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When Humor and Irony have a Baby

We can alllaugh. What's funnier? The music, the models, or the promises? It reminds me of high school, for some strange reason... Read below the fold...

Compromised AP reporter Solomon pens a second hit piece on Reid

No point giving AP any hits; Lord Kos does an excellent takedown of John Solomon's story.

But let's remember the nugget Xan dug up on Solomon, when he did his first non-story smear on Harry Reid (boxing tickets):

Go read this piece from 2003 from the Center for Public Integrity and decide for yourself:

Read below the fold...

When Some Pilot's

luck runs out
Run in circles
Scream and shout

--Burma Shave Read below the fold...

ABC: It's the abuse of power, stupid

Finally, somebody picks up on this. ABC:

[This] should be the key bit of learning from this entire tawdry affair. The principals involved — Foley and Rep. Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., the speaker of the House — offer some key lessons about abuse of power and the unwillingness of leaders to deal with that abuse.

Read below the fold...

Wow! It's a campaign speech!

Bush grabs all the networks for a presser on Korea and the excellence of Iraq and the first words out of his mouth are about tax cuts!

Give me a fucking break!

"[BUSH] I also want to talk about the unfolding situation in North Korea..."




UPDATE "We're on the move! We're taking action! We're helping this young democracy succeed!"

He's got this weird querolous rising intonation--he's exasperated because people don't seem to understand and won't fall in line. Read below the fold...

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Owl Pellets of Progress


Remember the howls of derision that greeted The Lancet's now 2-year old report of 100,000 civilian deaths in Iraq? Well, the study has been updated, so prepare for the screech owls of denial to tune up for a mass hoot: Read below the fold...

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Government Successfully Encouraging Kids to Do Drugs

Your tax dollars at work:

The effectiveness of government-produced ads in curtailing drug use has long been a matter of debate. At the start of its media campaign in 1998, the ONDCP hired Westat, a firm that specializes in research for government, to gauge whether the advertisements were decreasing drug use among youth. Westat analyzed parents' and teenagers' responses to the ads and concluded that the messages did not lead young people to disapprove of drug use. In fact, researchers concluded the opposite, finding that in some cases the ads increased first-time marijuana use.

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Closet Cases

Look, I understand that some people just can't bring themselves to do it. 17% or so are happy in that closet, and who am I to judge, except to say that happiness isn't found there. But this is just ridiculous:

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Choice Quotes


Palmer, who shares a townhouse with Hastert when they are in town, is more powerful than all but a few House members. Members know that he speaks for Hastert. Read below the fold...
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Daily Iraq News

US casualties rising to near record levels:

The number of U.S troops wounded in Iraq has surged to its highest monthly level in nearly two years as American GIs fight block-by-block in Baghdad to try to check a spiral of sectarian violence that U.S. commanders warn could lead to civil war.

Spin! Spin my pretties!

Read below the fold...
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Fundamental Views of Global Warming

In a segment of Moyers on America, Bill Moyers takes a look at evangelicals who differ from The Party Line on the subject of global warming in a series titled Is God Green?: Read below the fold...

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It's the Liberal Mojo, Stupid!


Dinesh D'Souza
Is a wanker and a loozah.

D'Souza reminds me of another whiffle ball philosopher.

According to a number of Deep Thinkers in America it's the Liberals who are to blame for a World of Weeping, Woe and War, even while the Republicans control the three branches of the United States' Government. Read below the fold...

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Sometimes ...

Obi-Wan is right, and what's true depends on where you stand as much as who's talking.

Look, people -- Bobby and Jack Kennedy sold out on the Freedom Riders, dealing with the governor of the state of Mississippi: his police would usher them straight thru bus stations into paddy wagons, with no violence, and the President and DOJ wouldn't send federal troops in. Read below the fold...

Great moments in Republican leadership from Denny the Hutt


In a statement today, Kolbe, the only openly gay Republican in Congress, said he passed on the youth's complaint to Foley's office and the clerk of the House after the page, whom he had sponsored, contacted his office in 2000 or 2001.

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