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Media Reform: Your Ideas, Please

Lacking good smoke, Xan asks the very important question: how are we to tell the Dems to reform the media? Read more about Media Reform: Your Ideas, Please

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Glenn Smacks The Bobbleheads


Despite all of that, when Feingold stood up and advocated censure -- based on the truly radical and crazy, far leftist premise that when the President is caught red-handed breaking the law, the Congress should actually do something about that -- the soul-less, oh-so-sophisticated Beltway geniuses could not even contemplate the possibility that he was doing that because he believed what he was saying. Beltway pundits and the leaders of the Beltway political and consulting classes all, in unison, immediately began casting aspersions on Feingold's motives and laughed away -- really never considered -- the idea that he was motivated by actual belief, let alone the merits of his proposal.
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Fantastic, Captain!

How does it feel to be so wise
To see through eyes that only see what's real?

Elton John:

"From my point of view, I would ban religion completely. Organized religion doesn't seem to work. It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it's not really compassionate."
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Purity Balls: You're Paying for Them

Remember Father-Daughter coverings? You'll be happy to know:your tax dollars at work.

Add this is the fucking 100 hours, Nancy. I draw the line at paying for incest. Read more about Purity Balls: You're Paying for Them

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Environmentalism Causes Meth-Smoking Gayness

Just when you thought they couldn't be any more stupid.

Nearly two years ago, Rev. Haggard began his earth campaign as he threatened the Republican U.S. Senate, stating that he would turn the evangelicals against them if they refused to ratify global warming laws.
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Countering the "Centrism Mandate" BS

I'm not watching, but the word is that the Bobbleheads this morning are busy spinning away, and that Joe is joining them, constructing the meme that the election was a "victory for moderates" and a "centrist mandate" is the will of the electorate. Let's slap that bullshit down hard, right now.

Let's start with the actual makeup of the Democratic caucus. Boo's got the choice goodies, be sure to read the whole thing for a complete list to save and smack centrist memers with:
Read more about Countering the "Centrism Mandate" BS

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It's right back on again --

Scout Prime at First Draft reveals Clear Channel's attempts to silence liberal voices Dirty rotten scoundrels Read more about It's right back on again --

Is there a lesson here?


Gerald Ford today becomes the longest-living president ever.

He is the only man to hold the office of president who never ran for national elective office. We all know that being President ages the holder of the position at a rate comparable to suddenly living by dog years (7 x normal human years.) What if it isn't holding the job, but running for the office that causes this effect? Read more about Is there a lesson here?

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Sentiments for Veterans' Day

It's Armistice Day * -- and it's time to remember who WE are.

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty. John F. Kennedy Read more about Sentiments for Veterans' Day

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Capitol Hill Afternoon

The sun again shines on the Halls of Power.
Taft was a cool guy, according to his monument. Seemed a little stiff to me. Read more about Capitol Hill Afternoon

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Texas response to "Dump Dean" --

Stomp Carville three feet wide and two inches thick instead.
Then stomp a mudhole in the middle of him for good measure.
Butthat. Whoever he's working for should damn sure fire his useless rear, eff Read more about Texas response to "Dump Dean" --

What hath Kos wrought

It occurs to me that Kos has created a community that follows Democratic party politics with the same intensity and expertise that fans follow "their" sports teams.

With the added attraction, that in politics you can actually go out and play the game (as opposed to being captive to a spectacle). Read more about What hath Kos wrought

Anyone got a recipe for lame duck?

I think we've procured the duck, but how should it be prepared?

Bone-in, or out? Sliced or whole?

Perhaps in a pit?

Readers? Read more about Anyone got a recipe for lame duck?

Mad props to Paul Krugman

In the days after Bush stole the presidency in Florida 2000, Paul Krugman was, quite literally, the ONLY media figure to stand up and tell the truth about Bush, his administration, the Republican Party, and what was happening to our country. In the darkness and the horror and the helplessness, Krugman was one of the very few points of light and signs of hope. Read more about Mad props to Paul Krugman


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