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Beowulf: New Deal 2.0 (comment)

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Thursday, November 4, 2010
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United States
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Commenter beowulf continues discussion at the Roosevelt Intitutute's New Deal 2.0 blog (history; original [broken].

The idea of using coin seigniorage, the profits made from minting proof platinum coins, depositing them at the Fed, and receiving electronic credits in return, to remove the need for issuing debt, and so to always stay under the debt ceiling is due to a commenter (and occasional blogger) on economics and politics blogs whose screen name is beowulf (Carlos Mucha). The first comment of beowulf's I noticed on coin seigniorage was at New Deal 2.0. Unfortunately, when The Roosevelt Institute redid its New Deal 2.0 site, it wiped out the record of beo's comment.

NOTE We thought this was the original citation; in fact, there turned out to be an earlier one.

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