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The return of the public option?

Anyone familiar with this -- and why it's coming up now, when Medicare and SSI are still in jeopardy? Read more about The return of the public option?

We knew Obama could go lower. And so he has.

No one but Our Leader, manifest in grace and compassion, could rush toward the granny-starving compromise for which he and the GOP have so fervently wished... so they can get on with the diversionary tactic of gun-control legislation. After five years of inaction, and dozens of mass murders, why the rush to craft legislation that will, as the others, die in committee? It's for the (dead) kids, see? Read more about We knew Obama could go lower. And so he has.

A question without an answer, yet...

The premiere screenings for any huge movie have typically had either theatre or movie studio security monitoring for cameras, as well as monitoring exits for stealthier pirates.

At a Thursday evening Denver screening (a benefit one), I've been told that all cellphones had to be secured, and any phone calls must be made outside the theatre, because WB guards were there with detectors to check whether piracy was taking place.

With such an aggressive stance taken that same day at another theater, was there either WB or house security at the Aurora site, when the massacre took place? If so, are they being questioned about what they saw, and is that why we haven't heard from them? Read more about A question without an answer, yet...

Cheap Eats!


Double-Roasted Veggie Pizza
(a recipe I created tonight)

I love this time of year, because at last locally-grown red peppers, onions and squash are as cheap as they get.

I baked my first roasted-veggie pizza out of a box from a high-toned market, and as soon as I really thought about it, I knew I could make one better.

As with many things, the secret's in the sauce. The roasted eggplant spread becomes a lovely pizza/spaghetti sauce, should you add a few canned tomatoes instead of tomato paste, or thin out the paste with a bit of water or wine. Read more about Cheap Eats!

If only we were in an Administration where this would be funny....

I wonder if they really don't see how the side they're on helps Rove and his gang more than anyone presently under the bus....

From: KR

To: All Internet Operatives and Interns

Re: Internet Operations -- For Immediate and Aggressive Implementation


Hello Gang,

You've all been working hard, and it's paying off. Obama's numbers are plummeting as I type this. Congratulations all around. But we can't afford to be complacent now.


When Rick Perry and Paul Krugman both pooh-pooh MMT....

... then someone must be doing something right:

ThinkProgress has video of Perry in Iowa explaining that if Bernanke "prints more money between now and the election, I don't know what y'all would do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas." Perry went on to say that if Bernanke printed more money, the act would be "almost treasonous in my opinion."

Remember I asked whether anyone checked if Murdoch had atomics?

I really wasn't joking:

LOS ANGELES—With the newsgathering techniques of its sister publications in Britain under fire, News Corp. is facing a probe into the use of drones by its U.S.-based digital publication, The Daily.

Federal Administration Aviation spokeswoman Laura Brown says her agency is investigating whether The Daily's use of "unmanned aerial systems" violates FAA regulations.

Commercial operators typically need a certificate in order to fly the unmanned aircraft, especially in populated areas.

The Daily's blog shows it used drones to capture aerial footage of floodwaters in North Dakota and Mississippi in May and June.

Are we past noting Obama Golf scores?

'cause rarely have I seen so skillful a putt by a major media pundit -- Ladies and gents, Mr. Andrew Sullivan, in full: Read more about Are we past noting Obama Golf scores?

Wendell Potter speaks wise, once again....

Sure, it's from the Huffington Post, but type the phrase "Where Can $700 Billion be Cut Annually from the U.S. Health Care System?" into a search engine, and you'll find some tasty PDF goodness about how the worst waste in healthcare today is the multipayer system itself....

Read more about Wendell Potter speaks wise, once again....

The Cheese doesn't stand alone....

Wow -- you mean the explosion in intensely cheesy foods has been backed by the government? Along with the fancy that milk helps one lose weight?

When Michelle Obama implored restaurateurs in September to help fight obesity, she cited the proliferation of cheeseburgers and macaroni and cheese. “I want to challenge every restaurant to offer healthy menu options,” she told the National Restaurant Association’s annual meeting.

But in a series of confidential agreements approved by agriculture secretaries in both the Bush and Obama administrations, Dairy Management has worked with restaurants to expand their menus with cheese-laden products.

THE GOOD GUYS' end credits: Unexpected Teachable Moment?


Noticed this article tonight -- perhaps McKay's message is more than Rage Against the Machine-skin-deep:

Read more about THE GOOD GUYS' end credits: Unexpected Teachable Moment?

Just noting some meme creation:

Obama is the vermouth:

Obama's decision to take a hands-off approach to Congress also enabled Republicans to shift the focus from a popular president to less-loved Democrats. "It's Reid and Pelosi's stimulus package, Reid and Pelosi's health care bill, Reid and Pelosi's taxes on energy," says Norquist. If Democratic policies were a martini, he says, "Obama is the vermouth — he's barely there."

Is this immunization at work?

Um, did anyone you've read mention impeachment before now, 'cause I haven't heard one word about it until today, when a guest stooge for the Administration makes the threat that if the GOP wins this fall, it's Obama in the dock: Read more about Is this immunization at work?

Aaron McGruder? Who knew?

I had no idea Aaron McGruder had felt some heat for not joining the irrational exuberance of the Obama campaign:

Huey is scapegoated as insufficiently on the bandwagon, as racist and regressive by extension, much to his chagrin.

Ed Schultz vs. Robert Gibbs: MMA or WWE?

I recall back in the day when Randi Rhodes said she was courted by the DNC to be a national talk-show host.... she said she wouldn't play ball, and she implied that they chose Ed Schultz to pull out of the chorus, instead. Despite her later succumbing to CDS, at the time she was to the left of Schultz -- he didn't sing out about single-payer until the election was well over.

So is what he's doing now unpredictable, or part of his role as a pawn in the 11-D chess game we've heard tell of? Read more about Ed Schultz vs. Robert Gibbs: MMA or WWE?


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