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Democrats Who Love Tyranny

I promise you, the ones in South Shore and Boystown will always work perfectly, while the ones in certain lily-hued, properly religious neighborhoods will strangely malfunction whenever one of the Good Chicagoans is misled into temptation by a gay, black devil. Read below the fold...

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Negron *is not* Foley

Registration table clarification. What I found interesting is that a majority of the election officials making this decision are Democrats. I suppose it's a "decent" compromise, it's sure better than the absentee ballot mailing "solution" proposed earlier. Still, I wonder about those laws that require any campaign signs to be so many yards away form the polling place. Oh well, it's Florida, so I suppose this is the best we can hope for.
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I guess the Google must be installing some new NSA software


Because blogger is totally bloggered.

I do hope the curse is taking effect... Read below the fold...

Palm Beach Diocese asks Foley for the name of his (alleged) abuser

Based on past behavior, I don't think it's likely the Diocese would be asking this question if they thought Foley's story was true. (Remember, the only "friend" who vouched for Foley's alchoholism is also Foley's lawyer). Palm Beach Post:

The Catholic Diocese of Palm Beach has sent a formal letter asking Mark Foley's attorney to identify the clergyman who allegedly abused the former congressman.

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Faithless Faggots Feigning Fealty

Feeling Christ-weary? Go watch this C&L Olbermann video and your atheist spirits will surely be uplifted. Suckers. No, really- Rove and Kennyboy have been playing you believers for suckers.

Honestly, I can't make up my mind. Are believers just really stupid, or is it that deep in the secret closets of their hearts, they too push the boundaries of sinfulness and debauchery? Read below the fold...

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Your Liberal Media: Signing Statements Edition

Rozen gets it just right: how the fuck can you call yourself an "independent" journalist when you're making promises on paper to politicians not to reveal a political event? Because, a war planning session with the specific purpose of convincing a president to lead a nation to war is an event. Zakaria is a whining beotch. Because, yeah, sure, everybody gets invited to secret, secure locations in Virginia with top administration officials and offered the chance to craft policy months before the rest of the world even knows it's policy. Changing your tune isn't going to help make you more believable, you sluttish punk. Read below the fold...

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Snark is Back!

Yes, the blood is in the water, and the lapdogs have tossed aside their collars and taken out the extra rows of teeth. Well, perhaps not all that. But still, this is fun:

Pressed to defend his foreign policy, Bush instead cited the "stakes" involved in the Middle East and North Korea -- 13 times.

"I understand the stakes," Bush announced. "I'm going to repeat them one more time. As a matter of fact, I'm going to spend a lot of time repeating the stakes."

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Le mot du jour

Dana Milbank's semiotic analysis of Bush's press conference notes the idiosyncratic ways that the President bobbed and wove. As with last month's torture talk, the more he had to bob, the more he talked about weaving: running out the clock with Eddie Haskellesque fawning over reporters' apparel, as opposed to confessing "I got nuthin'." Read below the fold...

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"Thank God Cory Lidle's a Lousy Pilot"

...says Denny Hastert.

Wow. I mean come on CNN. Isn't there anything else to talk about?

If Mr. And Mrs. Smith from Brooklyn had been flying that plane we wouldn't be hearing anything about it at all. Read below the fold...

Dems: It's the abuse of power, stupid

As we've been saying. Now the Dems are saying it, in a close race in Ohio. New York Times: Read below the fold...

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Perfect Holiday Gift for George W. Bush

Hastert, Reynolds radioactive

And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of pedophile-enabling authoritarian death cultists. WaPo:

Weeks before the Nov. 7 elections, the Mark Foley scandal and its aftermath have already had a visible effect on Republican prospects: Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds (R-N.Y.), the two men leading the GOP efforts to keep power in the House, have both been largely sidelined from the public campaign.

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Goodnight, moon

First night with the wood stove.

Winter's coming! Read below the fold...

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When Humor and Irony have a Baby

We can alllaugh. What's funnier? The music, the models, or the promises? It reminds me of high school, for some strange reason... Read below the fold...


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