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Hey, Look Who's Joining Our Wal-Mart Boycott!

So it was okay when Wal-Mart screwed its workers, schemed to keep them in neofeudal servitude, dumped anybody with even potential health problems, encouraged anybody with enough seniority to feel a sense of entitlement to quit, etc. But when they extended these benefits to gay workers, and went so far as to encourage actual shopping by gay customers, well, whoa Nelly, now Der Jeebus is upset! From the Chicago Trib:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's largest retailer, faces a boycott from a conservative group that wants the company to change its policies toward homosexuals.
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Fuck the French


"Two points make a line. Three points make a pattern."

breaking the rule about not posting in anger

French is my first (of seven) foreign languages, learned at the knee of a Sorbonne educated matron. French food is a staple at my table, and when I modeled, I was told I looked best in Comme des Garcons. Although I enjoy Californian wine, I understand that the best stock there comes from ancient French lines. I have the greatest respect for the history and culture of a nation that has brought grace, wisdom, and literature to the world. Still: Read more about Fuck the French

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Planning for North Korea

Hey! Don’t you think we should talk it out. We may be spread a bit thin for this.

The Pentagon has stepped up planning for attacks against North Korea's nuclear program and is bolstering nuclear forces in Asia, said defense officials familiar with the highly secret process.

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Fully Automated, Continuously Operating, Intelligence Analysis Support System - Tangram

Don’t worry you’re covered. The Minority Report is here.
Seriously. I’d love to see old George Stephanopoulos (his name is in the spell check) ask a candidate – what is your position on the great grandson of CARNIVORE determining who gets rounded up? First carnivore, then TIA, now Tangram – the Air Force’s new strategic data mining program. Read more about Fully Automated, Continuously Operating, Intelligence Analysis Support System - Tangram

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A Wind Is Rising

Each week, conservatives find a new way to answer Chubby Checker's immortal question, "how low can you go?"

The sleaze of the GOP — and the Religious Right and MSM that enable them — is an ever-opening flower.

What can we do at this point but stare in awe, like Grant Williams at the end of The Incredible Shrinking Man, beholding the vastness of it all?

It's not nice to brag, but I once got an A+ in Typing, back when typing was for typewriters. I simply cannot, however, write about this stuff as fast as it whizzes by. Read more about A Wind Is Rising

Look at the size of those pupils...

Though I was almost distracted by those teeth.


I'm sure that Ted "Twitch" Haggard will enjoy spending more time with his family. But will his family--I'm not talking about his, em, extended family here--enjoy to spend more time with him? Read more about Look at the size of those pupils...

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Obama Inc.?


I can’t take it seriously. I just can’t. I mean Obama couldn’t beat Bobby Rush. If he isn’t the classic example of made man I don’t know what is. Read more about Obama Inc.?

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Andy Stern on America and Politics at Drinking Liberally

Here is an interesting line of thought form Andy Stern at Drinking Liberally . I agree on one thing, a platform closer to the reality of existence and not based on polling quotes. Read more about Andy Stern on America and Politics at Drinking Liberally

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Scary Happens

Bush and His Cronies
(sung to the tune "Spoonful of Sugar")

In ev'ry meme that's to be spread
There's an element of dread
You make it worse and crap!
The world's on fire!

And ev'ry life is now at stake
Even sans that Yellow Cake
A plan! A guide! Now everybody hide... Read more about Scary Happens

So, was Ted Haggard a top or a bottom?


I did a quick Google on "Ted Haggard" + "Lincoln Bedroom" but didn't turn up any hits. I guess although Bush and Unka Karl took Ted's calls, they didn't actually invite him for an overnight.

Which saves me the trouble of correlating "Jeff Gannon's" overnights with Ted Haggard's.

What a shame.

UPDATE I think I need to add The Department of Uh-Huh for this one: Read more about So, was Ted Haggard a top or a bottom?

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Meanwhile, in Other Parts of the Islamic World


I put this one under "race matters" because our fine, fine SCLM treats anything that happens in Africa as too boring for notice. You know, they're a darker shade of brown, and thus beneath the attention of your average Amurkin news consumer. Still, Africa is just chock full of "Islamicists," and not all of them are very happy with Bush's war on their coreligionists.

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"War is a Racket:" Iraq Edition

I've never been the biggest fan of Dorgan, but this goes a long way towards making me one. Follow along, kiddies, some of these were actually new to me:
Read more about "War is a Racket:" Iraq Edition

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Haggard on Homos

Heh. Ted appears to have a bit of an issue. Like Foley, who authored the internet pedophile laws he broke, Ted thought it a good idea to talk about blackmail and wives and "what you did last night." I really need to see this Jesus Camp movie; thank the goddess for YouTube in the meantime. Read more about Haggard on Homos

Convicted Abu Ghraib Dog Handler Sent--Back To Iraq

NOTE: See comments for an update on this story.

There is not snark enough in the world to come up with a comment about this:

An Army dog handler convicted of abusing detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq has returned to the country with his military police unit, a military spokesman confirmed.


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