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Blast From Yer Past: "There IS A Difference"

(This one's a bit of an "oldie", as it was done in April of '08, to be made into stickers for plastering on the streets during the party convention protests, but it's still apropos to the current mid-term fracas.)

After all that time listening to the Democratic apparatchiks and whining Liberal punditocracy at outfits like Daily Kos and The Nation pissing and moaning and insisting that there really, really was a difference between the Republicans and Democrats, I finally figured out that they're absolutely right -- there is a difference, and here it is:

Anyone else here notice how whenever Lefties and progressives become annoyed and fed up with the Democrats and decide to mount an electoral challenge from the Left, their response is always something along the lines of "no, no! The Democrats will lose! The Eeeeevil Republicans will take over! We can't do anything to hurt the Democrats' chances!"

Same with staying home on "Election" Day, when your conscience won't let you cast another vote for the Democrats. The Kool-Aid trippers get all panicked and say shit like "no! That'll hurt the Democrats!" Hell, you could make that their goddamn' motto. At least the GOP can specifically say what they're about and what they'll do. All the goddamn' Democrats can do is beg their irate progressive/Left constituencies -- as well as the GOP -- to please, please don't hurt them.

We'll Rule You Like Despots, medium-res jpg image, 700k

Please Don't Hurt Us, medium-res jpg image, 708k

Stickers, 3x5 inches

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Submitted by libbyliberal on

though Hawkins (green for ny gov) calls the Dems and Repubs posturing the good cop and the bad cop kabuki con on all of us. I like this approach since they are both working for the oligarchs.