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The Syrian Intelligence report

Here it is:

Most of this is nothing new. Well, I guess it could be argued that none of it is new. But here are the points I find interesting: Read below the fold...

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So, I homeschool my kids, and now we're looking at history.

I thought it would be easy. Just teach them Zinn's "A People's History."

But Holy Fuck! Have you read that thing? The kind, giving natives slaughtering themselves and their kids faced with Spanish slavery/colonialism (he goes into detail about parents slitting the throats of their kids before they slit their own!)? This is the most horrifying story I've ever read, and I'm a King fan! Read below the fold...

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I wonder sometimes about my ethnicity.

My father's side is very clear - Irish. My great grandfather came from Ireland, and was a founding member of the Memphis Police Department. Grandpa, in hushed tones, told me about how he as a child was taken out to lynch black kids sometimes by his dad and the MPD. Grandaddy was in many ways an evil man, but he was ashamed of that, at least. Read below the fold...

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I like tbogg, BUT

Except, that's bullshit. But I'm REALLY over bogg's "I like Greenwald, BUT" blogs.

Bogg doesn't like Greenzilla or Gosztola. He's lying. He lacks integrity.
Tho, he's never claimed integrity. I guess there's some sort of pseudo-merit in that? Maybe? Read below the fold...

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What it's like to be epileptic

You meet god, even if you're an atheist. Read below the fold...

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Lets talk about Foundation money, blogs, etc

Is it a wild conspiracy theory to wonder about funding?

Lambert - I challenge you. Will you tell me and all of us how correntewire is funded? Are wealthy Foundations and NGOs giving you cash? I don't think there is, btw. But if so, spill the beans. And yeah, I know folks can get sued over just saying they can get sued. Read below the fold...

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Maybe the English were onto something not joining the Euro and keeping the Pound?

Nigel, oh Nigel. The Gregory Brothers were mocking you here, but I remember these words:

"I have no doubt that it's your intention to be the quiet assassin of European Democracy."

And guess what happened?
The rise of the technocrats, replacing European democracy. The governments of numerous democratic countries had their leaders just "disappeared" and replaced with European Central Bank "technocrats." Read below the fold...

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I was re-looking over old posts

And I found an old Chris Hedges video.

"All who succumb to fear and despair and apathy are the enemies of hope."

What a challenge.

"All who succumb to fear and despair and apathy are the enemies of hope."

I agree, and don't want to be an enemy of hope.

How about you?
Open thread. Read below the fold...

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The mad dash to demonize Greenwald

I would post this at FDL, but it seems inappropriate there.
But TBogg sees us, and categorizes us in with Alex Jones types. But, anyway...

(If you have nothing to hide, why are you worried?)

I have to give the Bogger credit for being the first to call out "advocacy journalism".

In no way is the way that Greenwald is reporting this “straight journalism”. It’s advocacy journalism that just happens to coincide with his pet hobbyhorse.

Read below the fold...
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Chris Hedges on "Hope"

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Trillion dollar coin discussion at the JREF

Surprisingly positive response from the most well respected forum members.

The Jref was where I first started trying to figure out politics and economics, and the thinking in the economics subforum over there has changed a lot over the past few years. The most annoying of the Austrians have been chased off, too. lol.

I've been saying for a while that our goal should be to convince the scientific community, and I think we might be getting there. Read below the fold...

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A Not So Modest Proposal to Fix the World

Public Health and Infectious Disease Epidemiology Should be Prerequisites for Economics.

Public health people tend to get on my nerves. Their science tends to reflect the bigotries of the era, they are often control-freaks, and they often have massive egos. They should get along great with the economists! Read below the fold...

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So, what are the Dems/Progressive Caucus up to here?

(sorry if link isn't clickable)

Are they just against the unchaining of SS from the CPI, or are they really defending Medicare and Medicaid, too? Or are they united in defending the safety net as a whole? Read below the fold...

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How this whole fiscal grift thing will probably pan out

They're going to vote and sign (?) on New Years Eve, late at night. (Just like the NDAA). It might or might not include:

1) unchaining social security benefits from inflation

2) Medicare cuts to PCP (primary care provider) docs (aka, hurry up and die.)

3) the virtual abolition of Medicaid via more cuts to payments for providers (It's not a rightwing myth that docs will literally go bankrupt seeing some/too many medicaid patients.)

4) cutting unemployment insurance

5) little if any cuts will be made to the MIC or Big Ag. Read below the fold...


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