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Because Obama hates whistleblowers

SEC has a $450 million warchest for whistleblowers, has used $50,000 of it:

While the media has focused on corporate whistleblowers at large public stockholder held companies, the vast majority of cases eligible for awards have been money managers, brokers and registered investment advisers that were scamming investors. Based on what I have seen these managers and brokers are turned in not only by employees and ex-employees, but by competitors and other investment professionals looking for a level playing field.

The SEC has collected 3,000 whistleblower tips from all 50 states and from 49 countries and according to a recent internal audit are working them through their system. However, the SEC has only paid out less than $50,000 in claims, with a war chest of $450 million. Many whistleblowers have become frustrated, and some are not coming forward with even valid claims because they are intimidated by the length of the bureaucratic process.

This administration can't even incentivize the rule of law