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Anyone at the NY state capitol demo?

Buffalo News:

UPDATE: Hundreds of demonstrators are scattered in several different areas of the Capitol as of 3pm. A group of state university students have jammed the Million Dollar Staircase [#172], while other groups have formed outside the Assembly and Senate chambers holding signs [#8] and shouting at lawmakers [#32]. The Assembly has stopped passing budget bills until 6pm while lawmakers await the two biggest and most controversial bills: school aid and health care funding.


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i've randomly followed a few tweeters, but haven't taken the time to choose the best - looks like you found a good one.

would be nice for occasions like this if the twitter block could follow hashtags - is that a definite impossibility, or just something you haven't had time to look into yet?

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It's the sort of thing that ought to be possible, but I don't have time to mess about with it now. As there is a "user" function, so there is likely to be a.... hash? hashtag? function....

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SUNY Albany students rally with other SUNY students from around the state to protest NY budget that is cutting around 1.3 billion from education. Many concerned community members joined in solidarity