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This isn't the apology we need.

Or, at least, it's not the only one.

Editors' Note: December 22, 2008
Earlier this morning, we posted a letter that carried the name of Bertrand Delanoë, the mayor of Paris, sharply criticizing Caroline Kennedy.

This letter was a fake. It should not have been published.

Somewhere, Sarah Palin is smiling.
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The Divine Right of Kennedys

And a heavily padded resume.

The more I learn about this, the more offended I become and the more opposed I am to the thought of handing Caroline Kennedy a senate seat as if it were her birthright.

We are told by those who know (and whose word should not be questioned) that she deserves this position because of critical and unique qualities that only she possesses -- prestige, name-recognition, respect, and fundraising prowess -- not to mention the beneficence of Teddy Kennedy. We are to believe that the patina of Camelot will somehow arrest the ambition and needs of ninety-nine other senators in deference to the interests of New York. Read more about The Divine Right of Kennedys

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Ya Don't Say!

David Plouffe, the campaign manager for Barack Obama’s campaign, said at a campaign manager’s forum here at Harvard University tonight that things might have been a lot different had the disputed Florida primary actually counted in the Democratic race.

“In fact, we might not have been the nominee,” Mr. Plouffe said at a forum sponsored by the Kennedy School of Government.

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Just mean even for asking the question.

The Transition today launched "Open for Questions," a Digg-style feature allowing citizens to submit questions, and to vote on one another's questions, bringing some to the top of the list.

Sounds good, let's ask some questions!

Oh, but wait, the ability to flag "inappropriate" questions seems to be very popular with those who wish to shield Obama from ever having to answer actual, substantive questions. When you flag a question as being inappropriate, it gets removed from the front page. Read more about Just mean even for asking the question.

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And now for something completely different.


Different from casual misogyny parading around as humor, that is.

A brilliant idea that I can't believe I didn't know about sooner. Do your online shopping through iGive, and a certain percentage (depending on the vendor) of what you spend will be donated to a charity of your choice. Really. It doesn't cost you a thing, but you're still able to benefit whatever organization you want to support. Read more about And now for something completely different.

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Scenes from Hillary's rally this evening.

[Thanks to Iphie for more first-hand reporting. -- lambert]

If the race is over someone forgot to tell the people who stood in a line that wrapped itself around an entire Manhattan city block for 2+ hours this evening.

I was one of them. I arrived shortly before 7:00 (the tickets said 7:00), but thinking that like so many other election night events it wouldn't start anywhere near that time I was under the false impression that I would be there early. Nope. When I got there, the line already stretched around two sides of the block. Read more about Scenes from Hillary's rally this evening.

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More from RBC meeting

1920 Rep. Convention

Photo taken at the 1920 Republican Convention (the woman on the right is Alice Paul). The full quote reads: "No self respecting woman would wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her self." - Susan B. Anthony, 1872 Read more about More from RBC meeting

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Initial thoughts on RBC debacle.

I just got home from DC and I'm going to make this quick because at this point I haven't slept in almost 40 hours, and were it not for the energy derived from my seething rage, I would have collapsed.

I'm sure many of you either watched the sham theatrical event proceedings or were following them as they were being live-blogged on TalkLeft and elsewhere, so I'll spare you the blow by blow and just give you some of my initial notes/observations. Read more about Initial thoughts on RBC debacle.

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To be a Witness to the Destruction of the Democratic Chances in November.

a.k.a. the RBC meeting in DC tomorrow morning. I just got my ticket and am wondering if anyone else from the NYC area is attending. If you are, what are your travel plans? I'm taking the train and in order to get there in time to pick up my credentials, it looks as though I'll be boarding a train leaving Penn Station at 3:00 am. Read more about To be a Witness to the Destruction of the Democratic Chances in November.

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