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Busherdammerung: Glenn Greenwald calls his shot


To predict the next two years of the criminal Bush regime, look to the AEI:

The American Enterprise Institute sits in the innermost belly of the neoconservative beast.

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Plant more trees!


[C]arefully planted trees can lower summertime temperatures in cities, significantly reduce air-conditioning bills and trap greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

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How Many #2s?

As I mentioned in my earlier post, we've been told many, many times that they've captured the #2 lieutenant in al-Qaeda.

How many times, you ask?

39 times as of yesterday.

I knew someone had kept up with this.

How stupid are the people in our press corps to keep reporting the same transparent propaganda over and over and over again? Read below the fold...

Did You Know There Was A Governor's Race in Florida?

I have to admit I did not. I thought JEB! was in till '08. Shows what I know. And the primary is the day after Labor Day. That is to say, Tuesday. That would be tomorrow for any Floridians reading this. Damn that Katherine Harris, she sucks

um, "sucks all the attention out of the rest of the political scene" is of course what I meant. Shame on you. Pig. Read below the fold...

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Honk If You Hate Seizures!

On the paved road that points the way leading to Long Beach Animal Control--there are no foot prints depicted on the way out.

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Sunday Gasbaggery: This Week, Joe Biden, Chafee v. Laffey, The Roundtable

So listless is the body politic, apparently, that falling asleep during this morning's Stephanopoulis edition was more of a danger than choking on my outrage. Or at least the right side of that body; the center left is anything but listless, but the SCLM is inured to influence from actual liberals.

Joe Biden was the featured guest, there to do battle against the latest model of Republican attack on Democrats - as Nazi appeasers. George Stephanopoulis offered three samples for Biden to react to, from Cheney, Bush himself, and Condi Rice. Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Scraped the paint of the side porch steps today, and by the grace of The God of Your Choice did not prime it, since a sunny afternoon turned into a sprinkly evening.

It has been a long time since I've done physical labor of any kind. My arms are sore!

Jeebus, next I'll take up jogging, or something. God forbid. Read below the fold...

Northern Exposure II: Alaska Boogaloo!

We've been following, flogging and ferreting out as best we can details on the abomination of the Canadian softwood treaty slush fund. Now we have another story to watch from similar latitudes but on the US side of the frozen border. To set the tone we will begin with a brief reading from the immortal works of The Poet of the Yukon: Robert W. Service:
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Cognitive Dissonance


Ah, we've captured the al-Qaeda number two in Iraq for about the bizillionth time!


How many number twos does al-Qaeda have anyway?

I'd love for someone to tell me how many times we've heard a story like this one!

A leadership crisis among the al-Qaeda folks in Iraq, huh?


How many folks have died in Iraq this week?

It seems to me they're doing just fine, unfortunately. Read below the fold...

Casey takes down Santorum

Via Americablog:

In response to [Senator Rick] Santorum [R-Lassie Come Home] insisting that there were WMD in Iraq, a claim that even the White House discredits, Casey said: "When you point to the 9/11 question on Saddam Hussein, and you point to this crazy theory that there's still weapons of mass destruction, Tim, I think you've unearthed something. You've unearthed the 2% of the time that Rick Santorum disagrees with President Bush."

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Damn straight I'm a racist.

I despise wholeheartedly and with all the passion my soul can support that wastrel race of so-called "sentient" simians who think fat bank balances and six-figure paychecks make them God and entitle them to destroy all they survey. Read below the fold...

Who Checks Register Ripoffs in Your State?

Wow, whodathunkit: if you check stores more often for "mispricing" at the cash register which results in customer ripoffs, you find ripoffs more often. So sez the Raleigh NC News Record anyway:

State inspectors have caught -- and penalized -- a record number of retail stores this year that were overcharging customers at the cash register, a News & Record analysis shows. Read below the fold...

If Mexico explodes three days from now, it could be the million missing votes in their last election

Here's what they're pissed about: The numbers in July's election just don't add up. So the suspicion of election fraud is natural--just as natural as in Florida 2000, where, because the the felon's list, the suspicions proved out, or Ohio 2004, still under dispute (although the Republicans have been prevented from destroying the physical ballots). Read below the fold...

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Everybody, meet Donna Marie Clark. She's a JERK.

This woman put a bowl of chicken soaking in antifreeze outside to poison her neighbor's cats. She worked out a guilty plea with local prosecutors. But like OJ before her she is still subject to civil penalties. Read below the fold...

Great headlines of our time


(Via She Flies with Her Own Wings)

From the Department of Homeland Security. And what, when you think about it, could be more appropriate? Read below the fold...


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