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Urban Renewal -- Bush Style

Beirut didn't have hurricane damage. So it was bombed.
NYC didn't have hurricane damage. So airplanes hit it.
The Pentagon didn't have hurricane damage. A plane hit it.
Hurricanes don't go to Afghanistan or Iraq. Bu$hco urban renewal does. (remember those Desert Shield T-Shirts?) Read below the fold...

Kos damps down premature triumphalism

C'mon guys, it's still August:

[KOS] for the record, I still don't think we'll win back either chamber. I've seen the GOP close the deal too many times before for me to get complacent and cocky. Nah. I think we'll win 7-14 seats in the House, 3-5 in the Senate.

Yeah, I know such pessimism is tough when the numbers, data, and current events give so much cause for optimism, but I was burned two cycles in a row. I'm not getting my hopes up.

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BUSH FLIPFLOPS! Will Rebuild N'Awlins RIGHT!

Folks, we've had him figured all wrong all this time! Look what a representative of Housing & Urban Development just announced! This is not blog-talk, dammit, it's on CNN!
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Prepare for the shit to hit the fan in Mexico

Charles is on the case:

The electoral court has dismissed all of the complaints filed in the recent election.

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The Plan

What Digby said:

It's not neglect. It's design. The Republicans took a hit for their incompetence in handling Katrina, but in the long run they stand to benefit greatly from the African American displacement outside the state. The reconstruction delays and "not so blind" neglect serve the goal of a much lower black population in New Orleans. Louisiana is likely to be a deep red state from now on.

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Ha, good one


I would rather someone was wrapped in the Constitution burning the flag than wrapped in the flag burning the Constitution.

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I like to watch. TrackMeNot.

Grooving on the TrackMeNot output in the status bar:

beef Stroganoff fums mainframes

dikes gun test

tubes pipes tees

albert einstein surfs hole

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Don't talk to me about "the economy." What about MY economy?

There's a class war going on already, and guess who's winning? Here's hint: Not you.

The current expansion [sic] has a chance to become the first sustained period of economic growth since World War II that fails to offer a prolonged increase in real wages for most workers.

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OK, I'm wrong to trash Harry Reid on Ho Lieberman

The excellent Bob Geiger explains. Long story short: Reid can't strip Whiney Joe of his committee assignmnets because that's not how the Senate works. Read below the fold...

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Free at Last

Thank the Goddess. There is little scarier to me than ex-cons with a mission and taxpayer dollars supporting them:

The day after a federal court struck down a taxpayer-supported evangelical Christian program in an Iowa prison, Mark Earley, president of Prison Fellowship, issued a press statement. He was not pleased.

"The courts took God out of America's schools, now they are on the path to take God out of America's prisons," Earley groused.

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Gore continues to refuse to make a Sherman statement

Thank the God of Your Choice. AP:

"[GORE] I don't have any plans to be a candidate, I don't expect to be a candidate," he said. "I really do not expect ever to be a candidate again."

Well, expectations are dynamic, aren't they?

Draft Al Gore! Read below the fold...

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Bad News in Mexico

Reuters. Looks like the judges are going to give it to Calderon. I'm not sure what to make of the "slim hope."
Read below the fold...

Forced pregnancy advocate doesn't just share her feelings; she imposes them!


Let's take a look at here the views of an activist who favors South Dakota's Draconian forced pregancy law:

Kayla Brandt had an abortion three years ago and instantly hated having done it. Now, hoping to stop other women from making the same choice, she is a public advocate for the most severe abortion ban in the nation.

"I don't want anyone to feel what I did," Brandt says.

Read below the fold...

Mildew attacks the zucchini!

No photos; too disgusting. And it was incredibly sudden, too. One day, green leaves; the next day, leaves with this yucky grey substance on them.

Actually, I thought it was something far worse than mildew; some fungus I'd have to fumigate, and then put something into the earth when I turn it over, like sulfur or something petroleum-based. Read below the fold...

Purging the Party of Pests

As we continue to scratch the invasive itch which is the "Party of Joe, All Joe" in Connecticut, there has been much discussion of just how the hell you get rid of somebody who is, in nautical terms, "flying a false flag." Claiming to be a Democrat even though everything he does is working to the detriment of the Democratic Party and the majority of its membership. But he's not the only case. Here's an illustrative example from Alabama:

The Alabama Democratic Party Executive Committee wants Larry Darby, whose radical views include the belief that the Holocaust did not happen, to stay out of future Democratic Party primaries. Read below the fold...


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