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Why "Contest Every Race" Means EVERY Race, Dammit

Covering a national (nay, international) audience as we do we focus on national campaigns. We give lip service to the "contest every race" when it comes to school boards, county offices, and state lege races. Here's why this is not a good idea. Voters for the Pennsylvania state senate seat in the Chambersburg area whill now have a choice between a guy with an (R) after his name who is a Repubican, and a guy on the (D) line of the ballot who is...a Republican. It's a nearly Liebermanesqe grotesquity:

A veteran state lawmaker who lost the Republican primary in May garnered enough write-in votes to make the November ballot on the Democratic side, county elections officials have ruled. State Rep. Patrick Fleagle's margin over Todd Rock, the masonry teacher who beat the incumbent for the GOP nomination, was just three votes in the Democratic write-in tally, the Franklin County Board of Elections said Tuesday. Read below the fold...

Rove II: The Slimer Boogaloo

Remember the days when candidates stood for public office on the basis of their positions, their philosophies, and their proposals for policy change?

Naw, I don't either, and I'm pretty old. The whisper campaign, oppo research and the philosophy that if an opponent is clean, smear his wife, kid or dog is as old as the hills. But there are only a few who reach the peaks of their putrid profession in any given era. Meet the next Karl Rove: Christopher Lyon:
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The Freeway Bloggerbreakdown!


Have you used up your portion of Democracy yet? If not, consider posting a sign. It beats TV.

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Goodnight, moon

I've got summer squash!

It's like I turned my back one morning, and suddenly they were there!

Call any vegetable! Call it by name! Read below the fold...

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Back in the Saddle, Backed by $erious Money ...


My heroes have always been Texans. Dan Rather has gone to work for Mark Cuban. This oughta be good...
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NARAL: Dead to Me

Look folks, Dave speaks for me. It's a simple matter: if Satan promises you that you'd enjoy nice shoes in Hell and they wouldn't pinch, would you still make Hell your destination? Over Heaven? Put differently: if Satan promised you really great shoes, but that the cost would always be a chastity belt, would you still wear them?
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Heathers Sniping?

All I can say is, titter!. You decide if this this important:

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Killer Kangaroos

Where did the billions for Iraqi "reconstruction" go?

There's more and more original reporting in the blogosphere. Here's a fine example from the The Agonist. Sean Paul looks at what happened to the money for a health clinics contract. He starts with a WaPo story, which is pretty accurate, except that it gets the contractor, the money, and the number of clinics wrong: Read below the fold...

Did John Fund stop beating his girlfriend?

Apparently, not soon enough. American Politics Journal:

The civil trial of conservative pundit John Fund on charges of abusing former girlfriend Morgan Gell (née Morgan F. Pillsbury) is under way.

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MJS - Oh, Chris Matthews

Another Grammy winner!

[Posted for MJS. --Lambert] Read below the fold...

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Reverend Accuses Jesus the Christ of Defrauding Investors, Gaming Energy Markets

From CNN.

The Reverend Dr. Bill Lawson compared Lay with civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus Christ, and said his name would eventually be cleared.

Jesus hates your pension.

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This is Just a Foretaste

Because it's not like the rest of the world won't buy. Just imagine what would happen if enough OPEC members decided that it's not "profitable" enough to keep the supply to the US flowing, and instead focused on developing other markets instead:
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Department of Vile Rumors: My Pet Goat

[Now that The Man in the Grey Turtleneck and The General have legitimized goatfucking--I mean, legitimized goatfucking as a topic for Civil, Dignified political discourse--now is a good time to reprint this classic from Correntian RDF. And we hope he's disappeared, rather than been disappeared. From 2004, when things still seemed so simple.]

Readers, here at Corrente we've labored tirelessly to bring a new tone to political discourse in America. And so it's particularly distressing when to us vile rumors about our Dear Leader begin to circulate.

Alert reader raison de fem encountered this especially vile rumor the other day, and forwarded it on to us, asking us to do our Corrente Best to suppress it.

And I think we'd better print it, in its entirety, so you can judge for itself just how vile it is. Naturally, we've stricken the parts that simply can't be true, and black out the especially vile parts that would totally distress your sensitive spiritss. It seems to be some sort of transcript:


O'REILLY: So, you say that you were a goatherd working in Montgomery, Alabama, in the early 1970's? Is that right, Mr., um, "Jones"?

"JONES": Yep, that's right. Well, that was my full-time job. Been raisin' goats in Alabama since I was a teenager. I was also in the Air National Guard. I was a maintenance tech at Donnelly Field.

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Mexico: Palast reports from Mexico City


I'd say there's nothing here that alert Corrente readers haven't seen, but it's early days yet.

Re: ChoicePoint. He's pushing it hard, but the idea is that the ChoicePoint database contains a lot of personal information, and that was used to intimidate. So ChoicePoint wouldn't have been used for the voter rolls. This strikes me as at least plausible. Read below the fold...


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