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Achieving emergent party viability

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In my limited experience, emergent parties lack what I call the discipline of winning. Their members are usually well informed on issues, but lack the knowledge of nuts and bolts get-out-the-vote operations. So here is my list of things that every local emergent party committee should have in order to win, if not this year, then by 2016.

Every local committee must have a chair, which they already do. This chair must be able to recruit and delegate.

Every local committee needs a field operations coordinator. This individual would be responsible for researching past elections to see where emergent party candidates did the best (for example, precincts where Nader exceeded 2% of the vote). Then the field coordinator would come up with ideas as to how to identify supporters in those precincts and build the organization. The field coordinator would also make a list of parades, local festivals, farmer's markets, and other visibility opportunities.

Every local committee needs a fundraiser, even if they only organize an annual pasta dinner with auction.

Every local committee needs a treasurer and probably an assistant treasurer to be sure they are on the right side of the campaign finance laws. Reporting requirements are very very difficult.

Every local committee needs a web master. Putting candidate information online is one of the most important things emergent party committees can do for their candidates.

Every local committee needs a data base coordinator to maintain voter records so they can reach out to their supporters early in the year and build their vote.

Every legacy party local committee has people who do this work. It is a large part of why they win. Emergent parties need to start thinking like this if they want to be viable.

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