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Way too aggravated for anything good to come of it ...

Those of you who read here regularly know my opinion of Rush Limbaugh. For those of you who don't -- lying druggie creep without the brains to pour piss out of a boot if it hasn't got directions on the bottom -- please note that I don't like the guy and I think his popularity is a scam. Read below the fold...

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Sunday Viagra Blogging

(Consider this post innoculation against charges that I've forgotten my unserious, naughty blogging roots)

I read stories like this with some frequency, and I can't find it now but recently I read a blog post about American males and decreasing levels of testosterone. I just finished clearing out our comments inbox, and I suppose it won't surprise you to know that easily half of them were spambot posts selling Viagra. Read below the fold...

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South Dakota: Gilead

Chastity balls. Forced pregnancies. And now: hanging judges. No, not that kind, I mean mobs that want to hang judges. Via BIO, I missed this lunacy.
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Econ for Dummies: Jobs Edition

Boom my ass. Anyone (including yours truly) who's been on the job market recently can tell you this, but Mr. Newberry has a pretty color graph that makes it very, very simple to understand. The word you're looking for is "pathetic." Go check it out, and forward the post to all your Republican friends, so they can see how Prince Chimpyboots stacks up against the Clenis and Ronnie when it comes to providing jobs. One comment notes that during Clinton's era, job creation was ~20 million. Like many, I guess I just have to be glad "our long national nightmare with peace and prosperity if finally over." I particularly like this line:

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Sunday Bozo Bashing: Clemons Endorses Chafee

Feeling a little ticked off over my previous post? Here, here's someone you can slap around. I'll just give you a little taste, let your bile and vitrol flow freely here or at his place. This is the very textbook definition of "Insider Beltway cluelessness:"
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Posse Comitatus: Fuggedaboudit

Via Jersey C, we find that the Black Day of October 17 was a little, well, more fascist than we first thought. Say it with me kids: "ICE Detention and Removal Operations." At least Leahy complained about it. I'm sure the rest of the Senate was just too busy to be bothered to read the fine print:
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meme watch: "lowerupperclass"

Its as if I went to sleep and woke up at the end of Capital . I found This article at karmabanque

The widening chasm between rich and poor may well threaten our democracy. Yet if that banker's lament staggers your brain as it did mine, you're on your way to seeing why America's income gap is arguably less likely to spark a retro fight between proletarians and capitalists than a war between what I call the "lower upper class" and the ultrarich.

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Happy Halloween!

Olvera Street, Day of the Dead Festival, 2005

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Saturday Str8 Grrl Posting

There are times when I better understand just how much I don't know about the whole of the blogosphere, today is one of them. She's cute, she's funny, she's pissed off. She's also seemingly not so political, and I'm told that gasp! a lot of bloggers are like that. Imagine.

Don’t piss me off

Do not tell me you can’t tell me.

I’ll stereotype if I want too. If you don’t like it, kiss my ass, you bleeding heart uber-liberal, PC fuck.

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The Dog and Pony Show Continues

There are days when I sincerely wonder how anyone could still be a supporter of the war. For countless reasons, the best that can be said about Iraq today is that the sand is getting plenty of liquid red fertilizer. Not that this will surprise you, but it looks like puppet boy doesn't want to be seen as a puppet anymore.
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Did Israel use "novel" enriched uranium weapons in Lebanon?

The Brits have been looking at soil samples. UK Independent:

According to Dr Chris Busby, the British Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, two soil samples thrown up by Israeli heavy or guided bombs showed "elevated radiation signatures".

The soil sample from Khiam ... was a piece of impacted red earth from an explosion; the isotope ratio was 108, indicative of the presence of enriched uranium.

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"That rather understandable desire for air"


We're not in Geneva anymore, folks. Without further commentary, consider this snapshot of today's debased America...

After playing tape of Dick Cheney calling waterboarding a "no-brainer," along with Tony Snow's subsequent spin, Rita Cosby interviewed retired Marine and former "interrogator at a survival school" Bob Newman (video — Internet Explorer only):
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"Mr. Rove appeared, bearing a tray of chocolate covered caramels"

Yep, that's Our Karl:

Pooler Jim Gerstenzang of the Los Angeles Times described the ride home: "Two minutes into the flight, Rove appeared bearing a tray of chocolate-coated caramels. . . .

And speaking of sweets:

malecorpsxx: Read below the fold...

"Mr. President, how do you stay normal?"


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