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Limbaugh. Gallows. Aircraft cable.

Some assembly required.
That is all. Read more about Limbaugh. Gallows. Aircraft cable.

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Barnyard Politics

"Education -- if you make the most of it and you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well," said Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat. "If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

To quote our whimsical Secretary of Defense, "Oh, Henny-Penny, the sky is falling!" Somebody told the truth. It's too bad Kerry left out the punch line: "Just ask President Bush." Read more about Barnyard Politics

Never apologize to a Republican!

I don't hear a lot of Republicans apologizing for trashing the Constitution--or, if it comes to that, for their kinks about animals. Or that whole page thing (Hi, Denny!) Or New Orleans. Or $8.6 billion lost in Iraq. Or Iraq.

And if anyone isn't ready to make nice, you'd think it would be John Kerry. Read more about Never apologize to a Republican!

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Because, as a rule, I don't let white folks pick which Colored Politicians I'm supposed to like: Offered without comment.
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DoD Gay Witch Hunt Continues

Look, I've been here what? Ten days? And already, I've met more queer servicemembers or former servicemembers than I can easily relate. It's a simple fact: gay people love the uniform in equal proportion to everyone else, perhaps more so. If they join to 'travel to new places, meet new people, and kill them' or because there are significant social, professional, and financial benefits to doing so, it hardly matters. This shit has got to stop:
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LiveBlogging Iran


I've pushed for readers to check out Middle Eastern blogs before, but perhaps you've found the perspective of those with English as a second language less than helpful. Well, here's your chance to ride along via the ether and magic of the intertubes, as a one of the blogosphere's very best liveblogs his return trip to Iran. Sean-Paul is really informed and educated on a host of issues, and this is not his first trip to Persia. He's also going to really cool places there and talking to all kinds of people. Read more about LiveBlogging Iran

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Youth Voters to W: FOAD (We're Coming For You, Chimpy)

On caveat is important before I get all gloaty. I listened to the C-Span panel on this report, and the author of the study was quick to note: what young voters say they'll do and what they do end up doing are often two different things. Think of the abstinence reportee, who's had anal sex and received a blow job in the last week, but worrying about parental views, claims to those asking, "Yes! I'm a virgin." That said, this Harvard study is chock full of good news. Highlights include:
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Under President Clinton, Republicans spent more than $ 150 million on investigations and independent counsels and issued over 1, 000 subpoenas to probe often-imaginary malfeasance. They investigated his Christmas card list, for heaven’s sake. Under Bush, New Orleans, a major American city supposedly protected by federal levees, was drowned. Literally billions of taxpayer dollars have vanished in Iraq. Not misspent, vanished. Disappeared. Unaccounted for. Nonexistent WMDs ? No problem. Abu Ghraib ? Not interested. Number of congressional subpoenas issued since 2001 ? Zero. Not one. Instead, as Matt Taibbi writes in Rolling Stone, thanks to super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, “Congress has embarked on a never-ending party, a wild daisy-chain of golf junkets, skybox tickets and casino trips.”

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Throw him to the floor, Senator Allen?

Senator George Felix "Noose Macaca" Allen reminds me of someone. But who? Oh, yeah. Now I remember.


UPDATE: He who was thrown to the floor by a member of Senator Allen's Roman Guard wrote a letter.

+++ Read more about Throw him to the floor, Senator Allen?

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Hacking Democracy

HBO's documentary "Hacking Democracy" is set to air on Thursday night, November 2nd (check local times). As with much of their programming it will be rebroadcast several times in the coming week.

Brad over at Bradblog notes that Diebold fumbled its attempts to stop the airing of the documentary. Read more about Hacking Democracy

Insult? I'd say sending the troops to war with no armor and no plan is the real insult

C'mon, John, we love you, but please! Sharpen the edge just a bit! WaPo:

"[KERRY] I make apologies to no one about my criticism of the President and his broken policy that kills and maims our heroes in Iraq every single day. This pathetic attempt to distort a botched joke about President Bush is a shameful effort to distract from a botched war."

Well, yeah. But I want a sound bite, not a whole fucking meal! Read more about Insult? I'd say sending the troops to war with no armor and no plan is the real insult

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From Media Matters via The Man in the Grey Turtleneck. Read more about BOYCOTT These SOBS!!!!

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New Era

Head Coach Kristy Curry is off to a good start, as the Texas Tech Lady Raiders win their first outing of the 2006-07 season over the Houston Jaguars.

Oh, boy -- it's time to play ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read more about New Era

Little Felix has such a sense of entitlement!

Threatened with an election loss, George Felix Allen (R-Headlock) has his staffers wrestle a constituent to the ground.


And very very typical of today's Republican Party. Threatened, they respond witih violence.

And whaddaya know, they're almost always threatened. Read more about Little Felix has such a sense of entitlement!

I'm trick or treating -- As a Republican!

Of course, as a good Republican, I've already got my big bag of sweets, but readers--

Can you guess what my costume looks like?

As if! Read more about I'm trick or treating -- As a Republican!


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