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Buy or Die!

Too bad for the insurance industry that phrase was coined by The Residents, because the evidence shows if they adopted it, it could be truth in advertising (via sphere via Angry Bear): Read below the fold...

Golden Sachs memo to employees: Reduce swine flu risk by having your driver open the car door

Via Big Picture.

Yeah, I'll be sure to remember that. Read below the fold...

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Harry Reid's health care bill: 2074 pages of crapulence

Well, folks, the Senate health plan is out. It's 2,074 pages long, and is even more crapulent than the House plan, from what I can tell.

Some of the awesome features:

1) Taxing more expensive plans that employers provide. The meme is that these are "Cadillac" plans, as if the people who are covered by these plans have any say WHATSOEVER in how much the programs cost.

2) Cutting even more from Medicare.

3) Offering an "opt-out" option for the states.

4) Forcing people to buy insurance, then penalizing them if they don't do so.

That's it!

Oh, wait. You wanted to know about that whole abortion thingy? Don't worry. The Senate has you covered! Read below the fold...

All-Christian prison proposed for Wakita, OK

Via Tulsa World:

This tiny town near the Oklahoma-Kansas state line north of Enid may soon own the country's only all-Christian prison, with Christian administrators, employees, counselors and programs.

"If Chicken Little doesn't come to town, we'll be open in 16 months," said Bill Robinson, the founder of Corrections Concepts Inc., a Dallas nonprofit prison ministry that is spearheading the project. ....

Robinson, himself an ex-con and prison minister, said he had been working for years on the idea of an all-Christian prison, and he had invested $1.3 million so far on construction plans and other expenses.

Read below the fold...

Is "marriage" identical or similar to "marriage"?

If the answer is Yes, Texas may just have outlawed all marriages, not just gay marriage:

Texans: Are you really married?

Maybe not.

Barbara Ann Radnofsky, a Houston lawyer and Democratic candidate for attorney general, says that a 22-word clause in a 2005 constitutional amendment designed to ban gay marriages erroneously endangers the legal status of all marriages in the state.

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2013? Fuck you, Harry!

Shit sausage can kill you:

Reid's bill would gradually extend health insurance coverage to nearly all Americans by providing government subsidies to help pay premiums. Starting in 2013, it would ban insurance company practices such as charging more to those in poor health, or denying them coverage altogether.

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Green Job Opening


I know of immediate openings for a C#/.Net programmer and an Oracle developer working in the green energy industry in the Boston MA area. People who are interested, or who know someone who might be, send an email to Read below the fold...

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Single payer advances in Vermont

Rep. Paul Poirier is single-minded on single-payer

MONTPELIER – Rep. Paul Poirier isn't holding his breath waiting for health care reform to come down from Washington, D.C.

Poirier, a Barre City independent, has spent the last several months talking to people about health care reform and his idea that Vermont could launch its own public option health insurance as a way to reduce costs and insure more people.

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Small business support for the public option

Small Business Owners Stand Up To Giant Insurance Lobby

Today, eight small business owners affiliated with the Main Street Alliance showed up at the conference with a simple question for Ignagni: Why is AHIP attempting to maintain the status quo? After sending a letter Friday requesting a meeting, the entrepreneurs were not surprisingly rebuffed. Instead, they appeared outside the conference, where they explained, one-by-one, how the exploding cost of health care premiums was making it difficult to operate profitably.

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Speaker training planned for Medicare-for-all proponents

deadline to register Wednesday

HUNTSVILLE, AL -- Do you support a Medicare-for-all approach to health care but don't know how to persuade others it's the right thing to do?

Huntsville pediatrician Pippa Abston and North Alabama Healthcare for All are organizing speaker training on that topic the afternoon of Dec. 6.

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Thank you Kucinich and Massa

Who Will Stand with Kucinich and Massa?

Of the 88 members of the House who say they are for a single payer national health care system, which ones will stand with Kucinich and Massa for single payer and against Obamacare in the upcoming health care end game?

Only a handful will need to come over to defeat Obama’s bailout of the health insurance corporations.

And trigger a national debate on how to replace those hundreds of health insurance corporations with one single payer.

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T-shirt rollout

"One voice", my sweet Aunt Fanny.

And who's got twenty-five bucks to spend on a friggin T-shirt?! The campaign is over! Get to work!*

NOTE And by "get to work" I mean get the country to work. "If you can." "Be the first to review this product"! Mine's in moderation now! Read below the fold...

Real care vs. phantom care

Words cannot express the relief I feel at not having to read yet another access blogger's "progressive" screed on Senate process. Now, about the sausage?

First, phantom reform does give you choice, but it is the choice between many HMOs and other private, for-profit insurance plans. Real reform would give patients the choice they actually want, which is to choose their doctors and hospitals. Americans don’t want a choice of insurance company bureaucrats; they want a choice of health care providers.

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Action alert: Rally for Braddock, PA community hospital

Braddock UPMC USW may seek injunction

The United Steelworkers Union USW is hoping for a big turnout on Thursday November 19 at the Save Our Community Hospitals Rally in Braddock, PA. The rally will take place at 2:00 PM at Fifth and Braddock Ave.

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