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American Extremists: Midterm booster pack

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A round-up of AE cartoons relevant to the historically historic nothing-but-fear-itself 2010 midterms:

American Extremists - Less and lesser

American Extremists - Deliverance

American Extremists - The party's over

American Extremists - Why we need two parties

American Extremists - Ball fumbling

American Extremists - Backbone to the future

American Extremists - Smooth movements

American Extremists - Under the non-influence

American Extremists - Ownership society

American Extremists - Lock the vote

American Extremists - Uninterested parties

American Extremists - Should I lie to you?

American Extremists - Every way you look at it you lose

American Extremists - Obstruction fiction, what's your function?

American Extremists - Contracted something

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who just emailed me asking for $$!! NOW -- or else that's it, it's all over, the world as we know it will end!

I'd love to point out to her that you can't ignore someone for six years and then write in a panic begging for money. But your work says that and so much more -- and says it much better than anything I'd come up with.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." -- Albert Einstein

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Lets was talking about "fragmented" conscience among psuedo-progressives. Thanks for all the Exhibit As!!!

I think you should contact Debra Sweet of World Can't Wait about selling your T-shirts there or at her events. She loves mine. Hmm.

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