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Latest DCCC mail blast: "All hope is lost!" Translation: Mission accomplished...

... if you believe Steve Israel's role is to throw elections, and after Howie's work it's hard not to. Anyhow, whoever's doing DCCC's bulking mailing must have some kinda weird billing arrangement, because they aren't purging their list. I mean, I've never given them a dime, and never will. But Steve Isreal is still choking my inbox with spammage. Why's he doing that, unless he's got an incentive?

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So I'm not the only one annoyed by DCCC mail blasts

The midterms politics of single payer in Vermont: Will Shumlin's Democrats blow it?

From Valley News:

[H]ealth reform remains a key issue facing [Vermont Governor Peter] Shumlin, the Democrat who currently occupies the corner office in the Statehouse, and his leading challengers: Republican Scott Milne, a travel agency owner from Pomfret, and Libertarian Dan Feliciano, an Essex management consultant.

Three polls since late August showed Shumlin with a double-digit lead, making him one of four Democrats rated a likely winner in a fall governor’s race by the website.

State Sen. Anthony Pollina, a Progressive who has long called for a single-payer health care system in Vermont, said that he expected Shumlin to win re-election, but expressed concern that winning by a narrow margin or with only a plurality would leave him with his “mandate to move ahead with single-payer greatly dampened.”

Not to be too cynical, but does Shumlin have national ambitions? So, mission accomplished? Read below the fold...

Job Guarantee and Basic Income Guarantee

In the garden: Still turning

My middle filbert in sweet light. Read below the fold...

In the garden: Chores

I think yesterday really was the last day for me to work outside:

And that means I shortly have chores to do: Read below the fold...

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Medicare Utopia Myth Still Prevalent among Waking Victims of ACA High Cost-Sharing

NYT. The Times profiles citizens who are realizing that the shiny "low" premiums they were PR'd to death to focus on by the Obama ACA PR Machine were meaningless, because high deductibles, narrow networks, out of pocket, cost sharing etc. Read below the fold...

Identity politics as a subset of neo-liberalism


Let Them Eat Diversity
Bhaskar Sunkara: Neoliberalism is often presented as a unified, homogenous ideology, but you differentiate between “left” and “right” neoliberalisms — what’s the difference and which one dominates American politics today?

Walter Benn Michaels: The differentiation between left and right neoliberalism doesn’t really undermine the way it which it is deeply unified in its commitment to competitive markets and to the state’s role in maintaining competitive markets. For me the distinction is that “left neoliberals” are people who don’t understand themselves as neoliberals. They think that their commitments to anti-racism, to anti-sexism, to anti-homophobia constitute a critique of neoliberalism. But if you look at the history of the idea of neoliberalism you can see fairly quickly that neoliberalism arises as a kind of commitment precisely to those things.

One of the first major works of neoliberal economics by an American is Becker’s [The] Economics of Discrimination, which is designed precisely to show that in competitive economies you can’t afford to discriminate. Foucault sort of marks the beginning of neoliberalism in Europe with the horror at what the Nazi state did and the recognition that you can legitimize the state in a much more satisfactory manner by making it the guardian of competitive markets rather than the guardian of the German volk. And today’s orthodoxy is the idea that social justice consists above all in defense of property and the attack of discrimination. This is at the heart of neoliberalism and right-wing neoliberals understand this and left-wing neoliberals don’t.

It's not even "left" neoliberalism vs. "right" neoliberalism, is it? Read below the fold...

Elizabeth Warren is so full of shit

Elizabeth Warren: 'The game is rigged, and the Republicans rigged it'. Sure, a little partisanship is fine, but this isn't funny any more. In fact, Warren's just lying. All you've got to do is look at the record: Read below the fold...

Keene, NH versus Ferguson, MO

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Art Music Sunday

I know this guy I call Lambert even though that's not really his name any more than I'm 120 years old (aww, c'mon, look it up) and he runs a site just like I do and I know he scrambles for content the same and I feel a certain amount of sympathy for that position but I so very rarely post anything except Duncan Black style "Hey look at this interesting thing over here" that I'm reluctant to contribute.

On the other hand, in support of my bloggy peers and acquaintances (a collection of riff-raff and villainy rarely found outside of Mos Eisley) I regularly talk about "art" music and rather than fry your minds with the Sunday slime I vainly imagine you might prefer a trip in time back to the long-haired days of Chopin and Beethoven.

This week's installment is about Romanticism, one of my least favorite movements except to listen to.
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