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Process Democrats to the bitter end and beyond


Still, as we look to the future, I hope any path progressives follow on health care focuses on reconciliation and expanding existing public options, rather than creating new ones.

Still, even now, Bowers can't bring himself to mention of those two little words, single payer. I'm curious, though:

Why can't Bowers mention single payer, even in a post mortem? Read more about Process Democrats to the bitter end and beyond

Better ask your HR person how badly Obama's health insurance reform is going to screw you

Yes, this is where we are: HR is more trustworthy than the Dems. Via Allegre, this from USA Today:

Unions have criticized* another provision in the Senate bill that would impose a 40% tax on high-priced health plans.

So, unions trade wages for a decent health care plan, and now the Senate taxes that away. Democrats! Friends of the working person! Read more about Better ask your HR person how badly Obama's health insurance reform is going to screw you

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Might I present a visual metaphor?

Yeah, well, I apologize for the lofty title. I found this YouTube ages ago, and thought it was pretty interesting in its own right. But, I just looked at it again, thinking about politics and the "health care debate".

So, I had some "free association" moments, metaphorically speaking. Which of course, are totally off the wall, but isn't that what free association is about? Read more about Might I present a visual metaphor?

How we killed health care, and how we can bring it back to life

America has at least 36 million uninsured citizens. Unpaid medical bills are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy. Approximately, 45,000 Americans die every year because they don't have health insurance. Read more about How we killed health care, and how we can bring it back to life

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On Political Feasibility

Do you know what you never hear? Republicans talking about what's "politically feasible" and telling their base they have to accept that. I don't remember Republicans saying in January: Read more about On Political Feasibility

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Resolutions, Not Hopes

By David Swanson

I resolve to do everything in my ability, while preserving my power to continue in future years, to reverse the destruction of the environment, the proliferation of weapons and wars, and the concentration of wealth.

I resolve neither to panic nor to behave as if we have a moment to lose.

I resolve neither to be gratuitously rude nor to value politeness above life-saving actions.

I resolve not to discriminate for or against elected officials or candidates on the basis of political party. Read more about Resolutions, Not Hopes


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Two Extreme Lowlights of the "Bipartisan" Senate "Healthcare Reform"

If it gets any more Bipartisan this Healthcare Reform bill will be issuing hunting permits for your quota of women entering and leaving women's health clinics.

Because this is supposed to be a bipartisan effort to fix healthcare and all, and that is all the left really wants to do is to fix it so people have access to Doctors in this healthcare reform. First a word from our regularly scheduled people that respect women and their rights: Read more about Two Extreme Lowlights of the "Bipartisan" Senate "Healthcare Reform"

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Citi's PR gesture


At first I just dismissed Citi's holiday suspension of foreclosures as a PR stunt. Until I read the fine print:

Citi has enrolled about 100,000 borrowers in the Obama program, but had made only about 270 of those modifications permanent as of the end of last month, according to a Treasury Department report. But Das said the low number resulted from a "reporting error" and said it will rise dramatically by year-end.

And then I remembered the McClatchy piece: Read more about Citi's PR gesture

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Kill the Bill: Nine Reasons


Here are nine reasons the Senate health care reform bill should be killed:

1) The bill gives almost no real help 'til 2014. In the short term, the bill does nothing about the fatalities, bankruptcies, and foreclosures that come from lack of insurance. Therefore, the very title of the bill -- "The Affordable Health Choices Act" --is a lie, despite band-aids for children and young adults, because the bill doesn't get people care in the short run at an affordable price that will protect them from financial ruin. Read more about Kill the Bill: Nine Reasons

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Kill the bill, possible plan of action

I have hit upon a possible plan of action for killing this bill. The bill passed narrowly in the house, and we may be able to convince members that the bill does more harm than good. Furthermore, it will be wildly unpopular, voting against this monstrosity is smart politics and good policy.

Let's look at the Conyers and the co-sponsors of HR 676. Do we have any of their constituents in the Mighty Corrente Building? Read more about Kill the bill, possible plan of action

Soviet-style air travel


I like the part where the guy's on four phones simultaneously. Productivity! Read more about Soviet-style air travel

Obama's owners show him who's boss

Simon Johnson has the definitive post on how the banksters blew off Obama's Best Meeting EVAH on regulatory reform:

However, three executives – Lloyd Blankfein [Golden Sacks], John Mack [Morgan Stanley], and Dick Parsons himself [Citi] – did not show up in person and had to join by conference call.  Their excuse was bad weather (fog) in DC meant that they were unable to fly in; Mack was quoted as saying, regarding their absence, “It’s certainly not for a lack of effort“. 

But really there are three possible interpretations:

  1. Pure bad luck.  This happens to us all; even the best laid plans are for nought sometimes.
  2. Bad management by the executives and their logistic teams – who are ordinarily the best of the best.
  3. Wilful defiance of the government which, while not premeditated in this instance, means that the executives grabbed an opportunity to show disrespect and relative power.

Which door would you pick? Read more about Obama's owners show him who's boss

About that "historic moment" in health insurance reform

Charlie Pierce calls his shot:

My new favorite futile argument for passing the current [Piece Of Shit] is that, in our politics, simply by passing the aforementioned POS, we forever will have established, banners aloft, the notion that healthcare is a right or, at least, an affirmative obligation of the national government. As a result, we will be freer to move forward as the years go by. This is a fine argument, provided that you were cryogenically frozen in 1958.

Obama to establish commission for looting Social Security by Executive Order?

Missed this one from December 15. More good news:

President Obama is seriously considering an executive order to create a bipartisan commission that could weigh sweeping tax increases and spending cuts to try to slash the soaring federal deficit, CNN has learned.


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