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Two in one day?

This is weird:

One of the large mental health hospitals in Israel was recently surprised to receive a young, good-looking patient in a psychotic state who was accompanied by a personal security guard, Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Sunday.

Christmas Day After open thread

Don't throw the artificial tree in the wood stove!

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Single payer support, the letters just keep coming

Northwest Herald

Single payer, Medicare for all ages, is the economical health coverage. With the $400 billion that private insurers now waste on marketing, CEOs could cover all of those uncovered by the private insurers.

Private health insurance does not work. Between the loopholes and copayments and letting people get sicker, many middle class people are one serious illness away from bankruptcy, despite three-fourths having insurance.

Rome Sentinel
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Letter to the Editor: health care deform is a mess

Vallejo Times-Herald

I did not sign anyone's petition to urge senators to vote yes on health care. Why? No one allowed room for comment. They knew this health care mess is wrong, and will cost We, the People more. I did not agree with the descriptions or statements. Here are my comments:

The health care game is a walnut shell game designed to bail out the insurance companies with new-by-force enrollees, some 33 million. This bill requires nothing of the insurance companies that they cannot circumvent by charging more. It sacrifices the needs of women. It sacrifices the needs of the people. It is not the most economic approach. That would be single-payer.

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Why the Filibuster Isn't Going Anywhere

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Tactics, strategy, and progressives

I think it's very, very important in politics to separate questions of strategy and tactics.

Strategy is pursued by organizations "on the ground": the media, academic organizations like think tanks, the blogosphere, activist organizations like Healthcare-NOW, and the public.

Tactics is the province of people who actually make laws and is a completely different arena, an arena where knowledge of the exact methods used to pass laws becomes very important.

The grassroots level and the legislative level are two other names for these same concepts. While the grassroots builds momentum toward a goal and tries to remove politicians who oppose the goal, tactics is done directly only by politicians. Read more about Tactics, strategy, and progressives

I'd like to send this one out to Professor Krugman...

... in response to his "Comfort and Joy" post of today on the Senate health insurance reform bill (via Language Log). Of Republicans, Krugman writes: Read more about I'd like to send this one out to Professor Krugman...

Propaganda techniques

A really splendid list from SourceWatch.

You know, we could really clean up the discourse -- here and everywhere -- by making a checklist of "musts to avoid" off that list. There's definitely both good and bad magic on that list, so name and and claim it...

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What the world needs is more cute videos of cats

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and woofleberry cake, perhaps a slice...

Not my holiday, but I did grow up in the generation who always wondered what razzleberry dressing was. So have a slice of woofleberry cake on me and be kind to each other, and especially to yourselves.* Read more about and woofleberry cake, perhaps a slice...

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Five Fabulous Divas of Christmas

Okay, I know I'm a Joooo and all, but gosh darnit, I just LOVE Christmas music. So, for all you folks out there who are celebrating Christmas today, and for those like me who aren't, but who enjoy great music anyway, this is for you! Merry Christmas!


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Merry Xma$, banksters!

Latest move in the toxic assets shell game: Hide the Big Shitpile in Fannie and Freddie:

The Obama administration pledged Thursday to provide unlimited financial assistance to mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, an eleventh-hour move that allows the government to exceed the current $400 billion cap on emergency aid without seeking permission from a bailout-weary Congress.

Christmas Day open thread

Gee, it's not really about things, is it?

Merry Christmas!*

NOTE * I dislike the blandness of "Happy Holidays... So if Christmas is not the holiday for you, all I can say is, enjoy your Chinese takeout doggy bag from last night! Read more about Christmas Day open thread

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