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In the garden: What are these plants?

Because you demanded it!

This is the plant with the pretty yellow flowers (though the photograph could be better; I need a hood so I can see the screen when the sun is at my back, because otherwise my shadow tends to end up in the frame). Read below the fold...

Salon still peddling narratives of Democratic weakness

If Thomas Frank keeps writing like this, I'm gonna have to stop paying attention (not that he cares, or Salon cares, but I have better things to do). Let me excerpt the high low points:

How to wreck the GOP in 3 easy steps!
President Obama is in the doldrums. ...

Read below the fold...
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Weird tomato seeds

So I pretty much grow all my tomato plants from seed. (They are started indoors under T8 fluorescent lighting).

One of the two packs of seeds I used this year proved to be pretty odd. It was supposed to be an early girl, medium sized variety, but I've gotten semi-large, medium and cherry sized tomato plants from the seeds. Each plant produces a different sized tomato, so it's not just variation in "energy" or whatever on a plant. The cherry sized tomatoes actually taste like big tomatoes, basically like a small dog with a big dog personality ;-). Read below the fold...

In the garden: Blushing tomatoes

This is exciting! Read below the fold...

Tweet of the Day (3)

Well, so much for Bernie

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Sunday Train: The Two Transitions to A Renewable Electricity Supply

crossposted from The Sunday Train

The topic for this week's Sunday Train was brought to my mind when I listened to the Energy Gang podcast. They were discussing the question of whether "CSP (that is, concentrated thermal solar power) is dead", and the always entertaining, but not uniformly informative, "energy futurist" Jigar Shah declared that "CSP is dead" (segment starts 30:29), backing the claim up with a set of bullet points that fell far short of supporting the claim. And listening to the set of bullet points, it seemed to me that he was talking in the context of the phase of the transition to renewable energy that we are presently in, and ignoring the phase of the transition that we will have to pass through if we are to survive as a national economy and national economy.

In short, he seemed to be talking more as an energy presentist than an energy futurist, claiming that there was no plausible position for solar CSP power based on both the technology currently rolled out for a technology that is experiencing rapid development, and on context of renewable energy being added to an energy system which is untenable over the long term.

But I do not mean to single out Jigar Shah, since as I have recently been exploring various discussion spaces talking about various issues in the roll-out of renewable energy, cross-talk between the different phases of the transition to renewable energy seems to be commonplace. So what I wish to write about this Sunday afternoon is the "Two Transitions" to renewable energy: the Current Transition and the Next Transition. Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day

In the garden: After moar rain. Moar thigmotropism!

Yeah, OK, flower, water drops. But anyhow:

(Part of me wants a whole bed of poppies, but I think I like a wildflower mix, with poppies included, that cycles through a whole season even better.)

The sun came out, so glint on the raspberries: Read below the fold...

The Democrats sure aren't giving Jack Trammell a lot of help

I hate to quote the Washington Times, but since they actually covered the story, this from August 6:

Jack Trammell, the Democratic nominee to fill ousted Rep. Eric I. Cantor’s seat in Virginia, has not yet filed personal financial disclosure forms, putting him on the wrong side of federal law and leaving voters in the dark about the college professor’s income, investments and potential debts.

Federal disclosure rules require congressional candidates to file ethics forms a month after they become serious candidates — triggered when they are nominated by a party or when they raise at least $5,000.

Mr. Trammell became a serious candidate for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District seat on June 8, meaning he should have filed his disclosure by the middle of July.

Alerted to his failure, Trammell campaign manager Beth Cope blamed an “oversight” and said they will file soon.

She said the campaign had received assurances from the House Office of the Clerk that no fines would be issued if he files by Aug. 16.

No followup, so I assume the Trammell campaign took care of this. But here we've got a novice candidate; Trammell is only in the race because his right wing opponent, David Brat, miraculously took down Eric Cantor. Do the Democrats want Trammell to make a go of it against Brat? Or do they want to stifle him? Based on performance so far, I'm going with "stifle." After all, don't parties, and in particular party chairs, exist to help novice candidates like Trammell navigate around these pitfalls? So WTF? Read below the fold...

Celebrity death pr0n

When I read headlines like this I want to scream and throw stuff:

The terror behind our grief: What we talk about when we talk about Robin Williams.

Because whenever I see "we" in the headline of a major media headline, it's almost always false. Whaddaya mean, "we"? But more than that: Read below the fold...

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Ferguson; America's Gaza


That's the headline, you fill in the rest...
But, the government is failing the citizens of Ferguson and it just goes on and on.
How would you stop this travesty of American values? Read below the fold...

8-14 NYC Gaza Forum Part 1: Intro, Marlowe, & Kuttab

I entered the Great Hall of Cooper Union in New York City last Thursday night for yet another consciousness-raising forum sponsored and organized by World Can’t Wait under the leadership of its national coordinator, Debra Sweet. This one was focused on Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

I was relieved to see that a huge crowd had turned out. Read below the fold...

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Hobby Lobby-A huge gift to the left. Who's your Daddy?


It has become a commonplace observation amongst historians of the interface between politics and jurisprudence that the enunciation of Roe v Wade, as much as it brought immediate relief from unwanted pregnancy to hundreds of thousands of women, had the perverse effect of truncating the slow but inexorable progress of democratic reform of patriarchal anti-choice law.

  Read below the fold...

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News Corp Democrats

Fair and balanced: Fox PAC supports Democrats, too

The media company, which owns Fox News and whose CEO is Rupert Murdoch, just last month gave Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) $5,000 and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) $1,000 for their respective 2016 primaries, according to a monthly report filed Friday.

Read below the fold...


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