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A soft spot for Darryl Issa

Issa reminds me of our own Republican Governor LePage, crazy but not corrupt*, the reverse of Democrat Baldacci (who was corrupt). LePage genuinely doesn't give a shit, and is actually capable of acting from principle, even if I disagree with the principle. And LePage been far better on process with our on-going fight against the landfill than the Democrats ever were. We are actually getting a hearing with witnesses under oath, for the first time ever, and after 10 years. As for Issa:

Issa has been one of a handful of congressional Republicans to take an active role defending Internet freedom issues. He was the first Republican to speak aggressively against the Stop Online Piracy Act, a bill that Swartz led opposition to as an activist. Issa has also proved an aggressive partisan foe of the Obama administration, and has been criticized for overplaying the Fast and Furious investigation and prompting the contempt vote against Holder. Issa's work on Internet freedom issues was not restricted to SOPA, which online activists defeated in January 2012, but has included lower-profile trade policies [TPP??].

If Issa were able to escape the right wing echo chamber, he'd be going after the banks (a Grayson from the right). The opportunities for populism are there on the right as well as the left, but it's like Republicans don't know where to put the knife**: Too trivial and base-pandering, like getting lost in the weeds on Fast and Furious, or too grandiose and CT-ish, like Paul abolishing the Fed.

Now, one could argue that this inability is simply strategic, because look who emerges unscathed -- ZOMG!!! The banks LOL!!!! -- but I actually give some Republicans credit for acting from principle more than most Democrats, even if I hate the principles. There's a perfectly sound case to be made from the right for throwing the banksters in jail built on sanctity of contract, the rule of law, and "taking." Throw in an investigation of interest rate practices for the small business part of their base, and Issa 2016! (I could go for Issa vs. Grayson, though of course that would never happen.) If there's a Republican Disraeli, they'll end up displaying adaptability, because "If something cannot go on forever, it will stop."

NOTE * Yeah, the car alarm consigns Issa to some circle of Hell. I confess I haven't dug deeply into Issa's background, but he doesn't look any more corrupt than normal. He doesn't go around calling Lloyd Blankfein a "savvy businessman," for example. Maybe Google, a top Issa contributor, should go into Internet banking. Then we'd see some hearings!

NOTE ** Yes, I'm assuming Republicans are responsive to the electorate!

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