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Mexico: Obrador's guys trap IFE in building as they seek to open sealed ballots and truck them away


[Via extremely alert reader Charles.]

I'm sure there's a very good explanation...

Here's a Google translation of the La Jornada story: Read below the fold...

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Today's Moment in Funny


But if I were Robert Palmer, I'd be pissed. Ruining a classic video like that is almost a crime. Almost. Read below the fold...

Mexico: Is Pony Blow ignorant, or lying?

Via First Draft's gaggle-obsessed Holden, the lovely, the talented Pony Blow:

Q The call the President Bush made to Calderon to congratulate him, that means that the U.S. government already recognized him as the President-elect of Mexico? Can you explain what --

Read below the fold...
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Rule of Law, Desert Style

Hmm. Seems the Little People in Iraq think they should have things like "justice" n stuff. Good luck with that:
Read below the fold...

Mexico: Times, Financial Times agree with Obrador--"Count all the votes!"


The Times, where a glimmer of sense occasionally penetrates the editorial page, if not the "news hole": Read below the fold...

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Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money


Well, I guess you're not surprised:

Lobbying-money record broken again
By Jim Snyder
Spending on lobbying totaled more than $1.2 billion for the last six months of 2005, another record, according to a tally on the website

For the year, spending topped $2.36 billion, according to the site. For the first time, during the last half of the year, spending to lobby Congress and the executive branch averaged $200 million a month.

Read below the fold...

Mexico: Obrador says more videos on the way

Kossack Litho translated Obdrador's latest press conference. Here are some excerpts:

Where did the video of "Blue Shirt Guy" stuffing the ballot box come from? Citizen journalists and whistleblowers: Read below the fold...

Mexico: The opera ain't over until TRIFE sings

Via Mex Files, Joshua Holland has an excellent overview of the Mexican electoral process--so much more informative and temperate than our press. What a breath of fresh air. Here's what Joshua has to say: Read below the fold...

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The Hamdan Decision: Breaking News

dungeon_drawingThe 2nd in a series.

Well, well.

Just off the wires; (do they still have wires?)

As reported in the NY Times:
Read below the fold...

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War On Drugs Takes Another Prisoner

Minutes after eating a magic mushroom, six-inches tall President Bush sings a Jefferson Airplane standard to Hobby Store Convention attendees in Bakkatcha, Oklahoma. He was like psyched!

+++ Read below the fold...

How Bad is it Getting in Gaza?

' International aid organizations reported on Tuesday morning that basic foodstuffs, including flour, sugar and oil, will run out within a few days. The aid organizations submitted reports on the issue to the UN headquarters in New York. In addition, the organizations will report that water supplies are scarce due to the lack of electricity and that the sewage system was no[t] functional.'

Source? What pro-Palestinian, terrorist-supporting, anti-Semitic rag had the nerve to run such ravings? Read below the fold...

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Getting Paid to Blog


5$ per post? 5 lousy dollars????? I'm deeply, deeply insulted. I won't work for anything less than 25$. We're High Quality here at Corrente. Hmmph..
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GREAT Idea: Let's Vote On ALL Civil Rights!

I'm sure that, at every step along the way to this decision, this court took what they thought was the right, proper, legal and constitutional path to wind up where they got to. But the end result has plopped them square in a bog of quicksand:

The same court that made Massachusetts the first state to legalize same-sex marriage ruled Monday that a proposal for a constitutional amendment that could ban future gay marriages can move forward.

The tiger in the middle of the room that nobody wants to mention is the last case that had the whole country discussing what constituted a right and proper and legal marriage (as God intended it, because these things always come down to religion in the end), the delightfully named Love v Virginia. The one where the debate was whether we should legalize marriage between two people of different races. Read below the fold...

Mexico: More on the Videos


The day after Corrente brought you the actual video, the The Houston Chronicle writes a story:

The videos — one of which shows a man apparently stuffing wads of votes into a ballot box — are part of a strategy by the former Mexico City mayor to overturn the election results.

Read below the fold...


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