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Only putting the banksters in jail can restore trust in government

David Dayen in (sigh) The Fiscal Times shows why:

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which oversees mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, wants to help around 676,000 homeowners it has identified as eligible for refinancing under the government’s Home Affordable Refinancing Program (HARP).

These homeowners currently hold mortgages with interest rates that are at least 1.5 percent above the current market rate, and would save roughly $200 a month if they used HARP to refinance.

Any money homeowners save from smaller mortgage payments could be spent on other needs, providing a modest stimulus to the economy.

But these remaining homeowners appear to have no interest in the program, and [FHF head Mel Watt] explained why in Chicago. “We have written to them. We have called them, and they're saying this is too good to be true,” he said.

And why? Read below the fold...

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Populist, Anti Fed Movement Up 23% in less than 1 month - "If you want to change something ... you have to go on the streets"


Luke Rudkowki of interviews Lars Maehrholz, whose populist, anti-Fed movement is still growing rapidly. See Game Changing Major End The Fed Rally Planned in Europe Read below the fold...

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Sliding towards an entirely foreseeable and preventable tragedy

Militias move forward on Texas border, leader's background emerges

The militia groups has set up a "command post" in Von Ormy, about 20 miles south of downtown San Antonio, Davis told KRGV on Tuesday. Von Ormy Mayor Art Martinez de Vara did not immediately return a request for comment.

Read below the fold...

In the garden: Alas, poor borage

Here's the one result of my interplanting experiment yesterday: In the squash bed, bee balm, tansey, and very unhappy borage.

Read below the fold...

'People's Journey': Witnesses To War Say Give Peace A Chance

RE-POST from correntewire 6-22-10

The NYC chapter of The World Can't Wait peace organization emailed me about an event in NYC Friday night [6-18-10] up at St. Mary's Church on W. 126th Street. I skimmed the message. The People's Journey, a touring group of representatives of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, along with two Iraq War vets, advocating peace. They were conducting forums in 22 major U.S. cities between June 1- July 4. Read below the fold...

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"Open a window" President suggests, to combat "*Global Stuffiness.*"

*Climate Change: Some Winds Decreasing Across United States -- ScienceDaily.
Probably no legislation of significance will pass for the remainder of Obama’s presidency. So now he's started mentioning climate change:

On July 1, 2014 from PRI: "President Obama's [recent pivot towards using somewhat] strong words on climate change matter, despite his weak record"

It's a "Legacy" thing, we're told. What a legacy… Read below the fold...

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Howie Hawkins campaigning in Binghamton New York

Meet Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins

"The value is we bring new issues to the table and we can win this," said Hawkins. "Jesse Ventura won in Minnesota. He started at 5 percent and he ended up winning in 1998. I'm at 6 percent now and we got a long way to go,"

The most remarkable thing about this is that the press is covering him. Things are beginning to shift. Read below the fold...

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Happy birthday to Nikola Tesla!

Digby gets Obama's panopticon right, except for the Obama part

Reacting to The Intercept's latest revelations on domestic surveillance, Digby writes:

I think [why?] the NSA probably didn't design the system as a panopticon. Because they have developed the capability to do it they simply [simply?] wanted to gather all the communications of everyone [so there's no reason to think they did what they had the motive and opportunity to do?] in case they needed it some day [and what would that day look like? Occupy, say?].  (What that need would be is purposely [and what purpose?] left undefined.) But now that it's been revealed, it's entirely likely that the panopticon will be [and not has been?] in full effect. It's already making journalists afraid to talk to sources and writers are thinking twice about expressing unpopular opinions. And many members of the public will weigh the potential cost of civic engagement[1] to the need to protect their livelihoods and the well being of their families. If you know you may be being watched and your words are being stored, it is not at all irrational to "watch what you say" as another presidential Press Secretary so famously admonished the American people to do.  It's not the NSA or any of the spying/police agencies that will benefit from this, of course. They want people to spill their secrets so they can use them if need be. It will be the political and economic power structure that benefits from conformism and obeisance to the status quo.

Rather like East Germany under the Stasi. Or any police state. Read below the fold...

ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Spinning the numbers

McClatchy summarizes a Commonwealth Fund report:

WASHINGTON — - Some 9.5 million Americans gained health coverage during the recent marketplace enrollment period as the uninsured rate for working-age adults fell from 20 percent to 15 percent, according to a new national survey by the Commonwealth Fund.

A rate which, when you work out the deaths, is unconscionable.* Read below the fold...

In the garden: Bee balm in profusion

Yes, the hummingbirds like it; at dusk I see the bee balm shaking, and I know a hummingbird is at the blooms, even if I can't see it; then I give the stand my entire attention, and I'll see the hummingbird moving from flower to blower. It's amazing how they can stabilize themselves in the air, and it's amazing how pushy and aggressive they are. I guess when you burn energy the way they do, there's no time to be nice! Read below the fold...

Israel’s ‘Defensive Military Op’ Really Ethnic Cleansing

Bill Van Auken in “Air strikes kill civilians as Israel prepares new Gaza bloodbath” calls out Jen Psaki, US State Department spokesperson who, after declaring that the Zionist regime of Israel had a “right to defend itself”, was asked by a reporter whether Gazan Palestinians had a right to defend themselves. Her response? “I don’t understand what you’re getting at.”

Duh. Read below the fold...


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