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BARBARians (almost) Sack Rockridge

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The Big Brains and Bold Hearts of the Bay Area Blogosphere were out last Wednesday drowning their existential angst in endless pitchers of Death and Taxes at Ben n' Nicks Bar and Grill in Rockridge, near Berzerkeley.

Not only is the Blogosphere a support group for people suffering from Bush Regime Outrage Fatigue (medical term), blogger happy hours are a support group for blog addicts. We discussed how to balance the demands of blogging against the distractions of work, the perfect number of posts per day, how group blogs are (or should be, for f's sake) absorbing the excess capacity of A-list blogs... the important questions, basically.

Your intrepid blog celebrity reporter (in the words of Sly Stone: "everybody is a star") ascertained the following tasty tidbits:

Kvatch of Blognonymous has started a political limerick contest inspired by a pretender to MJS' rightful title of Poet Blogeate. Dr. Laniac has collaborated with the Freewayblogger on Iraq: The Musical (click here for one of the songs complete with flash animation).
Mags (who looked smashing, as always) tells me you can get your DNA analyzed and your ancestry tracked by National Geographic for about a hundred bucks. Tom Hilton expounded upon the concept of Treppenwitz, a German word that describes coming up with a snappy repartie minutes, hours, days (in my case) after a conversation has ended: the perfect occasion for a late night blog entry. Qubit AKA The Token Reader came up with yet another brilliant Physics-related political metaphor, but I can't remember what the hell it was. Generik is looking forward to the Second Annual Bay Area Bloggers And Readers Guns n' Wine Outing,, which I pledged would happen sometime this Summer. Token reader Reed pesters Scaramouche with comments under the alias PoPoDog. Scaramouche AKA The Swashblogger confirmed that it is indeed an Italian superstition to touch your balls (discreetly, if possible) whenever you see a Nun. Not in attendance, but props anyway to BARBARian regular Paperwight for getting picked up by Daou.

Keep your eye to the sky during the non-rent check lunar period every month for the next BARBARian drinkfest location.


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