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Auditing John Yoo's class

More like this, please.

Maybe they should have taken a page from Randall Terry's book, and thrown fake blood.

Or, possibly, fake oil.

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has been engaged by Yoo to represent him in the Padilla suit, and is also representing him in an internal DOJ investigation.

Wall Street Journal Law Blog has the details, as well as some interesting aspects of the conflicts of interest that apparently prompted DOJ's withdrawing from the Yoo representation.

And the DOJ is paying Estrada's bill.

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Bush's nominee to the DC Court of Appeals, successfully filibustered by Democrats - ringing any bells yet?

Estrada, 42, a Honduran immigrant, would have been the first Hispanic to sit on that court, which sometimes serves as a steppingstone to the U.S. Supreme Court.

He was nominated by Bush in May 2001, but Senate Democrats used a filibuster to block his approval.

From CNN

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Thanks for the info. Too much even for the Senate Dems? Good to know.