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A Star-Studded Evening

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The stars of the blogosphere were out Saturday night, shining bright from the Griffith Park area of Los Angeles where they gathered to do what bloggers do best: yap incessantly about politics. And about themselves. And other stuff they think about.

The Scene: the MJS household, a beautifully restored 1920's one-story mssion-style stucco building surrounded by succulent plants and filled with fluffy animals.

Imagine a place that MJS would live in, based on his postings. Then imagine he has a wife with an amazing talent for decorating. Imagine the home they would put together as a set for their affections. This is your scene.

True to their name, two guys from Martini Republic were the first to show up and request libations. Paul Rosenberg from MyDD followed shortly thereafter and began what was to become an evening full of engaging discussion as he and others stood facing the setting sun and the water feature on the stone patio.

How could I almost forget to mention that I had just met two of the most fabulous women who have ever walked the face of the Earth? Of course I am speaking of Leah and Chicago Dyke, who, along with Lambert, had flown in for the occasion.

Despite CD's fears that the crowd would end up an all-male "swordfight", there were actual women at this blogger gathering: Cookie Jill from Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, Ellen Dana Nagler from the Broad View and Girlfriend of BradBlog. I forgot to ask who they were wearing but I'm here to tell you they all looked stunning.

There may have been more women. But after the sun set my memories become fuzzy math. I blame the Frothing Wingnuts I mixed up in MJS's laundry room around that time. Drinking the blood of your enemy is powerful stuff. It also makes for a heckuva hangover.

Kevin Drum was in the house, representing the OC. David Ehrenstein looked slightly diabolical in a (tasteful) red shirt with black jacket and tie. Brad Friedman admitted he never reads Corrente (who invited him?).

I conversed with [or maybe "cornered" is the right word] Quiddity of Uggabugga about communicating through graphics. He said he had seen my Daou Diagrams. Props from the Tru Master!

So many stars on this magical evening, who can remember them all? Obviously, not me. Leah has the exclusive list of attendees since she organized the whole thing. She and other Correntians will fill in the blanks with their impressions of the events and more juicy gossip.

Not only did Leah put the evening together, she also cooked a whole mess of food including a scrumptious hand-cured lox. Bless her gigantic, big, big heart. Much bloggy love to the hosts with the most, the MJS's, and of course the dog, the legend, the one and only Mr. Chauncy.

Leftovers (Takeaways):

- Drinking heavily and arguing about pet issues with people you met on the internets can be considered political organizing.

- LA is not a flat, sprawling, characterless wasteland. There are hills, parks, funky neighborhoods and many non-plastic people.

- Do-It-Yourself Celebrity is fun. What has BradGelina done for you lately? Compared to, say, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (who was also in attendance last night)? Who really deserves fame and attention? Judging by Skippy's look for the evening I can only conclude that Revolution is glamorous.

- The blogosphere is a support group for those suffering from Bush Administration Outrage Fatigue.

- Strangely enough, people who are interesting, intelligent, funny on their blogs tend to be, with a few notable exceptions, cool people in real life.

- Corporate consumer culture teaches us to fear others, dividing and conquering us. But blogger gatherings like this one and Drinking Liberally bring together people from very different backgrounds and social circles. Meeting people face to face is important to establishing a real network.

- My blogmates rule. Thanks, Xan, for holding down the Mighty fort.

UPDATE: Blinded by The Starlight

Let the record show that RJ Eskow was there and one of the coolest cats at the party. And I'm not just saying that because he's noticed (with a hint of bitterness) that he was not included above.

I sent Leah an email yesterday asking her to post the 75% of attendees I can't remember due to a combination of starstruckenness (yeah, it's a word) and heavy alchohol consuption on my part. I also asked her who was that dude who was there almost to the bitter end...? But I haven't heard back yet. Leah probably needs more time to recover from the party, she doesn't practice her drinking as much as I do.

As flashbacks of the evening begin to bubble up in my noggin, I also just remembered talking about political marketing with Matt (I hope I got this name right) from Say No To Pombo who I had met at a Bay Area Bloggers And Readers drinkfest.

We're just getting started with the blogger celebrity blogging here at Corrente. It's hard work, as our President would say. Anyone else (and there are many) who I forgot please leave an angry comment.

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