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Army suicides spike


One week after the U.S. Army announced record suicide rates among its soldiers last year, the service is worried about a spike in possible suicides in the new year.

The Army said 24 soldiers are believed to have committed suicide in January alone -- six times as many as killed themselves in January 2008, according to statistics released Thursday.

The Army said it already has confirmed seven suicides, with 17 additional cases pending that it believes investigators will confirm as suicides for January.

If those prove true, more soldiers will have killed themselves than died in combat last month. According to Pentagon statistics, there were 16 U.S. combat deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq in January.

"This is terrifying," an Army official said. "We do not know what is going on." ....

Maybe they're realizing they all have sixteen months to gp.

Or that the "right" war is in Afghanistan.

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Submitted by hells kitchen on

at least in WWII people believed in the justness of the war.

If we send men and women into combat where there is a sense that the war is not just, that the conduct of the war violates some standard of human behavior, when there is a sense of hopelessness that anything good can come out of what you're doing -- why is anyone surprised by the level of despair that is indicated by these results?

I get this eerie feeling that they'd rather kill themselves than kill someone else.

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You people don't seem to realize what you've caused. There is no enemy, no cause worth the fight, no hope, no end in sight.


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Geez, anyone that has ever had to do something with no end in sight and no break knows what is going on. The fact that these poor people don't know WHEN they will be able to go home and never come back explains everything, not to mention having to do far more than they signed up for.

What part of abuse of people don't they get?