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Bahrain (state violence)

AJE live blog:

7:55pm An Al Jazeera producer in Manama reports on the shooting:

Our sources say people were participating in a solidarity protest for the doctors and nurses who helped on February 17. They decided to walk to Pearl Roundabout, with the idea of giving police and army flowers, as a gesture of goodwill [#21].

They didn't even make it, army opened fire about 500 metres away. Witnesses said they were aiming at head and chest. Salmaniya hospital is now calling for blood donations. 

The Pearl Roundabout right now is full of riot police.

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From the Barcalounger: The Sunni/Shia division the BBC reports makes me dubious about ultimate prospects, but then I suppose it's as appropriate for me to give advice to the Bahreinis as to the Egyptians, that is, not at all. Putting this under the heading of lessons learned, we might consider religious divisions in our own communities, states, and countries.

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The Crown Prince weighs in:

Bahrain's crown prince, meanwhile, called for calm, saying it was "time for dialogue, not fighting".

"The dialogue is always open and the reforms continue," Crown Prince Sheikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa said on Bahrain TV.

"We need to call for self-restraint from all sides, the armed forces, security men and citizens," he said. "I urge you, there should be calm. Now is time for calm."

Well, then, either the shooters weren't following orders, or they were. Which is it?

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On Kristof:

His most recent tweet recorded a chaotic scene: “Police attacking protesters here at hospital [Excellent public relations....] in #Bahrain. Tear gas inside. Panic.” He continued: “Panicked crowds running thru hospital after police attack. Drs rushing to ER. Tear gas grenades outside, wafting in.”

Kudos to Kristof for being on the ground.