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So pop culture isn't totally worthless. Read more about Toon of the day

We've known for quite some time

On a random page from the obscure website Science Fiction by various authors appears this prophetic beginning of a long-forgotten story:

Margaret St. Clair
Quis Custodiet . . . ?
Copyright © 1948 by Standard Magazines, Inc.

Hand to Mouth



Everybody talks about the new generation
Jump on the wagon or they'll leave you behind
But no one gave a thought to the rest of the nation

Best retort to "Ya GOTTA vote Dem!!!!!!" ever


[I'm making this post current because.... Now, more than ever! --lambert]

It appeared as a comment in, of all places, the DAILY KOS thread UPDATED: The Michigan Democratic Party has little tolerance for dissent:

How this looks to an Independent

Pic of the day

American Psycho

What kind of drooling sadist would make an ad like this and then turn around and stick us with an insurance company bailout once he took office?

I guess it's the same kind who made up a debt crisis and is using it to gut what's left of the New Deal, and just to rub it in, told us it's time to eat our peas. Read more about American Psycho



48 hours of talkback.

Maybe some day we can do this. Read more about Strike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama tells base to fuck off once and for all.

Because if you read between the lines, that's what he's really telling us with this "one term is A-OK" stuff.

He's telling us to forget this "make me do it" crap and instead to shaddup and siddown.

He's telling us by omission to forget about jobs. Read more about Obama tells base to fuck off once and for all.

Toon of the day


Not the least bit funny, but so true. Read more about Toon of the day

Little Anthony

Toon of the day


The mysterious young janitor explains Versailles in one easy lesson. Read more about Toon of the day

So long, suckers! And thanks for all the tax-paid fish.


He won't be missed. Unless Rahm outscrews him. Read more about So long, suckers! And thanks for all the tax-paid fish.

Can I have my money back, please sir?


From the lyrics:

Listen to the lies from the politician man
Saying that we live in a democratic land
One land for the rich, another for the poor
And if you try to change it, they'll nail you to the floor

Starting all over again.

We lost what we had, that's what hurt us so bad...set us back a thousand years. -- Mel and Tim

Maybe more than a thousand years. None of us will live long enough to know, including the Perpetraitor in Chief. And in the song, Read more about Starting all over again.

Toon of the Day

I vaguely remember that it wasn't always like this. Read more about Toon of the Day


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