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Needless to say, don't give MoveOn a dime, and send back your membership. Heck, ask for a refund!

NOTE It's, again, like Ian said. If there is to even be a left, the left has to take Obama down, and BE SEEN to take him down. So whatever's lower down on the ticket doesn't matter. This is existential.

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Submitted by Hugh on

"We want Obama back? This is like the peasants asking if they can have those houses behind the Potemkin facades.

The sheer unreality of MoveOn is pretty breathtaking. I mean what's next on their agenda, protesting the Kaiser? I don't know if this is another cynical exercise by the veal pen or whether they truly are this clueless. Ultimately, it's much the same, just another excuse not to move into opposition to Obama and the Democrats.

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Submitted by gizzardboy on

That was the title of the recent email message I got from CREDO. I had to click on it to see which of the many sell outs this one was going to be about.

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Submitted by Bryan on

I was part of the original "Censure and Move On" campaign that was launched during the impeachment of Clinton. They were an independent campaign with members on both sides of the aisle - the true center, if you will.

They didn't endorse anyone, because they wanted to retain their independence, until the 2004 campaign, and then after the nomination process was over, so I was taken aback when they gave me less than a day to respond to a call to endorse a candidate in the Democratic primary. When they announced their decision to endorse a candidate, I cut them off, before they made their selection, because they violated their own stated philosophy and focused on people rather than issues.

When I heard they endorsed Obama, I knew I was right, because they can't have looked at his voting record in both Illinois and the US Senate.

They wanted to gain influence by endorsing a "winner" and they deserve to just disappear into /dev/null with the other spam producers.

Submitted by gob on

The headline: On tax cuts, liberals wonder if Obama's really got their back! Oh those liberals. Dumb as dirt.

Besides the idiocy from MoveOn, we have:

"At a moment when they could have celebrated victory, this White House incredibly chose to wave the white flag, signaling to Republicans that they will take any deal, no matter how bad, including borrowing billions to extend tax cuts for the richest Americans," Adam Green and Stephanie Taylor, the co-founders of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, said in a statement.


"Why the president doesn't take a strong stand on this, I have no idea. I don't get it. He has nothing to lose," said Gary Jacobson, a professor of political science at the University of California San Diego and a leading scholar of Congress


The White House says that Obama still wants to let the tax cuts for the wealthy expire, and he wants jobless benefits extended, too; they expired this week.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the president "applauds the House" for its tax cut vote. But, he said, the bipartisan talks are necessary because "Republicans have made it clear that they won't pass a middle-class extension without also extending tax cuts for the wealthy." And they apparently have enough Senate votes to impose their will.

Obama has signaled that he's eager to deal, saying four days after the Nov. 2 elections, "Something's got to be done, and I believe there's room for us to compromise and get it done together."

[My emphases throughout]

So Obama applauds those who try to do what he "wants", but is eager to deal with those who oppose them.

Honestly, I blame myself, not that I ever lifted a finger for Obama in any way, but that I couldn't imagine he would be this bad. I bow to the superior judgment of many here.

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... that Daley might throw his hat in the ring. If so, that might explain why Rahm went back to Chicago (to vote the graveyards) and also why they moved the DNC there.

If so, yay, because then the Ds will split for good. Go Whigs!

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I just checked Booman, to see if the recent slippages had any effect...