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Goodnight, moon

Scraped the paint of the side porch steps today, and by the grace of The God of Your Choice did not prime it, since a sunny afternoon turned into a sprinkly evening.

It has been a long time since I've done physical labor of any kind. My arms are sore!

Jeebus, next I'll take up jogging, or something. God forbid. Read below the fold...

Northern Exposure II: Alaska Boogaloo!

We've been following, flogging and ferreting out as best we can details on the abomination of the Canadian softwood treaty slush fund. Now we have another story to watch from similar latitudes but on the US side of the frozen border. To set the tone we will begin with a brief reading from the immortal works of The Poet of the Yukon: Robert W. Service:
Read below the fold...

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Cognitive Dissonance


Ah, we've captured the al-Qaeda number two in Iraq for about the bizillionth time!


How many number twos does al-Qaeda have anyway?

I'd love for someone to tell me how many times we've heard a story like this one!

A leadership crisis among the al-Qaeda folks in Iraq, huh?


How many folks have died in Iraq this week?

It seems to me they're doing just fine, unfortunately. Read below the fold...

Casey takes down Santorum

Via Americablog:

In response to [Senator Rick] Santorum [R-Lassie Come Home] insisting that there were WMD in Iraq, a claim that even the White House discredits, Casey said: "When you point to the 9/11 question on Saddam Hussein, and you point to this crazy theory that there's still weapons of mass destruction, Tim, I think you've unearthed something. You've unearthed the 2% of the time that Rick Santorum disagrees with President Bush."

Read below the fold...
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Damn straight I'm a racist.

I despise wholeheartedly and with all the passion my soul can support that wastrel race of so-called "sentient" simians who think fat bank balances and six-figure paychecks make them God and entitle them to destroy all they survey. Read below the fold...

Who Checks Register Ripoffs in Your State?

Wow, whodathunkit: if you check stores more often for "mispricing" at the cash register which results in customer ripoffs, you find ripoffs more often. So sez the Raleigh NC News Record anyway:

State inspectors have caught -- and penalized -- a record number of retail stores this year that were overcharging customers at the cash register, a News & Record analysis shows. Read below the fold...

If Mexico explodes three days from now, it could be the million missing votes in their last election

Here's what they're pissed about: The numbers in July's election just don't add up. So the suspicion of election fraud is natural--just as natural as in Florida 2000, where, because the the felon's list, the suspicions proved out, or Ohio 2004, still under dispute (although the Republicans have been prevented from destroying the physical ballots). Read below the fold...

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Everybody, meet Donna Marie Clark. She's a JERK.

This woman put a bowl of chicken soaking in antifreeze outside to poison her neighbor's cats. She worked out a guilty plea with local prosecutors. But like OJ before her she is still subject to civil penalties. Read below the fold...

Great headlines of our time


(Via She Flies with Her Own Wings)

From the Department of Homeland Security. And what, when you think about it, could be more appropriate? Read below the fold...

Class warfare at Starbucks

The Times has had intermittent, though reasonably good coverage of class warfare:

When a new mother returns to Starbucks’ corporate headquarters in Seattle after maternity leave, she learns what is behind the doors mysteriously marked “Lactation Room.”

Read below the fold...

Lambert volunteered for Lieberman's campaign, and gets the kickoff mail!


I signed up for Ho Lieberman's mailing list, and his crack Internet team took only three weeks to send me some spam. Here it is, in its entirety. (It includes his Labor Day itinerary, by the way).

My reading of it: Lieberman's goal is to provoke the netroots into acting out, on camera. So, if you meet Joe on the road, BE POLITE when you call him on his bullshit. Create only photo-ops that win for us. Read below the fold...

Congressional Republicans, returning to session, will proffer "Get Out Of Jail Free" cards to King George


ccjail While our toothless watchdogs of the press whine in their sleep or, waking momentarily, lick their balls before closing their eyes again, the Republicans destroy our Consitutional system of checks and balances. Get a load of these throwaway sentences in Pravda on the Potamac: Read below the fold...

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Time passages ...

Glenn Ford has died.
Bob Schieffer and Dan Rather, the last two real Texas reporters, are no longer part of The CBS Evening News.
Daniel Schorr has turned 90.
What landmarks of time's passage are impressing YOU? Read below the fold...

TEEECHER! Lil' Ricky's Cheating on his Homework Again!

Sen. Rick Santorum (R-FetusFetish) is cheating the state he is asking to represent out of a good bit of money, to subsidize his lack of residence in the state he is asking to represent. If I were still a Pennsylvania voter, particularly one who pays school taxes which is just about everybody, I would be a bit....cheesed:
Read below the fold...

If I suggest Bush should take down the Sears Tower by farting, does that make me a terrorist?


Abu Gonzales seems to think so.

Remember those guys in Florida who wanted to order terrorist uniforms? I've forgotten the details, now--that was two or three Extremely Non-Political Terror Alerts ago, of course--but today WaPo has more details. What ABu Gonzales said then: Read below the fold...


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