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The Prime Mover for Domestic Torture: The prison-industrial complex

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Others have written upon the coming Torture laws with far more precision than I can ever hope for, but there is one idea I've not seen injected into the discourse much. I have had the honor to hear Angela speak in person on the topic, and I strongly encourage you to become familiar with her work.

1. There has been a literal explosion of growth in the industry of imprisonment in the past few decades. Democrats and Republicans alike have legislated this reality.

2. It goes largely undiscussed because it has enriched many otherwise struggling communities and has primarily had an impact on the poor and minority populations.

3. Like most capitalist endeavors, the prison industrial complex must grow or die, and one can analyze the seemingly endless barrage of new laws expanding the range of offenses that warrant imprisonment through this filter.

4. It would be foolish, given the track record of this Administration and the neoconservative movement, to believe that the torture laws won't be used to justify the torture of US citizens.

5. Just as the war has enriched Halliburton and Titan and CACI, the torture laws will provide financial opportunity for those entities and similar concerns at home.

6. Never underestimate the neoconservative capacity to mix business with pleasure, that is, know that they relish the idea of making money by bringing their opponents pain.

7. The demonization of progressives and liberals as "traitors" and "enemies" paves the way for the application of wartime law at home. The greater neocon failures abound abroad, the greater their need to distract their supporters with fresh enemies. The easiest solution is to turn their attentions inward, to the domestic populations.

To me, this is what is at the heart of the torture legislation. Anyone who has even glanced inside American prisons knows that brutality and torture are not only common, but deliberate parts of a sadistic culture that has been allowed to grow unchecked for decades. What we are seeing today is the inevitable result of that.

And it will be applied to us, and soon. Sadism, greed, and the need to cover incompetence and failure will demand it from those who know no other way.

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