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50% of most competitive races have no paper trail, hence no recounts possible

Whoever said Republicans were incompetent? They've made elections really, really easy to steal:

Meanwhile, votes in about half of the 45 most competitive Congressional races, including contests in Florida, Georgia and Indiana, will be cast on electronic machines that provide no independent means of verification.

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They Hate You, Dems

I was just saying, and stories like this only prove my point further. Wake up, Dems. Make media reform a priority, or forever fight an uphill battle with no armor or weapons.

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New Bush Real Estate

Hmmm. Live links at this fascinating little post:

by Steve O @ 12:00 am
It has been reported that George W. Bush has recently purchased a 98,842 acre farm in Northern Paraguay. What on earth does the President of the United States need a 98,000+ acre farm in Northern Paraguay for? Read below the fold...

In the name of the Father...

Looks like little Sally Quinn has bought into the most noxious views of the authoritarians: that the President is a Father. Making us children:

It is hard for the American people to turn completely against the president. It seems tantamount to patricide.

Seems to who, Sally? Sychophants and courtiers in the Beltway? Read below the fold...

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Ads vs Shows

Crap. Why is it I always find the posts I really want to wax upon with eloquence when it's late, and I'm bone tired? Lindsay is such a bright and attractive woman. And she gets why this is so important. I like to think I do too. Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon


The neighbors were demolishing their chimney before rebuilding it, so I snagged some bricks. I figure I'll use them for borders in the garden next year.

Creosote side down, of course. Hey, maybe the creasote will poison the blue bells' rhizomes next year! Read below the fold...

How odd. Bush has just made it much easier to declare martial law

Read the Kossack Diary. The money quote:

So now the President can send troops from Tennessee to quash what he deems a threat to civil order in Oregon, even if the governors of Tennessee and Oregon both object.

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Back of the Bus for Queers

This kind of crap has to be opposed at every turn. I can see why some people would call it "reasonable" but it's no different than not working in an environment with black faces in the ads on the walls:
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Evangelical Blues

When you give yourself over to a void, do not be surprised by the vast sucking sound you hear...

I wrote some lyrics about the manipulation of "true believers" (and yes, they usually give permission).

Clap your hands, rise up and sing out!


Evangelical Blues

Let me tell you a little story...bout the children of the Lord, yeah
Let me tell you this little story, how the children lost their way... Read below the fold...

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Mandatory Passports for Travel to Canada, Mexico

Free advice: don't try to navigate gummint websites when really tired and on the road using foreign computers. Anyway, get used to the new phrase "Your papers, comrade."
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Rovian Timing in the Saddam Show Trial

I was about to write a post about how convenient the timing of the looming Saddam verdict was for Republicans. It's scheduled to be on November 5th, two days before the midterms.

But Tom Engelhardt

just wrote an article asking that very question. He lays it out in all its ignominious detail, so I'll just send you there. Read below the fold...

From the Department of No Comment Needed

Bush uses a hand sanitizer after shaking Barack Obama's hand:

He recalls a meet-and-greet encounter at the White House with George W. Bush, who warmly shook his hand, then “turned to an aide nearby, who squirted a big dollop of hand sanitizer in the president’s hand.” (“Good stuff,” he quotes the president as saying, as he offered his guest some. “Keeps you from getting colds.”)

E-e-e-e-e-w ... Read below the fold...

I didn't know Mark Foley (R-Neverland) was a Bush family friend

How could I have missed this research?

You learn something new every day, don't you?

I wonder what they all talked about round the family dinner table... Read below the fold...


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