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An article that's four years too late


From Jezebel, "A Complete Guide to Hipster Racism": Oh thanks for nothing. It's easy enough to write this four years later when it no longer matters, but some of us remember the reaction when we called out white Obots on their crass instrumentalisation of race in 2008.

I think we can expect to wait a very long time before we read a field guide to hipster sexism. Read below the fold...

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A first hand account from #OccupyLA on the difficulties of coalition building

A first hand account from Paulina Gonzalez demonstrates the difficulties in reaching across class, ethnic and gender lines. Gonzalez recounts how a proposal to endorse a civil disobedience action by hotel workers was blocked. While the blocks were ultimately dropped and the LA General Assembly did accept the proposal, the difficulties encountered are, I think, revealing. Read below the fold...

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Report: Paris update


A number of processions are converging upon the Hôtel de Ville (city hall.) We joined the one leaving metro Belleville, proceeding down Rue du Faubourg du Temple towards Republique where we tarried a bit waiting for a cortege from Gare du Nord to join us. I stood on a concrete construction barricade to get a feel for crowd size--1000 perhaps--and Gare du Nord must've arrived because we've gotten bigger since then.

Weather is great, spirits are high, cops are low-key. Fair number of Spaniards here, we hear espanol.
Now heading down Rue de Turbigo. I'll update in a bit. Read below the fold...

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Report: Off to get indignant in Paris

The October 15 program for Paris calls for a number of processions to converge upon Hôtel de Ville (city hall) for a large General Assembly linked with other cities (New York, Barcelona, Brussels, etc). Processions will be leaving at 15h from the major railway stations as well as Belleville.

We'll be joining a procession and taking pictures. I'll report back with some general impressions.

More details here (in French.) Read below the fold...

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