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jamzo Baseline Scenario:

while ferguson speaks of “... entitlements (including Medicare)... ”

he omits the noteworthy entitlements

the profit entitlements enjoyed by those who make their money from the illness of others

examples include

the entitlement of pharmaceutical pricing in the united states

the entitlement of employer sponsored healthcare

the insurance company entitlement in the small business and individual person insurance market

the patent protection entitlement accorded to pharmaceutical companies

the lack of regulation entitlement provided to health insurance commpany medical-loss ratios

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Thomas Hoenig For Fed Chairman

No Associated Press content was harmed in the writing of this post Read more about Thomas Hoenig For Fed Chairman

What happened to the Weiner amendment?

Michael Lighty, Director of Public Policy for the California Nurses Association, explains: Read more about What happened to the Weiner amendment?

Lost in the shuffle...

... of the Medicare Actuary's report on the Senate Bill -- we'll be spending a tiny bit more and bending the cost curve -- is that by taking single payer off the table, we're leaving $350 billion in savings a year on the table. That doesn't show that single payer wasn't "politically feasible"; it shows that the legacy parties are completely broken and deserve to die.

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House Reportedly Passes Bill to Audit Fed

If this is accurate, it's potentially huge. As Glen Ford has pointed out, a Fed audit has the capability of being a game changer. Not in terms of left v. right or Dems v. Republicans, but in terms of people v. oligarchy, increasingly the only fight that matters. Read more about House Reportedly Passes Bill to Audit Fed

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Demonstration with attitude at Hart Senate Building


Bodies Delivered to Senate Offices for Human Rights Day

Following the spirited rally, the activists entered the Senate building to visit 26 Senators and present them each with a letter that requested their support for Senate amendment 2837. The amendment, co-sponsored by Senators Brown and Burris, would substitute single payer financing for the current senate health legislation and would create a federal health system, administered at the state level, which would be universal, comprehensive and financially sustainable.

The demise of Editor and Publisher

Just a fraction of a single bankster's bonus would have kept them going, I'm sure.

Not with a bang, but a whimper. Read more about The demise of Editor and Publisher

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Not a frequent blogger, but here are a few things that are bugging me lately:
MSM where are you? Roll call reported this
and then it disappeared. Then big pharma is busted: Read more about potpourri

Because Versailles is out to fuck us

Yes, the legacy parties -- led in this case by Kent Gregg (D) and Judd Conrad (R) -- really are out to loot Social Security and Medicare*, by setting up a board to do the cuts so Congress doesn't have to vote on them.

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Melissa Bean and the Chicago Way


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