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Cross the Bridge, Progressives

I'm leaving off names because it doesn't matter.

If you've ever been active on the left, you are frequently reminded of why certain stereotypes are grounded in reality. A famous quip about Democrats notes the lack of cohesion, of the disunity in purpose and direction in so many on our side. Who among us hasn't been bored to tears by the single-issue locutionist, who waxes loquaciously about some topic in equal parts volume and intensity, and who never manages to completely form a "question" to the panel, despite several paragraphs worth of effort? Read more about Cross the Bridge, Progressives

The Iraq Studly Group

What Chris said, after listening to Lee Hamilton on MTP: Read more about The Iraq Studly Group

The three laws of thermodynamics, restated


1. You can't win.

2. You can't break even.

3. You can't leave the game.

That's entropy for you. Of course, I'm also reminded of something else:

Bush's Iraq policy. (For rule #3, don't say "can't". Say "won't."

Frank Rich concludes his column today:

The lesson [from VietNam] is clear and sobering. As bad as things may seem now, they can yet become worse, and not just in Iraq. The longer we pretend we have not lost there, the more we risk losing other wars [plural??] we may still salvage, starting [??] in Afghanistan.

Confession time!

Teh stupid. It b-u-u-u-u-r-r-n-s!

Honestly, I think we all need to start confessing we're really each other. CD, shall I confess to be you, or would you prefer to confess that you're me? Shall one of us confess that we're everybody? What's the protocol here? Read more about Confession time!

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Peace Offering

Babak Makkinejad has posted the following joke about Bush on Pat Lang's site in the comments to: "Iran - Revisited"

A fellow goes hunting. He sees a grizzly bear, aims, shoots, and misses. The grizzly runs after him, grabs him, fucks him in the butt, and lets him go. Read more about Peace Offering

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Bush staged practice sessions on appearing to take Iraq Study Group report seriously

To prepare Bush for an insurgence of reality, Chief of Staff Josh Bolten had him practice by "listening" to an assemblage of Iraq war critics.

The challenge for Bush's team was to make the president appear as though he were taking the release of the report seriously, without necessarily embracing its conclusions.

Bolten also brought in Kelsey Grammer to help rehearse the president: "I'm Dr. George Bush, and I'm listening." Read more about Bush staged practice sessions on appearing to take Iraq Study Group report seriously

But what about the schools?

In Afghanistan, of course. Because the Taliban are killing the teachers and burning the schools:

The two sisters brought to 20 the number of teachers killed in Taliban attacks this year, said Education Ministry spokesman Zuhur Afghan. He said 198 schools have been burned down this year, up from about 150 last year.

Sounds like we need to put more troops in Afghanistan!

Oh, wait... Read more about But what about the schools?

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But He Was Wrapped So Nicely!

Warning: Do not read the following lyrics if you find the idea of Deific Infanticide offensive. Lord knows I wouldn't.

If Our Dear Lord Jesus Died a Little Kid
(A Very Special Christmas Song)

I love Baby Jesus
So plump, so soft, so white
I asked for him for Christmas
I prayed for him at night

Two weeks before the 25th
A gift beneath the tree!
It was wrapped up Baby Jesus
He was wrapped up just for me Read more about But He Was Wrapped So Nicely!

Why I hate Christmas and would like to see it banned

It's the commercialism, stupid.

As long as Christmas was a delusional religious holiday, I could deal. And some of the hymns are beautiful, really do bring a tear to my eye, a catch in the throat.

But these days, the whole point of Christmas is to flog me through the aisles of Wal-Mart to the tune of The Little Drummer Boy.

No thanks.

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite Holiday--and, I suspect, most American's too. Read more about Why I hate Christmas and would like to see it banned

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Saturday Grab Bag Blogging


The Best Blog Comment Evah. Suburban, white and poor. In Olden times, these preteens would've been given a goat and a hut, not sent to jail. Ahem, "parents" anyone? Fuck you, you drunken poppinjay washout. As if you could ever compete with real intellectuals. You're just sad, wrinkled and old now. Read more about Saturday Grab Bag Blogging

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Baker: The Cool One

So I had a nice afternoon with an area blogger who went with me and a friend to see the Josephine Baker exhibit at the Smithsonian. I had a couple of thoughts while there. Read more about Baker: The Cool One

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'Tis the Season, Y'all ...

and colder than the proverbial well-digger's rear here in Lubbock today. Herewith then, a receipt for something yummy.
First, the basic Mixture:

AKA hot cocoa mix from scratch
2 oz baking chocolate, grated
(bittersweet, 60% or more cocoa; 2 squares of Ghirardelli
or 4 of the little blocks of Baker's German)
1/3 cup good Dutch process cocoa powder
1/2 cup powdered milk
pinch regular table salt
1/2 cup dark brown sugar, packed
Put all in a food processor and mix well. Read more about 'Tis the Season, Y'all ...


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