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Bush's Commerce Secretary and Irony

Carlos M. Gutierrez, Secretary of Commerce, on the Diane Rhem show on Tues and speaking about Cuba. From his mouth to the Republican Party's ears: (paraphrasing)

"We support the people of Cuba and recognize that their economic position is dire, but we will not provide to the Cuban governnment the means to act against our interests."

So in the meantime people suffer but that's just too bad - America's geopolitical interests trump all. Read more about Bush's Commerce Secretary and Irony

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Feminists, controversy and privilege

I've been reading over at Feministing. I admit to being all but unlettered in Feminist history and thought. I have what I consider to be a grounding in basic humanity (we are all human beings, there are power issues, our experience of life is both singularly mysterious and completely shared) but that doesn't really qualify me to comment upon Jessica's call for essays to fill a new book she is preparing. I think the call itself is interesting, while the proposed title is confusing and awkward - so awkward that Jessica and Jaclyn have had their heads handed to them by whole hosts of self described feminist blogs. Read more about Feminists, controversy and privilege

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Ending the Bush regime

I've been thinking about what to do with the leftovers of the Bush regime when that swinging door finally hits him on the ass on the way out. This Read more about Ending the Bush regime

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What'd you say, Kermit? Are you smoking something?

Kermit (not that Kermit, Kermit Roosevelt, a professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania) in this Christian Science Monitor article says the Roberts court agreed with the public in this latest flurry of 5/4 decisions; that in fact, the court provides a "mirror" in which we can see ourselves.

Here is the final paragraph in his article: Read more about What'd you say, Kermit? Are you smoking something?

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A soon to be dead woman

Here you find a 29 year old Afghani woman who is not long for this world. She says she does not foresee a long life. I believe her.

Malalai Joya Read more about A soon to be dead woman

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The Golden Compass, the sequel

Following after an earlier post by lambert.

Ok, so I read the trilogy - more thoughts maybe later.

For now: Read more about The Golden Compass, the sequel

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More thoughts on April spending and consumer credit

Kevin Drum points out that "....Retail sales in April were down 2.4%, "the most wretched year-over-year showing by major retailers since the International Council of Shopping Centers began tracking the data in 1970," according to the LA Times."

More data suggestive that the increase in consumer credit in April is a result of paying taxes with a credit card, not underlying strength in the economy.

At least, the data is suggestive to ME.

Jake Read more about More thoughts on April spending and consumer credit

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About young women and boob shots

Now that I have your attention, think about this from Time via Kevin Drum: Read more about About young women and boob shots

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NPR this morning

2 thoughts -

1) April consumer credit is way up, the highest since Nov, and a total surprise to everyone who should know. Nov is right before Christmas, so that is naturally a high spot. What happens in April?


So, I think what happened

is not that Americans were still all rosy about the future and borrowing like mad to buy more stuff they don't need, I think they were paying their TAX bills.

I could be wrong. But April is a funny time to buy more stuff, and a totally unfunny time to have to pay the taxman. Read more about NPR this morning

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Hate Speech from the pulpit

Odd, this.

From the May 4 Daily Oklahoman, the OKC paper.

Fri May 4, 2007
Hate crime bill OK'd

Chris Casteel
Washington Bureau

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Media Consolidation

I've been reading Paul Starr's "Freedom's Power", and while I have a ways to go yet, one thing has already struck me forcibly - the rise of the authoritarian right was aided by media consolidation. Read more about Media Consolidation

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I just KNEW that women have it better than men!!!

SciAm has a blog article on sex and arousal. It seems that women are more or less equally turned on by images of men or women, without regard to their stated orientation. Read more about I just KNEW that women have it better than men!!!

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Isn't it really all about us white men?

I followed xan's link to Hecate's post about a Twisty post. Read more about Isn't it really all about us white men?

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Was Pelosi's visit to Syria a public relations disaster?

Tom Bevan, Real Clear Politics, The Pelosi Effect?

writes that Pelosi's Syrian adventure was her first real public relations disaster. He then wonders if it will effect Clinton's race. Read more about Was Pelosi's visit to Syria a public relations disaster?


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