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Appalling racism on DU

US Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Fla) is a not always well-spoken Congresswoman. Some racist joker on Youtube took one of her short House floor speeches and jazzed it up with loops and splices. A DU jagoff linked to it, and general hilarity
ensued. (I'd quote some of this shit, but then you'd have to ban me.)

But hey, it's a perfectly reasonable post for DU. Because, we all know blacks are stupid and don't know how to talk and we should ridicule them at any opportunity, because that's what Democrats do, right? Right?

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I'm not sure if the creator of the video was trying to be anything but silly (the video almost seemed like an endearing tribute to the Gators, in fact), but the comments both on the video and DU were just plain wrong. The bad thing is save for tripping over maybe word or two at the most, most of what people are deriding her over is just her accent, and this just further shows me how black and Southern accents continue to be seen as 'stupid' or 'less intelligent.' If I'd not known any better I'd have gone into watching the video thinking that she couldn't lace a sentence together, which isn't the case.