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Chavez got that "smell of sulfur" thing just right

[You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles? Matt 7:16]

What's the smell of sulfur but the smell of evil?

But we can't say we weren't warned.

The child is father to the man.

The boy blows up frogs by shoving firecrackers up their ass and lighting the fuse, according to a boyhood friend.

The man becomes the Torturer-in-Chief.

I'd say that's Moral Clarity, straight up. Read below the fold...

Bin Laden was Saudi, so it makes sense that Saudi intelligence would know he was dead

Sure it does.

Guess we couldn't make that deal with Musharraf, huh? Read below the fold...

If they'd just stop changing Bush's meds, they wouldn't have to keep Him under wraps


When is Bush's increasingly goofy and scary behavior going to become a story?

We all know about Bush's trainwreck presser. Here's today's example: Read below the fold...

It all makes perfect sense now

I mean, the Republicans are the party that used Terri Schiavo's dead body as a political football.

They're also the party that believes in forced pregnancy.

So, it's to be expected that they would find "outrages upon human dignity" to lack "clarity."

Shameful, shameful, shameful. Read below the fold...

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Don't you feel safe?

See Federalist 47. Republican torture "compromise" is tyranny

For those who are sensitive to the whims of the zeitgeist, the narrative seems to be changing. Unbelievably, some reporters are actually looking at the "legal parsing" under the Republican "compromise" on torture. In fact, Times reporter Adam Liptak comes perilously close to actually getting it: Read below the fold...

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Saturday 2 Dog Blogging

Chauncy & Rudy
"Just Friends"
Zion National Park
September 22nd, 2006

+++ Read below the fold...

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How to eat a decent meal despite it all ...

You'll need a baking-size potato, a piece of butter the size of a small egg, three or four cloves of garlic, an onion half again the size of your butter, about half a cup of flour, about half a cup of milk, a little top round steak, some salt, fresh-ground pepper, a cast iron skillet, and a beverage of your choice. Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

I woke up one morning in a civilized country.

And by the time I went to bed, I lived under a regime that sanctioned torture.

Funny, life. Read below the fold...

AP actually reports news on Bush state-sanctioned torture

The bloom seems to be coming off the rose on the Republican "compromise" sanctioning torture, if this story by AP reporter Anne Flaherty is any guide. It's much more, well, truthful than her earlier efforts:

Interrogations deal grants Bush leeway
[E]nough legal parsing was added to the bill to achieve the president's desired effect anyway.

Read below the fold...

Bareback Andy's not looking so good now, is he?

Uggabugga reminds us how foolish we were to trust Andy, and how foolish Andy was to trust a Republican. Lucy and the football time!

Andrew Sullivan got suckered:

From his post of 15 September: (excerpt)

Read below the fold...

Pro-torture Republicans to run on torture

Either that, or the enormous size of Bush's potent tool. It's hard to tell which, some days:

Republicans hope that an accord reached between the Bush administration and GOP senators on the treatment of terror-war detainees means the party can go on a campaign-season offensive on the issue of protecting the country.

Read below the fold...

Go read Froomkin on state-sanctioned torture--while you still can

Not that I'm pessimistic about the prospects for a free press now that the Republicans, after a little kabuki to help McCain win SPAT votes in 2008, has enshrined torture as our national policy in the Global War To Get Close Enough To Steal The Next Election (GWTGCETSTN). No, not at all. Give Froomkin some love. Questions to ask: Read below the fold...

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Torture: another GOP youthful indiscretion


Celebrating his deal with the devil on handling of terrorism suspects, John McCain said:

"There will be no more torture. There will be no more mistreatment of prisoners that would violate standards of conduct we would expect of people who work for the United States of America."

"No more torture" is a more-than-tacit admission that our country has been torturing prisoners. Read below the fold...


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