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Toon of the Day (2nd verse, same as the 1st)

Hell, the way things are going, you could have a Toon of the Hour. Read more about Toon of the Day (2nd verse, same as the 1st)

Toon of the Day


People are beginning to notice.

Actually they've been noticing.

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TalkLeft: The Power of a Really Bad Example

Over at TalkLeft, Jeralyn wrote a post urging Obama's re-election. Aside from Obama's campaign vid which I won't link to 'cuz it ain't worth a goddamn, her post reads as follows:

Obama Makes It Offical: "It's Up to Us"

The Obama 2012 campaign began today with the release of this video he sent out to supporters. The message: It's up to us.

One guy in the video says: "I don't agree with Obama on everything, but I respect him and I trust him."

Obama defends nuclear energy

That's the title of this AP story:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama on Tuesday defended the use of nuclear energy despite the calamity in Japan where a nuclear power plant leaked radiation in the wake of a devastating earthquake and tsunami.

The president told Pittsburgh television station KDKA that all energy sources have their downsides but that the U.S. - which gets 20 percent of its electricity from nuclear power - needs to look at the full array of them.

Obama to tour Miami school with Jeb Bush on Friday

No, it's not the Onion, it's real.

WASHINGTON | Tue Mar 1, 2011 2:45pm EST

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will tour a Florida school with former Governor Jeb Bush on Friday, the White House said, teaming up with a Republican Party heavyweight to promote bipartisan education reform.

White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Tuesday that Bush, whose brother George W. Bush preceded Obama as president, had suggested Miami Central High School as a good showcase for policies that work in improving performance in education.

It's Madison Time!

What about Me? - Quicksilver Messenger Service


You poisoned my sweet water, you cut down my green trees
The food you fed my children was the cause of their disease
My world is slowly fallin' down and the air's not good to breathe
And those of us who care enough, we have to do something...

Oh... oh, whatcha gonna do about me?

Headline of the day

From FDL:

Americans Finally Sorta Like the GOP Again

Let's harken back to those thrilling days of yesteryear (or last year, anyhow), when I posted:

Graf of the day

Jerome Armstrong, at the end of his MyDD post Obama the neo-con, sums up teh O Man as briefly as could be:

Cartoon of the day

Once again Black Agenda Report tells (and shows) it straight. Read more about Cartoon of the day

When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around.


Turn on my V.C.R., same one I've had for years
James Brown on the T. A. M. I. show, same tape I've had for years
I sit in my old car, same one I've had for years
Old battery's running down, it ran for years and years

Napa Valley Grapes of Wrath


Chicago blogger driftglass gives up on Obama:

Wherever there's a fight for tax policies to make sure that the children's children's children of inherited wealth will never have to work a day in their lives, I'll be there.

Wherever there's a Wall Street bankster making sure that the scheme they just invented to Ponzi you out of your life's savings in some new and exotic way is not only perfectly legal, but so central to the global economy that we have to let them keep on grifting even after the scam collapses, I'll be there.

Secret Agent Man



Not so secret anymore, of course. Read more about Secret Agent Man

Agent of the Unknown


Book Summary of Agent Of The Unknown

Don Haig had been content to lie around and drink in the synthetic beauty of the pleasure planetoid Fyon, until a woman came into his life. A woman more beautiful and more perfect than any other female in the galaxy. A woman who brought about a curious change in Don.

For she was a pocket-sized doll -- a very strange and miraculous puppet who shed constant tears and held powers that Don never even dreamed of.

"I feel like it's rainin' all over the world"

And a rainy night in Illinois and Pennsylvania and California and indeed in all 57 states...and some year some day soon it may really be raining all over the world. Read more about "I feel like it's rainin' all over the world"

Photo of the Day, or "Peasants are SO YUMMY!!"


Posted on HuffPost, taken after the tax cut "deal".

Race to the bottom bay bee!!!! Read more about Photo of the Day, or "Peasants are SO YUMMY!!"


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