy commander this summer - "about two weeks after" the Supreme Court sided against the White House and with his client, a Yemeni captive at the U.S. Navy base in southeast Cuba.

Read below the fold...
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North Korea Gets Cuter By The Minute Blues

Hey, North Korea
How do you do?
Full of Korean people
Like a big Korean Zoo

We extend our hands to you
We truly do Read below the fold...

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Respect: Smell It


Kudos to the good folks making this happen, assuming it goes through it's a nice reminder that sometimes our leaders really can be pressured into doing the right thing. Our work here on the political intertubes is made easier when our government cooperates with the open source concepts of governing, and frankly, if I were a Republican I'd want the Democratic data out there just as much as I'm sure the reverse is true. But I'm also impressed with getting credit, I guess the Hill considers blogs are influential as some established public interest groups. That's interesting.

Read below the fold...

How big is the Republican closet, anyhow?

When do the revelations stop? (Personally, I'd like for all the Republicans to come out of the closet--even if it turns out to be half the leadership. Healthier, saner, more honest--what's not to like? But it says here that The Base has issues with teh gay.)

Still, I hadn't had Jebbie on the list of possibles, until, well, read for yourself: Read below the fold...

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Time is on our side (with a few notable exceptions)

This week's state-of-the-GOP story from typically Bush-cheerleading Time is almost unremittingly negative, from the scrotish cover image of an elephant's hind quarters, to the poll results at the article's end.

However, it is worth noting that whenever Time or an interview subject does throw the Repubs a bone, it's a blatant canard. Read below the fold...

Trust No One, No Matter How Cute

this news is particularly distressing because I have long had, blush, the hots for this gentleman. From the rapidly-becoming-invaluable Taegan Goddard's Political Wire:

The New York Times notes that Newsweek International editor Fareed Zakaria took part in a "shadowy, secret Washington meeting" called by former Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz to outline "a strategy for dealing with Afghanistan and the Middle East in the aftermath of 9/11." Read below the fold...

Aw Shit: Stewart Denies Plans for Prez Run

Okay, which is funnier: The shirt, or that people were starting to believe the shirt?

Those people wearing "Stewart/Colbert '08" T-shirts can stop hoping - Comedy Central's fake news stars have no intention of making a run for the White House. Read below the fold...

North Korea nuke 4% as powerful as Hiroshima


North Korea's nuclear test was equivalent to 550 tons of TNT, a state-run South Korean geological institute said. That is relatively small compared to the bomb the United States dropped on Hiroshima, which was equivalent to 12,500 tons of TNT.

No, it's not good news. But let's keep a sense of proportion, shall we?

This story is about Republican bungling, which turned a manageable situation into yet another clusterfuck. Read below the fold...

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A Foley Defined X3

Pick Your Foley

Foley: A Foley catheter is a soft plastic or rubber tube that is inserted into the bladder to drain the urine. Urinary catheters are sometimes recommended as way to manage urinary incontinence and urinary retention in both men and women. There are several different types of catheters, which may be used for a variety of different reasons. Read below the fold...


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