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Just got an email with some blogs from a friend I trust on such matters, and I thought I'd share, for those of you looking to do oppo research.

Mudflats. Newer, but high quality.

Progressive Alaska by Phil Munger, who's worked with FDL and other progblogs.

Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis who was a credentialed blogger in Denver.

Kodiak Konfidential which looks a little on the silly side, but why not?

OK, fuck all that html; it's Labor Day, dammit. You can copy and past the rest:

The Immoral Minority --
Dennis Zaki -- -- Dennis has pretty much stopped posting, but is encyclopedic in scandal knowledge and a great AK reporter.
Alaska Real -- -- Native Alaskan blogger, also at the DNC
I Eat Gravel --
Rural Alaska -- -- what it sounds like

(These are less strongly rec'd by my friend)
Andrew Halcro -- -- Halcro is AK's top Republican blogger and has done a yeoman's job furthering Troopergate. He ran against Palin for Governor, but is one of the state's more respected bloggers.
What Do I Know -- -- Normally Democratic blogger who has been very supportive of Palin and Palin's pick by McCain. I'd be careful...
An Alaska Abroad -- -- Written by Robert Dillon, a DC based reporter for the Fairbanks News-Miner. Dillon is a shill for Ted Stevens and a shitty blogger to boot. He thinks the "Not Sarah's Baby" diary was written by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (and says so in full:

(These are rated untrustworthy by same)

Voice of the Times -- -- Formerly editors at the Daily News, this is the main home of batshit crazy Republican talking points. Think Assrocket level of stupidity.
Alaska Pride -- -- This is a white supremacist blog that writes a lot of run-of-the-mill Republican political coverage too. It comes up in a lot of searches, so just be careful.

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They refer to Celtic Diva up there as CD. Kind of confused me when I first came across it.

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There Can Be Only One, and i am She. snicker.