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Big Numbers We Don’t Understand

We live in the age of Big Numbers We Don't Understand. To put Google’s annual revenue in more context, if Google were a sovereign nation, it would have the 90th largest economy in the world, below Panama and above Cyprus. Put another way, Google is worth two Albanias, four Haitis, or eight (!) Mongolias.

This in reference to a measly 149BN market cap.

Any suggestions for whose GDPs we can line up for the Big Shitpile?

Or another edifying context? Read below the fold...

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Colbert and Daily Show Salute Helen Thomas

Colbert and Daily Show with a video retrospective.. bless 'em.

My fave one's not listed.. it was Helen playing her part in Stephen Colberts triumph at the 2006 Bush White House Correspondents Dinner and Fluff Fest, here: Read below the fold...

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Antidote du jour

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Sniveling Democrats: Plus c'est la meme chose

These rabble in Washington are really better than the sniveling opposition. They have a sort of genius of a bold and manly cast, though Satanic. They see, against the unanimous expression of the people, how much a little well-directed effrontery can achieve, how much crime the people will bear, and they proceed from step to step...

RW Emerson, Journal
June, 1846

h/t Lance Read below the fold...

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Breaking: British Columbia suspends seasonal flu shots over elevated swine risk

Department of Oh for Crying Out Loud:

The Vancouver Sun is reporting this AM that the province of British Columbia has formally called off seasonal flu shots, for all but the highest risk individuals -- on early reports of a Canadian study indicating a 50% increased risk of contracting H1N1 in subjects who received a seasonal shot, over those that did not.

Read below the fold...

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Be still my beating heart!!

Oh Sonia, Sonia, don't toy with me!

"Justice Sotomayor suggested the majority might have it all wrong -- and that instead the court should reconsider the 19th century rulings that first afforded corporations the same rights flesh-and-blood people have.

Judges "created corporations as persons, gave birth to corporations as persons," she said. "There could be an argument made that that was the court's error to start with...[imbuing] a creature of state law with human characteristics."..

Reached for comment at his private manor, concerned citizen Charles Montgomery Burns was not amused: Read below the fold...

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Paging Mr. Stipe: Michael Stipe, white courtesy telephone please

Department of NOW NOW NOW NOW

Thus Sprach Rep. Paul Kanjorski: It (was) the End of the World as We Know It..

From BoingBoing, and Capitalism Gone Wild

The Capital Markets Subcommittee Chair, Rep. Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania, tells C-Span how the world economy almost collapsed in a matter of hours. Read below the fold...

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