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Pwnd! Again!

I'm no computer expert, that's more than clear. But if I ran an important government agency that had a lot of sensitive information to deal with, I'd insist that computers in that department maintained the very highest levels of security. Why do I have the feeling that part of the reason we're reading about this, again, has to do with some crony no-bid contract and a couple of higher-ups who don't know how to use email?
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Pay Scales of the Warmongering and Lying

Burger flipping is an honorable profession, but clearly not worth more than $5.15 an hour:
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Goodnight, moon

I think it's time we started being more Civil and Dignified, and stopped calling the Republicans "wankers."

Let's call them Wankel Rotary Engines instead.

Because with these guys, the rotatory aspect is a big, big piece of the action.... Read below the fold...

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Just a Reminder About Uncle Joe

Remember this one?

Lieberman said he believes hospitals that refuse to give contraceptives to rape victims for "principled reasons" shouldn’t be forced to do so.

"In Connecticut, it shouldn’t take more than a short ride to get to another hospital," he said.

From Firedoglake. Read below the fold...

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Let me he'p you into that saddle, Misha ...

and soon's I get done with this damn knot, reach over and slap that horse on the butt, ** will you?

**Texan "eliminationist rhetoric" Read below the fold...

Deep Breath, Time Out, and Let's Pickle!

Whew! Been a bunch of busy bees here today, readers and writers and researchers and translators and good folk all around. Give yer good selves a wild cheer, round of applause, and all other well deserved kudos. Read below the fold...

Mexico: Obrador's guys trap IFE in building as they seek to open sealed ballots and truck them away


[Via extremely alert reader Charles.]

I'm sure there's a very good explanation...

Here's a Google translation of the La Jornada story: Read below the fold...

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Today's Moment in Funny


But if I were Robert Palmer, I'd be pissed. Ruining a classic video like that is almost a crime. Almost. Read below the fold...

Mexico: Is Pony Blow ignorant, or lying?

Via First Draft's gaggle-obsessed Holden, the lovely, the talented Pony Blow:

Q The call the President Bush made to Calderon to congratulate him, that means that the U.S. government already recognized him as the President-elect of Mexico? Can you explain what --

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Rule of Law, Desert Style

Hmm. Seems the Little People in Iraq think they should have things like "justice" n stuff. Good luck with that:
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Mexico: Times, Financial Times agree with Obrador--"Count all the votes!"


The Times, where a glimmer of sense occasionally penetrates the editorial page, if not the "news hole": Read below the fold...

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Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money


Well, I guess you're not surprised:

Lobbying-money record broken again
By Jim Snyder
Spending on lobbying totaled more than $1.2 billion for the last six months of 2005, another record, according to a tally on the website

For the year, spending topped $2.36 billion, according to the site. For the first time, during the last half of the year, spending to lobby Congress and the executive branch averaged $200 million a month.

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Mexico: Obrador says more videos on the way

Kossack Litho translated Obdrador's latest press conference. Here are some excerpts:

Where did the video of "Blue Shirt Guy" stuffing the ballot box come from? Citizen journalists and whistleblowers: Read below the fold...


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