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Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

Recently, we've seen a spate of bloggers figuring out that, as Ian points out, maybe, just maybe Obama does what he does because that's what he intends to do. And then we see the sorrow and the pity at Booman's:

Somehow we nurtured a whole generation of conservatives who are too young to have suffered the depredations of the Great Depression, have never heard Glenn Miller play, have no clue whether "LaSalle" is a university or an out-of-production poor man's Cadillac, and who think Herbert Hoover's policies [haw] should be replicated even though they are have no idea what those policies were and why they failed.

There's a lot of debate going on about why the Democrats are not more effective in sticking together and why they are not as ruthless as the Republicans. I am no longer terribly interested in that question, which seems to be a fact of life. What I want to know is how this new breed of conservative was created and what we can do about making sure that the cycle is not repeated.

"No longer interested..."

Shorter Booman:


NOTE Get away from me! Get away! He's a PBR drinker! He had to say that! Wait 'til he does something! He's only been President [ one month | six months | one year | two years ]! He's playing 11-dimensional chess! He's better than [Hillary|McCain]! [ He can't do anything because of the filibuster! | He's the greatest President since FDR! | He's only one man! ] Get away! I don't want to hear it! [stamps feet, plugs ears].

All together now: "... that's because he's a conservative!"

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Submitted by Valhalla on

(not that I've ever wanted to hear anything from Booman anyway), the very last is members of the OFB bemoaning the historical ignorance and easy propaganda-programming of younger people. Career progressives and leaders of the OFB ruthlessly exploited that very quality for in service of the elevation of their own Mao/Stalin/JC Superstar/Mussolini/Jim Jones/Second Coming. It's a bit late to complain now, when you've trained a generation that political discourse has nothing to do with analysis, knowledge, or policy, and everything to do with who can snark the loudest at all those low-information "little people" who refuse to worship at the alter of their Dear Leader. If the world is not as Booman would have it, he only has himself to blame.

Submitted by lambert on

Quite right, too.

Booman is great because he's the mainstream of Opologist thinking. He's very reliable. So, if he says he doesn't want to think about something, you can be sure that the rest of Obama's Rump D Party aren't thinking about it, either.

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This isn't something I've been writing for damn near two years?

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I mean, the uniquifier on the title-driven URL for this series is 57...

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I separated the links, and Ian's wording does apply to him, but that's not crystal clear. I'll adjust.