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Bush NSA surveillance: Moderate Republicans melt like warm turds in the rain, as press sinks to new low

Let's start with the press.

AP--O tempora! O mores--sinks to a new low:

Breaking with historic norms, the president had authorized the [NSA] monitoring without a court warrant.

Fuck! Bush didn't break historifucking norms! He fucking broke the law. When the story came out, Barrons (fergawdsake) wanted to imfuckingpeach him! Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Does anyone else besides me think that Israel is doing the same thing again while expecting a different result?

And we all know what that defines, don't we?

Still, the Bush administration can take comfort that they aren't the only ones who are insane... Read below the fold...

What makes a Beltway cocktail weenie great?

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We're Breaking a Structure of Bones

Countries do not die when at their peak, they merely decrease
They lose their lease because they're not subject to gravity
Unlike you and me, fantasy rises in ether, forever
It's morning in America
When your neurons die, they say goodbye
And leave no forward address
They leave a mess, you heave a sigh
It's still a goodbye, got that, then let it go
It's all for--it's all for show--you didn't know? You didn't know? Read below the fold...

Mexico: Continuing coverage


Check the utterly essential Charles for continuing coverage of Mexico's attempt to remain a democracy, and their home-grown winger's resistance to it. For example:

There are two new films of irregularities:

One 23 minute film shows how in District 3 of Tabasco, centered in Comalcalco, they removed the seals on the building and opened the booth in which the ballot packages were stored. The information requested (by the district president?) was not in the ballot packages.

Read below the fold...

Call any vegetable

Last night, Kos didn't call me to dictate today's posts

So, gosh, I'm w-a-a-a-y confused. I'm running round like a chickenhawk with its balls cut off!

But now I know why Kos didn't call. FUX says that Kos is imploding!

[Pause for hysterical laughter.]

But seriously, folks, the FUX article gives great insight into WPS (Winger Projection Syndrome)--They think we're just like them!

In fact, it's worse. They think that being like them is the only way to be. Read on: Read below the fold...

Import Foreign Workers, Then Screw Them


Congratulations America! We have not only reached full employment, we are so hard up for help we have to import Russian students to work at our greaseburger joints:

Some Russian students in south Alabama under a foreign worker contract are concerned they could become homeless because their promised jobs at a McDonald's in Foley haven't panned out. Read below the fold...
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The Hamdan Decision: Republican Vulnerability, Democratic Opportunity?

the 3rd post in a series

On Monday, the kewl kids at ABC's The Note affixed a remarkable headline to its daily snarkfest of political news and views:

"The Party of National Insecurity"

What made it remarkable - the party in question wasn't the Democratic Party. Read below the fold...

The high water mark of the Confederacy


Well, it looks like Republican racists--not completely redundant, though it's a shame that those Republicans who aren't racist don't have the courage to denounce those who are--won't be able to derail passage of the Voting Rights Act. Although, naturally, they're still trying to gut it:

Having quieted dissenting conservatives, House Republicans are trying again to renew the 1965 Voting Rights Act in an election-year effort to win support from minority voters.

The story is that image, for the mid-terms, is everything: Read below the fold...

Why "Contest Every Race" Means EVERY Race, Dammit

Covering a national (nay, international) audience as we do we focus on national campaigns. We give lip service to the "contest every race" when it comes to school boards, county offices, and state lege races. Here's why this is not a good idea. Voters for the Pennsylvania state senate seat in the Chambersburg area whill now have a choice between a guy with an (R) after his name who is a Repubican, and a guy on the (D) line of the ballot who is...a Republican. It's a nearly Liebermanesqe grotesquity:

A veteran state lawmaker who lost the Republican primary in May garnered enough write-in votes to make the November ballot on the Democratic side, county elections officials have ruled. State Rep. Patrick Fleagle's margin over Todd Rock, the masonry teacher who beat the incumbent for the GOP nomination, was just three votes in the Democratic write-in tally, the Franklin County Board of Elections said Tuesday. Read below the fold...

Rove II: The Slimer Boogaloo

Remember the days when candidates stood for public office on the basis of their positions, their philosophies, and their proposals for policy change?

Naw, I don't either, and I'm pretty old. The whisper campaign, oppo research and the philosophy that if an opponent is clean, smear his wife, kid or dog is as old as the hills. But there are only a few who reach the peaks of their putrid profession in any given era. Meet the next Karl Rove: Christopher Lyon:
Read below the fold...

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The Freeway Bloggerbreakdown!


Have you used up your portion of Democracy yet? If not, consider posting a sign. It beats TV.

+++ Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

I've got summer squash!

It's like I turned my back one morning, and suddenly they were there!

Call any vegetable! Call it by name! Read below the fold...


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