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Here's a tip for Condi in finding a deputy

For some reason, nobody wants to work under Condi. (Could it be those heels?) But here's a tip that may help Condi find just the right person for the job:

Fiji's coup leader [and Army chief Frank Bainimarama] ran want ads in local newspapers Saturday to fill vacant Cabinet jobs, trying to piece together a new government for the south Pacific country.

A handle for Lieberman

Tinfoil Hat Boy suggests several monikers, at least one of which didn't make it past the spam filters, for The Last Honest Man in the Beltway:

1. Lieberman (R-Slush Fund)
2. Lieberman (R-How 'Bout a Little Sugar)
3. Lieberman (R-Self)
4. Lieberman (R-Lieberman)
5. Lieberman (R-Malleable Fuckstick) (apologies to the Onion)


I've been using "Ho Lieberman" for some time, but it just doesn't stick. Too subtle, I guess. I've got this fatal tendency to be too nice... Read more about A handle for Lieberman

Dems on holding Republicans accountable for Foley: "Na ga happen." Why?

Does anyone else think this stinks? From ABC's KGO affilliate in, erm, San Francisco:

[Democratic] Representative Howard Berman: "The most important contribution this report makes, and it does it well, is to tell the story of what happened."

And then Berman refused to take any questions.

The committee wrote it "...was disturbed by the conduct of some of those who dealt with allegations of Foley's behavior.

Goodnight, moon

Well, now that CD hasn't turned up in a "wooded area"--listen to your blogmates, CD--I can go to sleep easily.

Because I lie awake at night, worrrying... Read more about Goodnight, moon

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Pay No Attention to the Oil Rig Behind the Curtain

Since the Saudi Consigliere suggested we be out of Iraq by 2008- to Dear Leader's vocal disagreement, the Rethuglicans have the potential of removing what little main$tream media attention the antiwar movement has been given since November. Read more about Pay No Attention to the Oil Rig Behind the Curtain

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Nailing a straw man to the cross

Nicholas Kristof indulges in a faith-based slam against atheists.

The core message is exactly the same as what's being said to the incoming Democrat-led Congress — the burden of years of excess by the Rabid Right is on you. Play to the center, and before you say anything... have a nice cup of STFU:

[] is part of an increasingly assertive, often obnoxious atheist offensive led in part by Professor Dawkins — the Oxford scientist who is author of the new best seller "The God Delusion."
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Arizona, California, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Alabama ...

Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska ... 12 more tonight, in silence.

I want Bush to H A N G for murder. Impeachment is too damn soft. Read more about Arizona, California, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Alabama ...

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Tony's "Tolerance"

I'm feeling stoopid. Someone align the following for me:

Tony Blair yesterday told radical Muslims that they had a "duty to integrate" into British society and warned them they could not be allowed to override what he described as the country's core values of democracy, tolerance and respect for the law. "Our tolerance is part of what makes Britain, Britain. Conform to it; or don't come here. We don't want the hate-mongers, whatever their race, religion or creed," Mr Blair said.

and yet:
Read more about Tony's "Tolerance"

Lieberman works to preserve seat for remaining Red New England Senator

Pairs with Maine Girl Susan Collins (R-Protorture) in yet another Bipartisan wankfest:

There's a call for a new congressional advisory group to help forge a new direction for the U-S in Iraq.
Senators Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins want it to be made up of the bipartisan leadership of the five Senate panels that deal with national security.

They say the group would meet regularly to discuss the latest developments in Iraq while formulating recommendations for the president.

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Willful Ignorance

The chairmen of the Iraq Study Group told a Senate panel:

"While I was standing around quibbling this bitch got stuck up a tree"

TBogg [hearts] The Clash AND The Flatlanders


Two Greatest Bands Evah?

I'd say so!

NOTE TBogg links to this good article on Joe Ely and The Clash. Read more about TBogg [hearts] The Clash AND The Flatlanders

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Foley's Enablers Walk

It would be so nice to have a job that pays hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, plus all the perks I can scam for myself, plus access to hawt, firm, youthful flesh ready to service me at the drop of an email. No, you're not surprised. Yes, Democrats better fix this kind of "oversight" ASAP:
Read more about Foley's Enablers Walk

Republicans "willfully ignorant"

Of course, that's true about Republicans in general, on any subject whatever, including Iraq, but in this case we're talking about the Ethics committee report on Republican Foley's pedophilia:

Foley panel: GOP didn't protect pages
The panel said it discovered a pattern of conduct among many "to remain willfully ignorant of the potential consequences" of Foley's conduct.

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PanAsian Cricket is Going to Get Ugly (Friday Sex Posting)

At least we can be sure that "size doesn't really matter."
I really, really feel for all those Indian kids who are going to be ahem, ribbed by their peers over this one. Some studies should just stay in barely read scientific journals. Read more about PanAsian Cricket is Going to Get Ugly (Friday Sex Posting)


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