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America wants health care, not health insurance!

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An interview with Katie Robbins of Healthcare-NOW!

Mickey Z: It seems no one (outside of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, of course) is happy with America's market-driven health care system. Do you think the country—particularly in light of the current economic crisis—is finally ready to embrace single-payer as a logical alternative?

Katie Robbins: Yes, the country is absolutely ready...and we've got the polling to prove it. According to an Associated Press poll in December 2007, 65% responded that the United States should adopt a universal health insurance program in which everyone is covered under a program like Medicare. Another poll-side victory was celebrated this year when a study showed a solid majority of doctors — 59 percent — now support national health insurance. The current free-market health system in the United States is ruled by health care disparities, waste, and greed that results in poor health care outcomes. A single-payer, Medicare-for-all system provides a simple, effective, and morally-just alternative.

Don't let anyone tell you that this is not realistic.

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Business Cool Toward McCain’s Health Coverage Plan --

(it's good if they don't like it, i think)

So: we'd be taxed on the deductions (say, $100ish/paycheck would get taxed as if it's part of our salary, where now it's not), and we'd all still get tax credits anyway? Is that what it is?

And billions would get added to the treasury because of the tax, which we desperately need, no?

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Businesses would lose their tax deduction for providing benefits, thus no economic reason for them to provide group health care. Individuals would get $5,000 tax credit to buy on the open market. For some, maybe enough money, especially if they are young, single and healthy. For those of us who are older, have some pre-existing conditions and for families, a bad deal.

No provisions in McCain's plan to make insurance companies cover folks with pre-existing conditions. And family plans cost a lot more than $5,000/year.

McCain's plan might be good for insurance companies, but not for people. Medicare for All is the only way to go.