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Free Krugman!

NYT is running some kind of free HBO-style promo on their incredibly evil paywall this week, so we can actually read Paul Krugman in realtime without having to search all over hell and gone for somebody who ripped it for the rest of us to see:

At this point, nobody should have any illusions about Mr. Bush’s character. To put it bluntly, he’s an insecure bully who believes that owning up to a mistake, any mistake, would undermine his manhood — and who therefore lives in a dream world in which all of his policies are succeeding and all of his officials are doing a heckuva job. Just last week he declared himself “pleased with the progress we’re making” in Iraq.

Hiding the dark brown stains?

Funny, normally Bush wears blue (since we're covering Republican sartorial splendor here).

But today, he's wearing, erm, earth tones.


Gosh, I wonder why? Read more about Hiding the dark brown stains?

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Military Times: Rummy Must Go

Bruising, indeed.

The choice is now clear. Republican candidates for Congress and the Senate can either stand with our troops, or they can stand with Bush. The two are no longer compatible.

Monday, an incredible rare joint editorial will run in the Army Times, the Air Force Times, and the Navy Times:

Time for Rumsfeld to go

“So long as our government requires the backing of an aroused and informed public opinion … it is necessary to tell the hard bruising truth.”

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Cheap, Simple, Effective

So, being culturally clueless (even before I moved to the Bubble) I missed this totally cool little ditty that's been making the rounds on airwaves in all sorts of cheap markets (scroll down for the YouTube). It rocks! And I bet it works, really, really well. Seems like a classic case of K.I.S.S to me: catchy, adaptable, inoffensive, simple in message. And for all the 'negativity' of the message, positive-feeling, and upbeat. Political genius. Read more about Cheap, Simple, Effective

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Clinton Blowjob Attacks U.S., Kills Thousands

File this one under "Today's Political Meditation..."

+++ Read more about Clinton Blowjob Attacks U.S., Kills Thousands

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Sunday Gasbaggery: ABC This Week: George S Does Cheney, Howard Dean, Will, Brazille, Halperin



Vice-President Cheney This Morning
Courtesy of ABC News

Dick Cheney, in his interview with George Stephanopoulis this morning, was resplendent in a beautifully tailored dark suit, white shirt, and yellow silk tie, a flag pin on his lapel, the perfect compliment to the whole look; For a man of his age, with a history of serious heart problems, I was struck with how remarkably well he looks, in the pink and then some, a tribute to American tailoring and a level of health care most Americans can barely imagine anymore. Read more about Sunday Gasbaggery: ABC This Week: George S Does Cheney, Howard Dean, Will, Brazille, Halperin

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Walking the Talk, part I

Been telling y'all not to buy new stuff and to pay cash for your second hand goodies. Did better than that today. Got back online courtesy of an amalgam of sympathetic magic and assorted salvaged parts from (innumerable) 'dead' computers. Read more about Walking the Talk, part I

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GOTV, Distributed Online Network Style

Even my lazy butt found the energy to participate in Move On's "Call For Change" GOTV effort today. It really is easy as Pi. You can sign up and get started instantly to call in the next 2 days.

From the comfort of my San Francisco apartment I made 33 calls in an hour to people in battleground districts. These are people who would never read blogs but now know somebody somewhere gives a damn about how they vote on Tuesday.

3 people I talked to were very interesting: Read more about GOTV, Distributed Online Network Style

Dirty Republicans

No, wait, this is a new one:

Harassing robocalls from Republicans purporting to be from Democrats. Fucking Republican shape-shifing operatives.

As Josh quotes a Shrill reader, these guys really are evil: Read more about Dirty Republicans

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Webbing in VA

Lordy I'm tired. A couple of thoughts while I soak my feet. Today, I ran around with one of the grrls from Blondesense working for Webb and against the hate amendment in VA. It was fun, informative, and tiring. Read more about Webbing in VA

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Is that all there is?

Through the miracles of time travel and wikiquote, a younger Dick Cheney weighs in on the idea of killing Iraq in order to kill Saddam Hussein: Read more about Is that all there is?

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X's recent post on data mining makes me think, and I'm going to be a bit contrarian if I may. Bear with me as I digress a bit. Read more about Data

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Daily Drudgery: Blogging on Wars We'll Never Win

Saddam is guilty. I guess he's sorry now that all that chumminess with Rummy back in the day didn't pay off. Or something. As most of the blogosphere has noted, ah, such timing. So....yawn inducing. Meanwhile, we're still not winning in Iraq or Afghanistan, police forces in both countries are a joke, and military and political leadership continues to live upon the River in Egypt.

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Home Stretch Numbers

Looking good, Billy Ray. Ruy has some more to say. At this point, I think there is little purpose to reviewing additional last minute polling. Either the methodology is sound, and we should expect races to reflect the numbers as of this weekend, or the majik faeries of the evoting ether will prove to us once again not to trust our lying eyes. Read more about Home Stretch Numbers


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