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Bill White is in

Since there have been occasional posts here about Texas politics, I thought I'd drop some very recent and very big news: Bill White, the Mayor of Houston, is running for governor. He just announced this afternoon, switching gears from his previous plan to run for Kay Bailey Hutchison's vacated Senate seat. In a related story, Hank Gilbert is leaving the governor's race to run for Agricultural Commissioner, the office he ran for in 2006. Read more about Bill White is in

Because Versailles sucks (including both legacy parties and the press)


Today’s unemployment report was good news. But in a real sense good news is bad news, because this month’s not-too-bad number deflates the sense of urgency.

The fact remains that realistic projections show unemployment staying disastrously high for many years. The chart above is from the minutes of the Fed’s Open Market Committee. Unemployment above 8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011; above 7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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PhRMA is on Twitter!


My advice for pharma social media: "Ignore the consumer." Surprised? Keep reading

It turns out he is suggesting that pharmaceutical companies use social media to build relationships with individual patients. I think we should call his bluff.

Note - AHIP is also on Twitter!

Have fun. Go wild! Read more about PhRMA is on Twitter!

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War (on Women) Is Peace


Lately, I've been hearing a lot of noise from lefty and women's rights organizations about the next Big Thing: The rights of Afghan women and girls. Eleanor Smeal's group, (yes, she's one of the ones who helped with the infamous Obama Ms. Magazine cover), has a campaign for them. Read more about War (on Women) Is Peace

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The Hell with Hillary Rodham Clinton

There, I said it, and here's why, she has failed the same test Colin Powell did*. The test of maintaining personal integrity over being a team-player. I thought she had more backbone and I am ashamed to admit that I donated the max to her primary campaign. Live and learn. Read more about The Hell with Hillary Rodham Clinton

"[A]n expanded definition of a 'win'"--

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How's the New Normal working out for retailers so far?

Welcome to the "new normal."

From the Wall Street Journal:

US Retail Stocks Drop On Ho-hum Black Friday Sales

Retail stocks headed lower on Monday after the highly-anticipated Black Friday weekend sales turned out weaker than expected. . . .

Bernie Sanders announces his single payer amendment

Food Chain: an experiment in vertical urban farming begins in Los Angeles

During World War II twenty million people planted "Victory Gardens" at their homes. They grew 40% of America's produce supply. They did it then. We can do it again!

More Kool-Aid, vicar?

Here's John Helleman's concluding paragraph in New York magazine: Read more about More Kool-Aid, vicar?

Church of the savvy

What Ian said


Trillions were spent bailing out the rich, and no taxes were levied on them to pay for it. Now what will happen is that in order to balance the budget, money which primarily helps the middle and working classes will be cut, while those same middle and working classes will be forced to bail out the insurance and health industries.

Obama full of crap at phony jobs summit

I knew the "jobs summit" would turn out to be crap, and it was crap. First, the meta-crap:

"We're looking for fresh perspectives and new ideas," Obama said.

Yeah, just that "open and transparent" crap Obama handed out on health care. Now for the actual crap: Read more about Obama full of crap at phony jobs summit

The Justice Party


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