If you have "no place to go," come here!

Anybody want a low-power FM radio station?

In late 2012 or early 2013 the FCC will open a 30 day window for acceptance of new station license applications from nonprofit organizations across the country.
What could your peace and justice work, your environmental or educational or housing advocacy, your arts organization or whatever DO with ITS OWN RADIO STATION?

Put Your Hands On The Radio!

Find out how this works and what it means for you at this Thursday's free webinar/conference call. It's time for us to grab the mic for real.

The internet is wonderful, but it's not local. Nothing builds community like local radio. Nothing provides local artists with the chance to reach local audiences like local radio. This is an opportunity some of us have fought for most of 20 years to create. It won't come again. Find out what it means to you this Thursday April 26 9PM EST.

Click the pic above for your free registration.... See you on the call this Thursday. It's hosted by Black Agenda Report and Prometheus Radio.

The FCC recently cleared the airwaves for community radio, allowing for the largest expansion of community radio in US history. Join the Prometheus Radio Project for a free webinar to learn more about how community groups and nonprofits can seize this opportunity to change the media landscape. This is a one-time chance for social justice groups to own and control our own media outlets. It's a chance to amplify our voices and empower our movements.

Thousands of new licenses will be made available, but the deadline to apply could come as soon as this fall! The Prometheus Radio Project is coordinating a broad coalition of groups to get the word out and support hundreds of groups to apply for, build, and sustain new stations nationwide. We are working with civil rights groups, labor, environmental, indigenous, immigrants, LGBT, faith groups and more - the 99% - who are gearing up to build new multimedia community radio stations and organizing centers nationwide.

Learn more from these recent articles in The Nation, "Revolution on the Radio," Raw Story, "FCC decision strikes critical blow to right-wing radio dominance," this AP story, "Airwaves Clear Slightly for Community Radio" and of course this week's Black Agenda Report for more details......

Get ready to put your hands on the radio.....

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Sorry, I forgot to include this in the above..... Low power stations cover about a six mile radius from the broadcast tower site.... If your station is in Birmingham or Brooklyn that's a lot. If it's a small or medium sized city it could still be a substantial audience.

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Radio is a subject dear to my heart (even as I decry the actual state of the public airwaves). I was music director a decade ago at my college radio station and at one point was putting in fifteen hours a week of air time. I still miss those days left of the dial.