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Poll Closing Times

There are some oddities here. Via the inestimable Taegan Goddard's Political Wire, the first polls to close are

6:00 pm
Indiana (East), Kentucky (East)

followed by

7:00 pm
Florida (Peninsula), Kentucky (West), Indiana (West), Vermont, Georgia, New Hampshire, Virginia, South Carolina

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Signifying Something


The only thing we know for certain is that all that live will also die. Everything else is up for grabs.



Image "Eye" by M.C. Escher

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Over the Hedge - fund that is.

Another good catch from S&M . With the looming invasion of Iran the markets are going to be devastating to the genral public.

Hedge funds can arrest the development of whole economies, and they have the potential to crash the financial system. It has almost happened before. In 1998 the Fed persuaded the "Fourteen Families" (an apposite Mafia reference) of Wall Street - the major banks - to cough up money for a $3.6bn bailout for Long-Term Capital Management, a hedge fund whose bets went wrong. The Fed said at the time that LTCM's failure had been abrupt and disorderly and had posed "unacceptable risks to the American economy".

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The Air Force in Cyberspace

Just came in from casting my vote on a wonderful Diebold machine. Part of me couldn’t bring myself to do it. The other half couldn’t not – stony the road we trod . Read more about The Air Force in Cyberspace

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To the Fighters


Ok, so I'm a tad nervous this morning. Coffee probably wasn't a good idea this morning, but it's going to be a busy day. I'll be at several election parties tonight, and running around between blogging today, and chewing on my fingernails. But I wanted to say:

Thank you, Fremen warriors. And: I'm sorry for being such a Bitch.

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Blogging The Election: Legal Advice

Josh Marshall has a link: Center for Citizen Media. If you're doing any polling-place activism, including monitoring or observation, give a quick look here before you go. Might help keep harassment to a minimum or even your ass out of jail to know the facts in advance.

But vote first just in case. They don't let you out of the gray-bar hotel to cast your own ballot, ya know. Read more about Blogging The Election: Legal Advice

Today is the ONE DAY you may have to turn things around!

Before it's too late:

Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! Read more about Today is the ONE DAY you may have to turn things around!

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Go Vote and Make Robert J. Samuelson Cry into his Mustache

This piece of anti-GOTV propaganda really pissed me off:

In many ways, the election doesn't matter, and all the hoopla is an exercise in delusional hype.
As Bryce saw, our politicians are slaves to public opinion. Superficially, this should be reassuring. Democracy is working, because public attitudes remain the dominant influence -- not "big money" or "special interests," as many believe.

Free Krugman!

NYT is running some kind of free HBO-style promo on their incredibly evil paywall this week, so we can actually read Paul Krugman in realtime without having to search all over hell and gone for somebody who ripped it for the rest of us to see:

At this point, nobody should have any illusions about Mr. Bush’s character. To put it bluntly, he’s an insecure bully who believes that owning up to a mistake, any mistake, would undermine his manhood — and who therefore lives in a dream world in which all of his policies are succeeding and all of his officials are doing a heckuva job. Just last week he declared himself “pleased with the progress we’re making” in Iraq.

Hiding the dark brown stains?

Funny, normally Bush wears blue (since we're covering Republican sartorial splendor here).

But today, he's wearing, erm, earth tones.


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Military Times: Rummy Must Go

Bruising, indeed.

The choice is now clear. Republican candidates for Congress and the Senate can either stand with our troops, or they can stand with Bush. The two are no longer compatible.

Monday, an incredible rare joint editorial will run in the Army Times, the Air Force Times, and the Navy Times:

Time for Rumsfeld to go

“So long as our government requires the backing of an aroused and informed public opinion … it is necessary to tell the hard bruising truth.”

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Cheap, Simple, Effective

So, being culturally clueless (even before I moved to the Bubble) I missed this totally cool little ditty that's been making the rounds on airwaves in all sorts of cheap markets (scroll down for the YouTube). It rocks! And I bet it works, really, really well. Seems like a classic case of K.I.S.S to me: catchy, adaptable, inoffensive, simple in message. And for all the 'negativity' of the message, positive-feeling, and upbeat. Political genius. Read more about Cheap, Simple, Effective

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Clinton Blowjob Attacks U.S., Kills Thousands

File this one under "Today's Political Meditation..."

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