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US & SA Realpolitiks Stink

Patrick Cockburn in “Cracks in the House of Saud” discusses President Obama’s visit to King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia last week. It was Obama’s first visit there in over five years reveals Cockburn.

Cockburn explores the present relationship troubles between the two regimes. He writes: Read below the fold...

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The Village Still Ignores the Most Important Point

In recent posts I reviewed two commentaries by Abby Huntsman on Social Security and other entitlements, also noting points made in other critiques of her narratives. Abby's commentaries are here, and here, and my critiques are here and here. The most important point I emphasized in my two rebuttals is that there are no fiscal solvency or sustainability issues related to Social Security, or other parts of the safety net, but that the issues involve only the willingness of Congress to appropriate entitlement spending, and either the removal of current constraints on Treasury to spend appropriations such as the debt limit, or the willingness of the Executive Branch to use its current legislative authority either to a) generate sufficient seigniorage from platinum coins to spend such appropriations; or b) use a type of debt instrument, such as consols, which aren't counted toward the debt limit.

The day before I posted my second reply to Abby Huntsman, Richard J. Eskow and WeActRadio posted this video clip from Eskow's radio broadcast. In his critique, Richard shows that Abby Huntsman's treatment of Social Security and entitlements is full of misleading information and hews closely to the narrative offered by Alan Simpson, Pete Peterson, and organizations supported by Peterson funding, and he calls for the MSNBC producers of “The Cycle” to issue statements correcting the facts, and to give Abby's co-hosts on The Cycle a chance to reply to her about social security. Read below the fold...

World's best campaign sign

It's remarkable how long the Kool-Aid persisted

I'm some research on who said what when ObamaCare was passed. This is from the transcript of the signing ceremony at the White House

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. (Applause.)

AUDIENCE: Fired up! Ready to go! Fired up! Ready to go!


God, remember when Obots would actually chant that? Read below the fold...

If you live in Philly, don't give any money to the WHYY pledge drive

Because enough already:

It's pledge time again at WHYY because the public radio station fell a few hundred thousand dollars short during its winter membership drive. I won't donate, but I do know where they can find that money they want: WHYY CEO Bill Marrazzo's $538,412 compensation package.

That's per their 2012 990 filing with the IRS. WHYY declined to make more recent information available.

Read below the fold...

‘Always Look on the Bright Side of War’ Part 2 of 2

['Always Look on the Bright Side of War' Part 1 of 2]

The illegitimate coup in Ukraine has triggered a dangerous international situation according to Michel Chossudovsky in “The Neoliberal Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine. The World is at a Dangerous Crossroads”: Read below the fold...

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Sunday Morning Music

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When You Really Look, Financial Quicksand Turns Into Oligarchical BS

Abby Huntsman's first rant about entitlements soliciting generational warfare got a lot of pushback from defenders. I reviewed the main points made in defense of entitlements, and then added “the most important point of all” as well. Abby made a second try, however, this time singling out Michael Hiltzik's reply to her to respond to and adding a few more points, while withdrawing a bit from her claim that life expectancy has changed very much for seniors since the New Deal period. Hiltzik took issue with that one too. Let's review Huntsman's reply to Hiltzik by analyzing the MSNBC transcript of her second rant against entitlements.

Abby Huntsman:

. . . the need for entitlement reform. there was a firestorm of reaction. an article in the " l.a. times" went as far as to say i want to lead my generation into poverty. come on, man. this isn't about me. it's about the major problem.

Read below the fold...
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Failures and disappointments open thread

Inspired by my most recent post, which got less notice and comment than anything I've written in a long time - even though I put quite a bit of work into it.

So what have you done recently that didn't work out as well as you'd hoped? No self-flagellation please; no sense in beating yourself up any more than you might already have. Read below the fold...

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MMT is going mainstream

Yesterday I got the other back tooth yanked!

So, two down, two to go! This was the molar below the cracked molar that I already had pulled, and I paid 5000 baht ($166) as opposed to 1500 baht ($50) to have it removed, because it wasn't a simple extraction.

These two teeth never did have a proper bite, and they were difficult to clean, so as the Thais said, they were "useless," only good for collecting particles of rotting food. The two back-most molars on the other side are just the same (though not cracked) so I'll get rid of them, too. I didn't do that on this visit because, basically, I didn't want a whole mouth full of blood and I wanted to be able to chew on one side. So I guess I will just have to come back. Awwww! Read below the fold...

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Saturday morning music

Apparently, this is real


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