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Bowers Declares: Mission Accomplished!

Or at least that's how I read it:

I believe I can sum up, in three main points why progressives are so frustrated right now:

They are on the short-end of a left-progressive vs. Third Way ideological divide with the leadership of the American center-left coalition;

In attempts to not be on the short-end of #1, and persuade the coalition rank and file to join them, they face a massive organizational deficit against the coalition leadership;

Finally, if progressives look to split with the coalition in response to #1 and #2, more often than not they just end up getting squashed for it.

Run Run Rudolph

"... Santa's got to make it to town!"

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Quote of the day

No peeking!

It’s been a fucked up year for everyone major in politics except probably Hillary Clinton. No wonder assholes hate her so much.


Damn. If I still had an account at The Obama 527 Formerly Known As Daily Kos, that would really work for my sig!

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Does Baucus always sound drunk?

Shooting fish in a barrel...

I can't wait!

For the upcoming holiday season, we came up with the idea to re-post some of the more interesting/provocative/brilliant front page pieces from OpenLeft's history.

There are so many great posts to choose from! So let's join in the fun:

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Health Insurance Mandate vs. the U.S. Constitution

By David Swanson

Does the United States Constitution allow Congress to force people to purchase a product (health insurance) from a private corporation, and fine them or tax them if they refuse? The answer is a matter of debate, but there is little dispute that such an act of Congress would be unprecedented.

Sheldon Laskin, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Baltimore Law School who has argued that the Constitution forbids such a move, describes the new and dangerous can of worms it would open up: Read more about Health Insurance Mandate vs. the U.S. Constitution

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Three Cheers for Louise M. Slaughter!!!!!!

Louise Slaughter, chair of the House Rules Committee, has written an opinion piece for CNN:

It's time that we draw the line on this weak bill and ask the Senate to go back to the drawing board. The American people deserve at least that.

Not nearly as strong as I would like, but a tremendous shot across Harry Reid's bow. Read more about Three Cheers for Louise M. Slaughter!!!!!!

Project 5 to 5: My Personalized Chain Letter To "Kill the Bill" -- FWIW!


Subject line: PROJECT FIVE (friends) TO FIVE (Congress people): from libbyliberal asking for help to kill the “mockery of democracy” health care bill being rammed through Congress

Dear friend:

I am writing to ask that you take action now if you also feel distrust and a sense of betrayal from our government that is and has been obscenely serving the needs of mega-corporations at the expense of its citizenry. A government that could have and should have accomplished REAL health care solutions -- empathetic and encompassing reform -- for the serious plight of us Americans. Read more about Project 5 to 5: My Personalized Chain Letter To "Kill the Bill" -- FWIW!

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Kill the bill, Pennsylvania edition

If, and only if, you live in Pennsylvania, please contact Arlen Specter and Joe Sestak (who appears to be as thick as thieves with HCAN't) and ask them to be sure there is no language in the federal bill that would prohibit state based single payer systems such as the one being considered in Pennsylvania. Read more about Kill the bill, Pennsylvania edition

"[a|the][strong|robust|triggered]? public [health insurance]? [option|plan]" and the value of fuzzy semantics

The various media outlets attempting to fact check Obama's campaign position on [a|the][strong|robust|triggered]? public [health insurance]? [option|plan] are missing one very essential point: Read more about "[a|the][strong|robust|triggered]? public [health insurance]? [option|plan]" and the value of fuzzy semantics

"If Wall Street ran the airlines"

James Kwok.

Do note Kwok's pitch perfect rendition of Versailles bullshit. Several of Kwok's commenters seem to have mistaken parody for the real thing. Then again, there's a lot of that going around these days.

NOTE Why can't we get work like that on political language from the access bloggers? Read more about "If Wall Street ran the airlines"

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Look! In the Senate! It's...A "Progressive Pony" Fallacy!

I have a question for you, O Corrente Community. Have you, perchance, received an email like this recently?


As you probably know, the White House and Democratic Senate leaders caved to Joe Lieberman and took both the public health insurance option and Medicare expansion out of the health care bill.

That means no competition and no choice -- just a bailout of billions of dollars to the same insurance companies that caused our health-care crisis in the first place.

We have one more chance to change this bill. Progressives in Congress can say they will block any bill without a public health insurance option.

People, hold on.

As Lisa reminds us, sometimes you need to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Read more about People, hold on.

Ezra Klein assures us the individual mandate in Massachusetts is the cat's pajamas

Of course, he's been saying so for quite some time now, but recently he cites these figures to make his point:

• Over 96% of tax-filing adults who completed the Schedule HC had coverage at some point during calendar year 2008; almost 96% had coverage for the full year.

• 45,000 filers, uninsured and deemed able to afford insurance, were subject to a penalty—down 25% from last year’s 60,000 penalized.

• Insurance was unaffordable for about 21,000 (plus 88,000 under 150% fpl) individuals for the full year of 2008 and 24,000 individuals (plus 47,000 under 150% fpl) for part of the year.

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Terms With No Meaning


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