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Christmas Song Open Thread


Starting the day after Thanksgiving I began scavenging for Christmas music, preferably new and original songs. I probably have gone through a hundred or so in the last several weeks and here are the standouts:

Favorite New Song:
The Winter Sounds - The Anthem Is A Gift

Favorite New Song (alternate):
The Sky Drops - Christmas Feels Like Halloween

Favorite Anti-Christmas Song:
The Boxmasters - Slower Than Christmas Read more about Christmas Song Open Thread

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Defining Transparency Down

No Associated Press content was harmed in the writing of this post Read more about Defining Transparency Down

Step back! Here comes the shark attack.


The Wailing Souls say so much in four short minutes. Read more about Step back! Here comes the shark attack.

Dred Scott II

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I just sent Lambert a generic gift card *g*

Okay, I know you all were having a serious discussion below about gift cards, and seemingly, Lambert doesn't like them. Why gift cards suck

Nonetheless, I couldn't resist sending my (very modest amount) seasonal generic gift card to Lambert via that non-paypal linky thing at the top right of the site. Sorry, but time is short, and I really didn't have time to give it much thought.

Hope he didn't want a book instead. Read more about I just sent Lambert a generic gift card *g*

Sex Pistols: "Jingle Bells"


Not why we love them, of course:

Read more about Sex Pistols: "Jingle Bells"

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If Women Ran Wall Street Would We Be Looking at Epic Fail?

Over at New Deal 2.0, Nomi Prins, a former Goldman insider, thinks the answer's no:

But, the question is, would the massive bailout of the financial sector have occurred, had women been at its helm? Indeed, Davos economists this year speculated that the presence of more women on Wall Street might have averted the downturn.

She lines up the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Sheila Blair, Brooksely Borne against some of the more prominent vampire squid -- Bernke, Paulson, Geithner, Lloyd Blankfein (of we're doing "God's work" fame) et al and thinks the gender split may be not just coincidental.

Values the legacy parties can never deliver on because their owners won't let them

What Violet said:

That’s what the Justice Party [if that turns out to be the name -- lambert] is about: a fair deal for every American. ...

–Economic justice: a fair deal whether you’re rich or poor.

–Gender justice: a fair deal whether you’re male or female.

–Racial justice: a fair deal whether you’re black or white or brown or beige.

–Social justice: a fair deal no matter what you look like or who you love or what you believe.

–Global justice: being a good global neighbor, treating other nations and nationals fairly.

Nobody could have predicted...

... that Senators would, ya know, just flat-out lie. I'm shocked.

I mean, they were Democrats!

But that was the only flaw in our strategery! Read more about Nobody could have predicted...

Anybody got the guest list for the White House conference call on health care?

I'd be interested to know if there were any single payer advocates on the call. I would have liked to ask Nancy DeParle if the White House policy of single payer censorship was still in effect, since it was her staffer who censored single payer advocate and PNHP member Dr. Jess Federowicz.

Read more about Anybody got the guest list for the White House conference call on health care?

Health Bill Fleecing "Dwarfs" AIG, Continues Dean (So Not the "Good" Threatened by the Perfect!)

Howard Dean:

In Washington, when major bills near final passage, an inside-the-Beltway mentality takes hold. Any bill becomes a victory. Clear thinking is thrown out the window for political calculus. In the heat of battle, decisions are being made that set an irreversible course for how future health reform is done. The result is legislation that has been crafted to get votes, not to reform health care.

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Obamanomics - or it's the laughter we'll remember

In the recent talk of gift giving and books, I spotted this gem in the bargain bin at a local bookstore - Obamanomics: How Bottom-Up Economic Prosperity Will Replace Trickle-Down Economics

Some choice quotes from the cover and reviews: Read more about Obamanomics - or it's the laughter we'll remember

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In the absence of Big Boxes

In the micro-environments where Big Boxes do not exist, small and excellent retail can exist (another great post from Sweet Juniper). If you are a small-scale producer it can be a symbiotic relationship, because you can't typically sell out of Big Boxes. Read more about In the absence of Big Boxes


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