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Dems & Dyke Kiss, Make Up in Alabama

Don't know how many people have been following this case; I thought I posted on it last week but apparently left it in a comment. My bad. Anyway, I'd rather frontpage good news than bad, even if this good is just a correction of a previous bad. From the AL news roundup:

Openly gay Patricia Todd was reinstated Saturday as the Democratic Party's nominee for a seat in the Alabama Legislature.

It must be admitted, sigh, that the problem was apparently a racial one (Todd is white) rather than sexual orientation. In a relentless mood of optimism I choose to look at even this as a good thing. Can you imagine a Republican state party having so many black members that a fight like this could break out? Read below the fold...

Menacing the Mercenaries

The battle Blackwater Security, the favored private militia of the favored few, fears most is coming nearer. From the NC News & Observer:
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Gigantic Avocado Jesus Threatens Gulf Coast

Surely there is a Gigantic Jesus Tortilla Chip in our future!


Image of Gigantic Avocado Jesus from here.

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Rahm Emmanuel bitch slaps Connecticut Democrats


Rahm Emanuel, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, expressed confidence that Democratic turnout would be strong for the House races in Connecticut.

“Explain to me how two Democrats running is bad,” Mr. Emanuel said in an interview. “Would I prefer it be simpler? Yeah. But everybody is hyperventilating, and my own view is that we have an energized base.”

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New Friends

Say Hello to b12partners.

Thanks for the links, kids. Read below the fold...

Katrina II: Time to Plan is Now

National Hurricane Center prediction as of Saturday afternoon for Ernesto.

UPDATE: Early Saturday evening forecast track has taken an unexpected jink to the east, improving matters somewhat as far as NOLA is concerned. This of course is still far out and predictions past three days or so are always uncertain. The rest of the opinion herein still applies unchanged. Read below the fold...

Why They Will Go On Hating Us For Awhile

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Just keep repeating this until the election:
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Snitches, Infiltrators, and Just Plain Liars

I have no idea what the underlying story here is all about. Why did the residents of East Lynn (MO or KS is not specified) feel the need to call a community meeting to talk about their police coverage? Beats me.

But why the cop who infiltrated the meeting lied about his line of work is a lot clearer. Methinks he's going to find that claiming to work for the Kansas City Star is not a really smart thing to do when you have a community-relations problem already on your hands:
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Return of the Killer Ice Cream Man


I wrote about this case a while back. Looks like it's still a complete mess. Remember, there are real terrorists out there, and they're laughing at DHS and the FBI, who waste their time with old men in ice cream trucks while the professionals go unnoticed:
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All I Can Do Is Weep

Because I knew this would happen. In 2003. Think of your own work, and how you would feel if everything that gave it meaning and import were destroyed, all to help a sociopath gain domestic political points. It's not dramatic to say that my generation of scholars are the last of our kind...
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Legislating Sin

I only have one question. How do breast implants fit in a Biblical world view?

By Jim Stratton
ORLANDO, Fla. _Rep. Katherine Harris said this week that God did not intend for the United States to be a "nation of secular laws" and that a failure to elect Christians to political office will allow lawmaking bodies to "legislate sin."


She then warned voters that if they do not send Christians to office, they risk creating a government that is doomed to fail.

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The Bad Magician And The Net of Gems


The Bad Magician is two months shy of his tenth birthday. He is in a kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Bobby Kennedy lies on the floor, bleeding, dying; the kitchen lights are dark stars and the floor is the bottom of the night. One almost got through, almost touched The Everything, but the Universe was having none of it.

The Bad Magician sits for thirty-eight years in that kitchen. Everything that followed led ineluctably to the shattering of forms. Read below the fold...

Lieberman trashed Democrat Lamont's Iraq timeline, but now will "look at" Republican Shays'

Joe then:

"If we just pick up like Ned Lamont wants us to do, get out by a date certain, it will be taken as a tremendous victory by the same people who wanted to blow up these planes in this plot hatched in England. It will strengthen them and they will strike again."

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