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Wingers: Drunk with the assertions they know they can't defend

Why is it that wingers find outrage where none really exists? Rick Moran at the still unironically named RightWingNuthouse says: Read below the fold...

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DC Photo Essay


Walking around in DC this morning.

From a bridge near my place.

Who knew you could grow bamboo in DC? This Flatlander sure didn't.

Read below the fold...

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Give Birth and Go to Jail


I am virulently pro-choice. Reproductive freedom is one of the most basic and essential aspects in a free society. Of course, we don't really live in one of those. SLToday:
Read below the fold...

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Harman Investigated by FBI

I've got a lot to say about AIPAC, but today is move in day so I really need to unpack. Suffice it to say that AIPAC's influence is wide and deep, and that a Democrat has been sucked into this investigation surprises me none. Short version of what I think: it's long past time for an open, honest, critical discussion about how much influence Israel has on the government of the United States. Being friends is one thing, dragging each other down the Neocon/Likudnik vortex of total disaster in the Middle East is another. Time:

The case is a spin-off of a probe that has already led to charges under the Espionage Act against two AIPAC lobbyists, whose case is still pending, and to a 12-and-a-half-year prison sentence for former Defense Intelligence Agency official Lawrence A. Franklin. Franklin pleaded guilty a year ago to three felony counts involving improper disclosure and handling of classified information about the Middle East and terrorism to the two lobbyists, who in turn are accused of passing it on to a journalist and a foreign government, widely believed to be Israel. The two lobbyists, who have denied any wrongdoing but were dismissed by AIPAC in April of 2005, were indicted on felony counts of conspiring with government officials to receive classified information they were not authorized to have access to and providing national defense information to people not entitled to receive it. Read below the fold...

Fire at Fort Meade: Was it digital shredding?


It would be irresponsible not to speculate. Buried in the B section of today's WaPo, here's an interesting little tidbit:

A Fort Meade building that houses Army counterintelligence activities was heavily damaged yesterday in a stubborn and spectacular [accelerants?] six-alarm fire that burned for hours, generating thick clouds of smoke that streamed and billowed in a brisk wind.

Read below the fold...

George and Laura: Sad, sad, sad


Hollywood delivers uber-irony, considering this, um, news:


(Via Kossack pinche tejano who, interestingly, references the increasingly ubiquitous Dr. Benway.) Read below the fold...

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More on Claire McCaskill and the Stem Cell Research and Cures Amendment in Missouri

I'll go ahead and piggyback on the excellent post below. The Michael J. Fox McCaskill ad is also relevant to the Stem Cell Research and Cures Amendment (co-written and sponsored by former Republican senator John Danforth) we've got on the ballot here in Missouri. Read below the fold...

Those "over-zealous" Republican campaign workers are at it again!

And, gosh darn it, they're trying to suppress the vote, too! Why on earth would they that? AP:

State investigators on Friday searched an office of a Republican congressional candidate whose campaign mailed thousands of intimidating letters to Hispanic immigrant voters.

Read below the fold...
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Must a Heart Bleed Out Before We See the Light?

Michael J. Fox, in a game appearance on camera, delivers a message to voters in Missouri on behalf of Claire McCaskill and her campaign for the U.S. Senate.

See the video here.

This political commercial gives the lie to the so-called "Values Party." It gives the lie to it entirely.

Via Digby at Hullabaloo.

+++ Read below the fold...

Friday News Dump: Nominees?

My bet is here. Filed under "it would be irresponsible not to speculate." And before you get scoffing too hard, remember which media outlet was the first target of the anthrax attacks.

Post your catches here. Links are good. [a href=linkylinkylink]Name of Link or Snarky Headline[/a]. Instead of "[" and "]" use the left and right arrows located at shift-comma and shift-period. Nuttin' to it. Read below the fold...

Why al-Sadr Took Kut-al-Amara

Say some enemy had occupied the US and you disliked this occupation. You had some forces under your command, and sympathetic locals inside several cities. It would mean one thing if you sent your troops to openly take possession of, oh, say, Chicago, but it would mean something else entirely to take back Philadelphia, Cradle of Liberty, home of Independence Hall and all that. Or if you had to work on a slightly smaller scale, a retaking of Gettysburg would send a different message than the liberation of Paducah. Read below the fold...

Bush catapults the proliferation

Interesting historical parallels from Steve Coll in the always essential New Yorker: Read below the fold...

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Rovian Dishonesty

Get a load of this from Karl's Mighty Wurlitzer:

Amid predictions that demoralized conservative voters might sit out the election, Bush and other senior Republicans will escalate charges that Democrats will raise taxes, weaken national security and liberalize social policies. Read below the fold...
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October Surprises, L.A. Garden Variety...

Sun was out today...a bee dug deep for nectar...

A Bird of Paradise waxed eloquent...

Purple flower power...

More honeysuckle for honey-makers... Read below the fold...


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