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Howie Hawkins raises $50,766!

More than his entire 2010 campaign! Granted, that wouldn't pay for a rubber chicken dinner in the Beltway, and Cuomo has a $33 million war chest, but heck! Read below the fold...

Happy Bastille Day

RJ Eskow bends over so far backwards to give Obama the benefit of the doubt he falls down

Here's a post from RJ Eskow at Bill Moyers' place that might have been useful, pre-midterms, in 2010, but not now.

Obama Sounds a Warning to Wall Street

Read below the fold...

Has anybody made the "lame duck" call on Obama?

I know it's a little early, but when you've lost Mother Jones....

2008 Obama Would Have Slammed 2014 Obama for This Government Secrecy Case

Yeah, for all the good it would have done. Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day

We -- that is, people of my age -- often thought, with Dwight D. Eisenhower, of social insurance programs like Social Security or Medicare as "settled law." In fact, they were always under assault, and are today subject to neo-liberal infestations that seek to destroy them because markets. I know I certainly thought of the UK's NHS as "settled law" too. But no!

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Netanyahu, "I stopped the peace process"

Israeli PM Netanyahu: I "stopped" Oslo peace process - ENGLISH SUBTITLES

This is four years old, but I am posting this because it deserves wider recognition. Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day

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Sunday Train: Crutches vs Splints for the Highway Fund's Broken Leg

From the Sunday Train

There was a gleam of hope this week for state officials faced with the prospects of having to start delaying projects and lay off people working on maintenance and new construction funded from the Federal Highway Fund: Bloomberg:

Lawmakers’ fight over how to fund roads and transit probably will end with legislation from the Republican-led House sent to President Barack Obama, leadership aides in both parties said.

House and Senate leaders have been collaborating on a strategy for preventing the Highway Trust Fund from running dry at the height of the summer road-construction season. While bills approved July 10 by committees in both chambers are similar, the Democratic-led Senate’s version contains tax proposals seen as obstacles in the House.

But this is akin to lending someone with a broken leg crutches and hoping that it will heal on its own. For some fractures, that might work, but most would require a splint at least, and for serious fractures, you need to set the leg and put it in a cast of some sort.

In the case at hand, the long term broken funding model that lays behind the Highway Funding crisis is something that requires something better than a temporary loan of crutches. Read below the fold...


Even if it doesn't leave its players -- so many of whom go into finance -- with brain damage, soccer still has its charms. Read below the fold...

In the garden: Happy cukes seeking the sun

I like my system of cheesy trellises, because I can stick a bamboo U-hoop in the ground where the cukes want to go, instead of where I think they want to go. Then I tie the vines to the U-hoops with green string to keep the cukes off the ground and make the flowers more visible to pollinators. Soon, I'm going to make cheesy hoop house! Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day

$ New Military Jet=$600,000 Home For EVERY U.S. Homeless Person


Robbie Couch in an article on HuffPo recently asserted:

The $400 billion program to create a fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets, which, as The Hill points out, is seven years behind schedule and chronically plagued with misfortunes and incompetencies, could have housed every homeless person in the U.S. with a $600,000 home.

Read below the fold...

Common household remedies request

Goddamn deer, right across the street, bold as brass. Just one, fortunately! Pests.

In the absence of a potato cannon, black monofilament? Read below the fold...


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