If you have "no place to go," come here!

After our Texas-stupid Preznit turns Iraq into a hell, he won't let the Iraqis escape here

Even if they are brown, and not Christian, so what? I mean, why would that matter?

With thousands of Iraqis desperately fleeing this country every day, advocates for refugees, and even some American officials, say there is an urgent need to allow more Iraqi refugees into the United States.

Until recently the Bush administration had planned to resettle just 500 Iraqis this year, a mere fraction of the tens of thousands of Iraqis who are now believed to be fleeing their country each month.

Until recently, the administration did not appear to understand the gravity of the problem.

That's called denial. Because if we let more Iraqis in, that might create the perception that we're not winning:

"I don’t know of anyone inside the administration who sees this as a priority area,” said Lavinia Limón, president of the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, a nongovernmental refugee resettlement agency based in Washington. “If you think you’re winning, you think they’re going to go back soon.”

Of course, the Iraqis who helped us are in the most danger:

For Iraqis, a tie to the United States is a life-threatening liability, particularly in harder-line Sunni neighborhoods. In 2003, Laith, an Army interpreter who would allow only his first name to be used, got a note threatening his family if he did not quit his job. His neighborhood, Adhamiya, was full of Baath Party loyalists. A month later, his father opened the door to a stranger, who shot him dead.

Laith’s mother begged him to stop working, but his salary, $700 a month at the time, supported the entire family. Then someone threw a sound grenade at the house. Graffiti appeared on a wall in ugly black paint accusing Laith of selling information about insurgents to the military. Laith and his family moved out of the house. Soon after, it was broken into and photographs of him with American soldiers were found in a family photo album.

“They know me,” he said, sitting in one of Baghdad’s hotels, because his family would not allow a Western reporter inside the house. “They know when I come and go.”

But since Inerrant Boy must remain Inerrant, the groupthinkers and Bush enablers in the White House give us the business as usual:

“What I want to hear from you is how we’re going to win,” [Casey] quoted [Bush] as warning his commanders, “not how we’re going to leave.”

Mr. Bush still insists on talking about victory, even if his own advisers differ about how to define it. “It’s a word the American people understand,” he told members of the Iraq Study Group who came to see him at the White House in November, according to two commission members who attended. “And if I start to change it, it will look like I’m beginning to change my policy.”

So, thousands of Iraqis who want to escape the hellhole we made for them, and thousands more who we put at risk, won't be able to escape because Bush has a problem with semantics. Teh stupid! It burns!

Because Bush really is Texas Stupid, just like the guy with the pig run. That guy said "I’d be the laughingstock now because I’ve gone too far." Just like our Preznit. What a farce.

NOTE Pre-emptive strike, here: “Texas Stupid” does not imply that all Texans are stupid; rather, it implies either that in Texas, stupidity is outsized, like everything else; or that there is a brand of stupidity peculiar to Texas. In either case, as Molly Ivins writes, “It’s often hard to discern the difference between Texas Tough and Texas Stupid.” And that was back in 2001.

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