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Being sniffed out and attacked

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Any and all help is welcome.
I *think* I understand macro well enough. But if I start to fail. give me a hand.

"He who designs and controls the nukes rules the world," is my DIY philosophy.

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I lack the attention span to comprehend that conversation.

I'd be wary of too-readily adopting the terminology of capitalism/the establishment/whatever collective noun you prefer. "macro" reeks too much of accepting a misleading, at best, understanding of How Things Actually Work. is worth visiting for an alternative glossary. Names I'll drop: Stephanie Kelton, Bill Black, Ann Pettifor, David Harvey.

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And I think he can be reasonable here.
And I think I might understand macroeconomics JUST enough to argue in econo-speak while also telling the truth.

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Who Are These Economists, Anyway? by James K. Galbraith

I also agree with kewball that to think/argue within the neoclassical straitjacket--which is what Krugman does--is a mistake in the first place. If you're interested in some readings, I'd suggest Thorstein Veblen (esp. Absentee Ownership) and the original J.K. Galbraith (esp. The Affluent Society and The Great Crash, 1929), as well as Marxist economists such as David Harvey (mentioned by kewball) or John Bellamy Foster.

I also won't be joining arguments, but I do think trying to get Krugman on your side (or getting yourself on his side?) is a mistake.

Clarification: when I say 'neoclassical', I mean the 'neoclassical synthesis', so I'm including folks such as Krugman.

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And I think I'm winning!

Our basic morality is where it's at. We are transparent activist ninjas. And our ideas are kickass compared to the enemy.