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Bringing the Torturers to Justice: Round Two

They're mean, they're lean, and they won't go away. The money quote:

The case will draw on a powerful new argument. The Military Commissions Act of 2006, which the President promoted and recently signed into law, provides retroactive immunity for civilians who violated the War Crimes Act, including officials of the Bush Administration. Such an attempt to provide immunity for their crimes, it will be argued, is in itself evidence of an effort to block prosecution of those crimes. Indeed, according to Scott Horton, chair of the International Law Committee of the New York City Bar Association, when Yugoslavia sought to immunize senior government officials, the United States declared the act itself to be evidence of such a conspiracy.

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Empire Burlesque: The Book

Our friend and journalistic hero Chris Floyd has a new book out, and you should read it. My copy is on the way, but I'm sure it's the equal to his excellent work on his site. If you've already read everything he's written there, think about buying this book for your non-Internet friends, it'd make a great Saturnalia gift*. Read more about Empire Burlesque: The Book

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Ancient and Modern: ASOR in DC

You remember that scene in Godfather III, where Pacino complains that "every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in!" Well, the love of the ancient world is in my blood, for all I have forsaken the field, and I'll be poaching some of the panels at this meeting next week. Here is the schedule. Read more about Ancient and Modern: ASOR in DC

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Incompetence Only Explains So Much

Keep in mind: it's not just the votes "counted" by these machines, it's often the voter rolls of eligible voters as well. Keep an eye on Brad's place over the next few days. He's doing Pulitzer level work of late, for all our SCLM takes note. Some choice selections:

Better Old People Should Die Than Vote Democratic

Lest this go unnoticed: Republican Lawsuit Shuts Down Flu Shot Program, Claiming Democratic Benefits

HOUSTON, Nov. 2 (AP) — The city has stopped offering free flu shots at early voting sites after Republicans alleged it was a ploy by the mayor to lure more Democrats to the polls.


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------ CONTEST!!!! ----------

What's your favorite homemade dish, and how do you make it? Read more about ------ CONTEST!!!! ----------

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Fascism Less Fashionable Among Fox Viewers

Ha. This is the long War, kids. We've got to wean the addicts, one at a time. But let's rejoice, for now. And hope that as the scales fall, they will not regrow over anytime soon. Read more about Fascism Less Fashionable Among Fox Viewers

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I Voted!

I feel shitty for not posting this a month ago, doubly so because I recently spoke with a friend who didn't quite understand the deadlines and bullshit between him and casting a ballot; my friend may not be able to vote this year because of it. Anyway, I voted today. I sent off my absentee ballot with all that "we guarantee it will get there and by a specific date" stuff, I consider the extra postage well spent. I've bitched and moaned and griped about our Scary Voting Machines here for years, so I won't remind you, except to say that you shouldn't pop the champagne just yet. Read more about I Voted!

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Adventures In Health Care


It's been just my luck to have a niggling health problem develop right when I'm newly arrived, and I got to spend the better part of my day dealing with it. Not because I love being fawned over by clinicians, but because I'm so new to the area that I haven't had time yet to find a doctor and otherwise line up all my little health care ducks. So I got to experience a little "community health care," a nice euphemism for what the poor "enjoy." Let me remind everyone that we're approaching 50 million uninsured in this country. I feel confident that what I experienced is at the upper end in terms of quality and service. So I thank my lucky stars for the little I did receive. Read more about Adventures In Health Care

Oh my

No, make that oh, my goodness!

You know, sometimes I get... Oh, I don't know. Jaded, perhaps. Hardboiled. I just can't get... excited any more.

But then I read a URL like the one in the URL to Think Progress above:


and suddenly, the sun is shining, I've got a spring in my step, I'm whistling a tune... Life is good! Read more about Oh my

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WaPo: "Clouds hang over at least 15 GOP seats"


The GOP forecast is bleak, barring a high-pressure front bringing election fraud to the region, and there's a zero-percent chance of moral values:
Read more about WaPo: "Clouds hang over at least 15 GOP seats"

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Thursday Morning Kapok Blogging

Around twenty years ago two young men (who still live in the L.A. neighborhood) planted a number of Kapok trees on a street two blocks over from where I live. I was out walking the other day (with my digital camera at the ready) and was caught by the angle of the sun and the way one particular Kapok tree turned and reached and soared and held ten thousand dreams in silence. I took some pics.

Here are some of the images: Read more about Thursday Morning Kapok Blogging


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