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Bush has a hundred-year plan for global warming. Maybe.

Well, that's a relief. I mean, it's a lot better than a five-year plan. Though not nearly so good as a Thousand-Year Reich. [Rimshot. Hysterical sobbing.] Assuming this isn't all yet more Republican methane, of course. [Cue the fart doll!] Read below the fold...

Criminal Bush regime getting away with murder


You know, gosh, I remember happier, more innocent times, when "criminal regime" was one of those hysterical yet musty talking points you'd hear from the Trots--along with "running dogs," and so on. For the kids, we called the Trotsky-ites "Trots," well, because they acted like they had the trots. This was back in the day, way, way before the Trots morphed into the neo-cons, took over the government, and perpetrated the Iraq Clusterfuck. Plus ça change .... But I digress. Read below the fold...

Keeping the your rights and the inter-tubes safe: Eight Internet Issues to watch besides "Net Neutrality"

The Center for Democracy and Technology has an excellent list of resources to resist laws it would be best to deepsix entirely, even if the Republicans in Congress did know anything about the technology. Here are the legislative threads they're watching (besides the effort to hand the Internet over to the telcos and the cable weasels by destroying net neutrality): Read below the fold...

How do you ask someone to be the last person to die for a Republican midterm election?

DK writes at Josh's place (quoting in its entirety):

It became clear sometime in early 2006--I can't recall pinpointing exactly when--that President Bush's call to "stay the course" in Iraq meant he and the GOP would dance with who they brought through the 2006 elections. It is the only way they can retain Congress.

Read below the fold...

Shorter SusanG

Kill the meta.

The Man in the Grey Turtleneck agrees.

Guess who?

Shit, maybe I should turn off comments. Too meta? Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

I think I'm going to put on my Columbo raincoat and get hammered. Read below the fold...

I'm not the only one who thought Bush's Friday presser was creepy

Americans agreed. Americablog:

Bush's approval has dropped 6 points in three days
Thursday (which was the first three day cycle post 9/11), Bush's approval had risen to 47. Since then [i.e., after the presser], it's dropped 6 points.

Some dead cats bounce, and other cats bounce after having their deadness thrust upon them.

I suggest that in Bush's case, the latter is true. Read below the fold...

Jesus camp

Bush to send minesweepers to Straits of Hormuz

For the entire run-up in the war to Iraq, I was sure that all the speechifying and "negotiation", as well as the AUMF, were just window-dressing. Why? Because the troops and their materiel were being continuously positioned for war. Bush couldn't go to war until everything was in place; and when everything was in place, he pulled the trigger.

Now the same thing is happening with Iran; there are no troops to position, since all the troops we have are mired in the Iraq quagmire, but check out Time: Read below the fold...

Why Isn't Rummy's Head Just Exploding?

See, I have an overwhelming feeling that my head is going to pop like a ripe zit when I read something like this. Why doesn't Rummy Darling have an actual explosion when he spouts this craptacular bit of pus?:
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Bush to be against global warming after he was for it?

UK Independent:

President Bush is preparing an astonishing U-turn on global warming, senior Washington sources say.

After years of trying to sabotage agreements to tackle climate change Bush drawing up plans to control emissions of carbon dioxide and rapidly boost the use of renewable energy sources.

Read below the fold...

14,000 in Bush gulags, not just 100s at Gitmo

Remember back in 2005 when we published this photo of the airplanes being used to transport prisoners to Bush's European gulags?


We pointed out then that this was no executive jet for transporting onesies and twosies--this was a transport plane, capable of transporting hundreds.

And we asked then, "How many prisoners are in Bush's European gulag?" Read below the fold...

Watch What You Say, Watch What You Take Pictures Of

An Associated Press photographer has been locked up, with no charges filed, for five months now in Iraq because Michelle Malkin got her howling rabble to scream about him for taking Bad Pictures. All you photogs out there might want to take a momemt to send a word of support for Bilal Hussein:
Read below the fold...

MJS's picture

A Song of Solemn Men

General JC Christian took a gander at Photobloggergate and wrote about it here. Where some see tits and racism, the General sees what's important and elucidates accordingly. The lyrics below are dedicated to the General, and to Little Manly Soldiers everywhere.


A Song of Solemn Men Read below the fold...


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