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Another Face of War

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An image can be a powerful agent of communication, beyond words and reason and hyperbole and argument. It can lift you up like a bird on the wind and it can smack you down so far that your heart collapses in a corner and pleads "no more, no more."

That's where I am right now. "No more, no more."

Image from the New York Times.


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yeah...i've had this one for a while. this is one of the most tragic and sad pictures i've seen in my life. beyond the initial shock...when you begin looking at it. her face. his downcast feeling face...the shadows. what they probably expected when they planned the wedding initially...corinne had it right. heartbreaking.

and for what?

.delusions of un mundo mejor.

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I had seen the image before, but let it go. It's so many things at once, and most of them sad. What do we do with reality, after being sold again and again a song and dance?

A friend sent me the following info.:

One of the more shocking photographs to emerge from the current Iraq war was taken last year in a rural farm town in the American Midwest. It’s a studio portrait by the New York photographer Nina Berman of a young Illinois couple on their wedding day.

The bride, Renee Kline, 21, is dressed in a traditional white gown and holds a bouquet of scarlet flowers. The groom, Ty Ziegel, 24, a former Marine sergeant, wears his dress uniform, decorated with combat medals, including a Purple Heart. Her expression is unsmiling, maybe grave. His, as he looks toward her, is hard to read: his dead-white face is all but featureless, with no nose and no chin, as blank as a pullover mask.

Two years earlier, while in Iraq as a Marine Corps reservist, Mr. Ziegel had been trapped in a burning truck after a suicide bomber’s attack. The heat melted the flesh from his face. At Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas he underwent 19 rounds of surgery. His shattered skull was replaced by a plastic dome, and a face was constructed more or less from scratch with salvaged tissue, holes left where his ears and nose had been.

He included this link.


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Except "no more, no more." Thank you, dr s, for reposting the image, which I "borrowed" from the Times. The bride's face, staring off into a distance I cannot fathom, and the almost apologetic stance of her wounded husband say it all.

Here you are, America. We're the bride and the groom. Bring 'em on, indeed.


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who started, and continue to pimp this war.

Damn them.

Damn them.

Damn them.

To whatever hell they believe in, for eternity.