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I'm with Johnny

Obama's mortgage mod plan lets banksters reject borrowers and auction their houses without any written notification

Man, I am so glad that we elected a real progressive with the interests of the little guy at heart. Aren't you? McClatchy, of course, has the story:

Ten months after the Obama administration began pressing lenders to do more to prevent foreclosures, many struggling homeowners are holding up their end of the bargain but still find themselves rejected, and some are even having their homes sold out from under them without notice.

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the guilting game ...

... it sounds like no one on the democratic wing of THE PARTY is willing to be the person that kills the bill becoz of the number of people that are estimated to die every year partly due to not having health insurance. Read more about the guilting game ...

Krugman's bottom line on health care


Too much of what I read seems to come from people who haven’t really faced up to what it will mean for progressive hopes — not to mention America’s uninsured — if health care reform crashes and burns, yet again.

Yeah, we might lose our jobs. Oh, wait...

Yeah, we might lose HOLC. Oh, wait...

Yeah, we might not be breaking up the big banks. Oh, wait... Read more about Krugman's bottom line on health care

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Why They Don't Want To Use Reconciliation


The solid front of Democratic Party progressives supporting the Senate's health care form bill, has now cracked wide open with Howard Dean's call to kill the Senate bill and start over in the House with reconciliation. Read more about Why They Don't Want To Use Reconciliation

What Cannonfire said


Anthony Weiner is one of the best on Capitol Hill, but he still misses the essential point that Feingold has grasped:

Joke Line to left: "Grow up"

Another "progressive" institution goes insane...

Now it's the SEIU:

After a long internal debate, the SEIU has decided not to withhold support for the Senate health care bill or come out against it — the union is vowing to “continue to stand” with* the President — but it is strongly criticizing the bill and demanding that Obama and Congress step up and do better.

So, since Obama knows you won't exert any leverage, why should he listen to the criticism?

Read more about Another "progressive" institution goes insane...

A weird post at -- I know this will surprise you -- Daily Kos

It's weird because the OFB is still playing the racist card; it's like that's all they know how to do. But you know what's even weirder?

The poster thinks that HuffPo is on "the left." Sheesh. Read more about A weird post at -- I know this will surprise you -- Daily Kos

What Avedon said

Read her latest post on health care insurance reform, it's all lethal to the "progressive" logic, if any, on the bills. But here's the bottom line:

[Y]ou are paying more in taxes to maintain our commercialized health care system than Brits pay for a fully socialized health care system that is free at the point of use.

That is, I pay less in taxes, and no one sends me a bill.

Full coverage for necessary treatment.

No pleading with insurance companies.

No denial of claims.

No co-pays.

No bill.

Oh, and you know what else? A pre-existing condition doesn't mean I get less coverage, it means I get more.

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Merry Chri$tma$

Not necessarily Christmas-y, but somehow, sadly, seasonal from Elizabitchez.

Rich and poor all have the same right to steal from a vending machine to survive. Read more about Merry Chri$tma$

Dems prepare a stocking stuffer for the health insurance companies

Let's play Fuck the Optics!

Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad , D-N.D., said he’d been put on notice to expect late-night and early-morning votes over the next several days, and that he had heard talk of a final health care vote at “7 or 8 o’clock Christmas Eve.”

I wonder if the health insurance companies have been naughty, or nice?

Depends who you ask, I guess... Read more about Dems prepare a stocking stuffer for the health insurance companies

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SEIU members respond to Stern's question

Letter from President Andy Stern to SEIU members: Where do we go from here?

check out the responses:

What is left of health reform but a windfall for the health insurance companies?

The bill does not give these people healthcare. It says that they must buy it from a private insurance company or be fined and taxed by the government.

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What Dem Rules and Bylaws Chair Roosevelt Wanted In Health Care Reform


As we all know by now, Feingold, who endorsed Obama in the primary, is saying that the health care reform bill that is being presented in the senate, stripped of a real public option and an expanded Medicare, is exactly the bill Obama wanted. Don't blame Lieberman, he says. Read more about What Dem Rules and Bylaws Chair Roosevelt Wanted In Health Care Reform

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The Return of The Jello Man


When I was young the United States had some liberals of courage in the Senate. People like Estes Kefauver, Paul Douglas, Hubert H. Humphrey, Herbert Lehman, Wayne Morse, Richard L. Neuberger, Maurine B. Neuberger, Eugene McCarthy, Mike Mansfield, Ernest Gruening, Pat McNamara, Phil Hart, Frank Church, George McGovern, Albert Gore, Sr., Ralph Yarborough, Warren Magnuson, and William Proxmire. These liberals could be counted on to go to the mat for most liberal causes. They said what they meant, and meant what they said. They compromised. Read more about The Return of The Jello Man


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