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Tuesday Odd News Blogging


Over here, we get streakers.

XI'AN, Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- A 26-year-old German art student foxed police on Saturday by disguising himself as a terracotta warrior and taking up position in the world-famous terracotta army. Read below the fold...
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Joe on Iraq: "I'll Get Back to You"


Lame Defined.

A few days ago, our incumbent junior senator, Joe Lieberman, a former candidate for president and vice president of the United States, told reporters that he needed a few more days to formulate, and properly articulate, his position on the war in Iraq. He wouldn’t be talking about it with them until then. Read below the fold...
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Shorter Stupid Sam Harris

Shorter Stupid Sam Harris:

Israel and the United States kill babies without even trying which makes them morally superior to Muslims who are enabled by Jeffersonian Democrats.

+++ Read below the fold...

The key issue on torture and surveilllance "compromises"

Does anyone know if the criminal Bush regime has snuck any "unitary executive" language into either of the "compromise" bills?

So far, that language is only buried in signing statements, though naturally Roberts, Scalia, and Scalito will rule in favor of it, given the opportunity.

We could win the Geneva Convention battle and lose the separation of powers war on this one, if we're not careful.

Readers? Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

I just heard the best song on the radio, but I didn't catch the artist's name. Even worse, I promised myself I'd catch the artist's name when the announcer broke in, and when they did, I became un-engrossed too slowly and missed my chance!

The refrain includes the words:

You make time stand
You make time stand
You make time stand

Can anyone help me out with the artist's name, so I can go buy the album? Read below the fold...

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Pot Busts: A Complete Waste of Your Taxdollars

I can still remember the change. Right after the election of 2000, there was a new barrage of ass, oops I mean ads, proclaiming pot to be "more dangerous than we thought" and other sundry bullshit. News flash: pot makes you lazy, relaxed, calm and generally not interested in any crime greater than calling the local pizza place twice in one 24hr period. Bush directed his drug enforcers to crack down on pot, over other more serious drugs, early on in his administration. Here are the results:
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Leave the Laptop at Home: Court Rules No Privacy at Border

I saw this a while back, and now it's offical: take your machine on the road, and it could "inspected" by some border guard yahoo for...well, you can just imagine what they'd think, for example, of some of my stored writing on Iran, the Bush administration, and/or lesbian sex:

Read below the fold...

Biological Warfare: Public Money, Private Profits, No Results

So the New York Times finally gets around to a story wondering Where's Our Anthrax Vaccine, Huh? Don't bother with the story, it's kinda worthless. But it is accompanied with an interesting graphic which includes a bar chart of how much money has been promised, and paid, to the two companies in this dogfight. Read below the fold...

Run, Al, run!

Read this from Al Gore if you want to see what real leadership looks like.

"Al Gore: Not a bedwetter!" A man could run on that... Read below the fold...

Get Chambliss Some Civil War Intelligence, Stat

I love it when people quote history, to make an entirely stupid point, and get the history entirely wrong, and then when asked about it by reporters, corrent correct themselves to make their point even wronger. Case in point: Saxby Chambliss, R-CSA
Read below the fold...

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America: Most Wanted

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Harvard and Yale must be embarrassed -- yet again

I assume you've all been following the latest damned foolishness that John Yoo has unleashed upon an unsuspecting American public, right?

John Yoo, the former administration official who wrote the "torture is okay" memos and other scary things like them AND is a Cal Berkeley law professor AND is an AEI scholar, actually said that the president's powers were curtailed by congress in the 1970s because, get this, there were "no serious national security threats" to the United States at the time. Read below the fold...

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Hax0ring Der Gropinator's Site


My Hot Blooded self is pretty amused by this:
Read below the fold...

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The Kurdish Border: Try to Pay Attention

I know there's a lot going on, but you'd think words like "Iranian troops massing" and "Turkish shelling" would get the attention of at least one or two Murkin journamalists:
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