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Best Obama joke EVAH!

I have a drone...


Submitted by cg.eye on

Not really, but *our* conflating Obama and MLK because they're black world leaders needs to be distinct from *Obama* conflating himself with MLK, because of hubris. That's really hard to do in four words, so the joke might take more work.

Howzabout these:

For his MLK Day of Service, Obama considers it enough not to issue an Executive Order for his own raise....

For his MLK Day of Service, Obama orders Justice to file an Amicus Curiae brief on behalf of Greenberg/AIG's lawsuit, going so far as asking his Holder to join the plaintiff's team....

For his MLK Day of Service, Obama authorized a preemptive Federal pardon for his best skiing bud in Aspen... who, as the drones fly, is about to be busted in a DEA raid, for foolishly providing the most massive skunk buds he could buy, for his lodge guests....

For his MLK Day of Service, Obama, through the proper channels, allowed Tarantino to fantasize about him -- movie plans are on hold, of course, until after his library is built....

And, as his last act on his MLK Day of Service, he let his favorite drones kill Sarah & John Connor, to cheer them up.

Submitted by lambert on

So indeed part of the joke is that it's Obama doing the conflation.

Though I suppose one could argue the Obama Lifestylers cheering in the stands making the same "mistake."

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