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It's all memes

So David Atkins and Jonathan Chait drone on about how terrible beltway/insider/conventional wisdom is these days. (Duh!) And in doing so hit upon something that I thought was quite brilliant though probably an accident. They, of course, move on and ignore the significance of it. I wanted to bring it back up as it's part of the discussion of language we should be using when trying to engage the conventional wisdom and beltway tribalism that we face and the uphill battle against it. Read more about It's all memes

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A style to the discourse

So on Tuesday Lambert linked to a post on OccupyChicago and the Adbusters editorial that was brewing up more violence versus non-violence debate that we are all heavily invested in. Read more about A style to the discourse

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Some more words to purge

Along with some of the words I've seen discussed in comments that we should no longer be using, I saw this from Avedon that I thought could use a repeating:

"...but I really wish I could convince people to stop using terms like "entitlements" and "discretionary spending". These are not the kinds of phrases you use for things that you've paid for and are now owed. And, if you go into a shop and give the cashier money for a product, is their delivery of said product "discretionary spending"? No, it is not - it is a firm obligation. What Obama is talking about is refusing to fulfill obligations. Defaulting on the American people. Just quit using their language, will you?" Read more about Some more words to purge

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Kill the patient to start the healing?

I've been thinking a lot about the populist movements that we've seen erupt in Ohio and Wisconsin. While similar democratic movements have also popped up all over the world, it's these two that have interested me the most in the context of what to do about our upcoming elections. The thing that I see that these movements have in common, is that both of them were sparked by republican governors forcing anti-democratic reforms onto the populace. Read more about Kill the patient to start the healing?

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Some worries about NOTA


So I've been a lurker here at Corrente for quite a while now. I finally built up the guts to register and I had some concerns about NOTA I wanted to get off my chest. I know NOTA is a popular position here at Corrente, and the general sense I get from the discussion about it, is that it's as much an act of defiance against a corporate-owned system with the intent to send a statement to elected officials as it is a vote for a non-corrupt candidate. The whole idea of we won't settle for 2% less evil, thank you very much. It resonated with me early on but after I gave it some more serious thought I started to get very uncomfortable with the idea of it. Read more about Some worries about NOTA

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