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Versailles is oblivious

Bernie Sanders, an Outlier? The Senator Begs to Differ

For all his newfound attention, Mr. Sanders is still regarded by his Senate colleagues as a peripheral figure whose surging presidential campaign is more of an endearing curio than a cause for reassessment.

One of the qualities of a revolution is that the ancien regime never sees it coming. Read more about Versailles is oblivious

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Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter: ‘I have cancer’

I was an early supporter of Jimmy Carter and campaigned for him in the 1976 NH primary. I remain a huge fan. I don't dispute Joe Firestone's criticisms of him, Jimmy thought that being president was like being governor except with a foreign policy and a military. He did not understand fiat currencies.

Let me list all the reason I think he was a great president. Read more about Jimmy Carter

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Sunday Train: Cuomo Backs the Worst Air Train to LaGuardia

Back in January, Yonah Freemark covered the news that Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a genuine clunk of an Air Train to La Guardia airport. The proposal was, as Yonah Freemark put it, "an AirTrain that will save almost no one any time."

Yonah Freemark was not the only transit blogger to give this proposal the thumbs down. Benjamin Kabak writing at 2nd Avenue Sagas pointed out in On the flawed LaGuardia AirTrain proposal and Astoria’s N train that a superior subway connection from LGA to Manhattan had been proposed by Rudy Guliani in the late 90s, but abandoned due to NIMBY opposition.

Benjamin Kabak points to Cap'n Transit Rides Again and the post from May, It's time to extend the N train to LaGuardia, where Cap'n Transit points out that the main "leaders" who fought against the N extension to LaGuardia have now passed from the scene, and now may be the time to test the waters again with the original N-train to LaGuardia plan. Read more about Sunday Train: Cuomo Backs the Worst Air Train to LaGuardia

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Updated: Prepare to Ride! Web Application Specs to Take Down the Plutocracy: "Transpartisan Negative Vote Bloc" aka "Posse"


Update: Announcements regarding this project will be tweeted at @votersrevenge7, and facebooked at "Voter's Revenge". (Also, found out yesterday I have to move within 8 days, which will impact posting of design artifacts.)he Read more about Updated: Prepare to Ride! Web Application Specs to Take Down the Plutocracy: "Transpartisan Negative Vote Bloc" aka "Posse"

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Obama's Iran agreement

It is a good agreement and Congress needs to support the President. There are so many special interests. AIPAC is just one of the opponents. The Saudi's don't want it because they have a religious cold war with Iran that they want us to fight. Also, the ending of sanctions against Iran will bring their oil on to the market, which will press oil prices down. The Saudi's don't want that, and neither does the shale oil and fracking market. The Koch brothers don't want it. Read more about Obama's Iran agreement

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Donald Trump, Prince of Kleptocracy, apostle of greed

Donald Trump, Prince of Kleptocracy, Apostle of greed, Duke of Bombast and Braggadocio, Earl of Envy, Baron of Bigotry, Count of Cronyism, is the apotheosis of Republican party political culture. Going back at least to the Goldwater campaign, the Republican party has stood for two things, worship of wealth and hatred of minorities. Trump is the logical conclusion of that. Read more about Donald Trump, Prince of Kleptocracy, apostle of greed

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Department of Useless

No senior person at any of the banks who's fraud led to the financial crisis were ever prosecuted. Eric Holder said it would be bad for the country to do so. His assistant AG Lanny Breuer agreed. Both Holder and Breuer are back at work for the lead firm which acted on behalf of these criminal banks: Covington & Burling. And now with Holder's return as a partner in the firm, it was announced that his former DOJ chief of staff Weill also be joining them: Read more about Department of Useless

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Elizabeth Báthory lives


Via Atrios, The Guardian:

Can we reverse the ageing process by putting young blood into older people?
A series of experiments has produced incredible results by giving young blood to old mice. Now the findings are being tested on humans.

This will not end well. Read more about Elizabeth Báthory lives

In the garden: Sunflower!

I noticed the first sunflower bloomed late yesterday evening, so here it is. There are others coming along. This year, the deer didn't eat them! Read more about In the garden: Sunflower!

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Sunday Train: The New Gulf Wind, NOLA to Orlando

In this September's Trains magazine{+}, Bob Johnston looks at the history and current state of play of the eastern section of the Sunset Limited route, running from New Orleans through to, most of the time, Orlando Florida. This is a live topic since both houses have passed Amtrak funding bills, which are currently awaiting reconciliation, and both include language setting up a group to study re-establishing intercity rail service on the Gulf Coast.

This also ties into three issues previously examined on the Sunday Train. The Orlando terminus offers the possibility of connecting rail services, which include the Carolina services, some of which extend through to Florida, and also the planned Rapid Rail All Aboard Florida hourly daytime passenger services between Orlando and Miami. And the western connection ties this into the previous Congress-mandated study of upgrades to the existing Sunset Limited, which proposed to replace the current route by extending the Texas Eagle through to Los Angeles, connecting to a New Orleans corridor service at San Antonio.

{+: Note that online access to Trains! magazine is mostly paywalled for subscribers to the print edition.} Read more about Sunday Train: The New Gulf Wind, NOLA to Orlando

Why Do So Many US Citizens Enable Our Police State?

I remarked to a coworker the other day about the tragic death of Sandra Bland. She agreed but hastened to add, “That is why I try to stay away from watching the news as much as possible.”

Before I had time to re-raise my jaw, she launched into an analysis of an impending work project, clearly closing the door to further discussion. Read more about Why Do So Many US Citizens Enable Our Police State?

In the garden: Sky

I grant that, with cherubs, this sunset would be appropriate for Louis XV's bedroom ceiling at Versailles, but still, it is beautiful, isn't it? Here's another: Read more about In the garden: Sky

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Anti-TPP "Activists" blow 400 Conch Shells, Defeat TPP Henchmen Representing 40% of World GDP

The Anti-TPP "Activists" have totally redeemed themselves, by taking the fight to TPP's evil Henchmen, right in their (temporary) home town. Read more about Anti-TPP "Activists" blow 400 Conch Shells, Defeat TPP Henchmen Representing 40% of World GDP


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