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126 House Democrats were right on Iraq, and the rest of the Beltway cesspool was wrong

The great Walter Pincus, though not an editor, issues a belated mea culpa by implication in WaPo's name:

Although given little public credit at the time, or since [nice!], many of the 126 House Democrats who spoke out and voted against the October 2002 resolution that gave Bush authority to wage war against Iraq have turned out to be correct in their warnings about the problems a war would create.

Pentagon fast-tracking construction of so-called "courts" at Gitmo



The Pentagon is invoking emergency authority to expedite funding of a war-crimes-court compound at its Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, naval base, Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon R. England has informed Congress.

Defense spokesmen would not say when, if ever, the Pentagon had last invoked similar authority. Nor would they specify which military construction already approved by Congress would be frozen to fund the court project, which could cost as much as $125 million, according to U.S. government documents.

Say, how's the Mark Foley investigation coming?

Were the Republicans working hard, or hardly working:

The House ethics committee has been working hard to determine whether Republicans covered up Mark Foley's electronic messages to male former pages, but even 12-hour workdays will not bring conclusions by Election Day.

See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly

I'm crying.

But not for long. Oh, the story? Bolton resigns. Another recess appointment bites the dust:

President Bush gave Bolton the job temporarily in August 2005, while Congress was in recess. But the appointment expires when Congress formally adjourns, no later than early January.

All together now:


NOTE Kudos for the reader alert and old enough to get the joke in the headline. Read more about See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly

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Status Change

The Department of Defense today changed the status of Major Troy Gilbert, 34, from "missing in combat" to "killed in action." Remains were identified by DNA testing. Read more about Status Change

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Bible Study for Atheists

This week, the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy introduces a sister site, "Bible Study for Atheists," a place for non-believers to learn about the book sensation that's Stepfordizing the nation.

From the dawn of man to the (spoiler alert!) final revelation, we'll take an irreverent day-by-day, chapter and verse look at the Good Book. Read more about Bible Study for Atheists

Katherine Harris contributor indicted for sending white powder, threats to liberals, while our famously free press yawns

So, a winger sends threats and white powder to liberals, the LA Times buries the story in local news, and nobody else picks up on it. That darn liberal media:

A federal grand jury indicted a Woodland Hills man Friday on charges of sending threatening letters with white powder to half a dozen politicians and celebrities, including incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and television personalities Jon Stewart and Keith Olbermann.

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Apocalypse, Louisiana


Travelers' Insurance will cancel all its commercial property insurance in the hardest-hit parishes of Louisiana because, its actuaries say, the state of repair of the levees is poor.

This could be New Orleans' death knell -- and how long can the rest of us hold out against corporate costcutting, overhead reduction, and general villainy? Read more about Apocalypse, Louisiana

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News from Iraq - US death toll now 2886; more bombings and shellings; Border guards unpaid for four months


[News translated from Arabic media in Iraq]

The American army announced today, Saturday, that an American soldier was killed during a military operation in Al-Anbar governorate.

The killing of the soldier brings the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq according to American official data since the invasion, led by the United States against Iraq in March 2003 to 2886 troops.

One person killed another injured in two incidents. The dead man was shot by a British soldier. According to Karim Zeidi the dead man was shot in Karma (15 km northof Basra proper).
The road to Baghdad was blocked for 8 hours. A guard at the British compound was shot.
The security forces arrested three people suspected of involvement in bombings. The security forces commander stated to Aswataliraq that the suspects confessed and to have found explosives.
Baquba (East of)
A sweep by US and green zone government troops led to 43 people were arrested, they are suspected of being in the resistance. The green zone government spokesman claimed to Aswataliraq that some of the detainees had dual citizenship.
The Americans have announced yet another one of their "massive security sweeps" of Baquba. As usual they say it's based on accurate intelligence. And also as usual they complain that the resistance activities "destabilise economic growth in the city. "

This is puzzling. Are they upset that the local McDonalds franchise in the city isn't making enough to bribe the regional Halliburton rep or what?

Joe Biden's Trent Lott moment

Dean Broder wipes drool from chin, teabags another Republican

Now that the Democrats have control of both houses of Congress, why does Dean Broder keep servicing Republicans? You'd think Broder's readership would want to know about winners, not losers, and national parties, not regional ones. Some would say it's because The Dean of Beltway Bigfeet is just a Republican shill. The more charitable would chalk Broder's increasingly pitiable behavior up to institutional factors: After a decade of Republican rule, Republican sources are the only sources in Dave's rolodex. Or maybe Broder just genuinely enjoys doing these guys. Whatever. Get a load of this: Read more about Dean Broder wipes drool from chin, teabags another Republican

Republicans no longer a national party

And guess what region they represent? Hint: It's not the Northeast, the Midwest, the Mountain States, or the West. Sidney Blumenthal: Read more about Republicans no longer a national party

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A Parting Teabag for Rummy

Just in time for the Sunday gasbag shows, the NYT obligingly prints another "leaked" administration memo, and cannot help a few, final, sweet words for one of it's beloved macho men. Read more about A Parting Teabag for Rummy

Stop being so damn nice to the Republicans, Howard!


“If George Bush made any single huge mistake,” Mr. Dean said, “it’s that he thought he could be president by being president for half of America and by treating the rest of us with contempt.”


More like a third; Bush's numbers have been in the 30s for some time now.

Those Who Cannot Undrink The KoolAid--the base--is by no means "half of America."

Thank the God of Your Choice, if any. Read more about Stop being so damn nice to the Republicans, Howard!

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Crap on the Radio

Okay, I thought James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" was the whiniest suckfest ever to make it out onto broadcast. Then I heard John Mayer's "Waiting on the world to change." What do YOU consider the suckiest music on the radio? Read more about Crap on the Radio


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