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How Would $36B Impact Your State's Economy?

$36 Billion.

I guess I don't understand how federal aid works anymore. It's true, I've been out of the loop for a few years, having other concerns beyond national politics. But my father is dead now, and I can get back to paying attention to what the thieves we call leadership are up to. I'm horrified. It's so much worse than even I had predicted it would be.

Yes, I'm angry. A trusted "friendly" commenter from another blog I regularly read got angry with my "ignorance." Because I was upset to see that $36B was just dropped on one state, without any comparison, any sort of "is this the right use of taxpayer money" etc. Read more about How Would $36B Impact Your State's Economy?

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Atheism in Personal Narrative: "Generation Atheism" by Dan Riley


Given that the author was kind enough to send me a free copy, the least I can do is blog about his rather wonderful little book, which I can honestly say is compelling enough to have sucked me in for reading almost half of it upon opening. Generation Atheist is a brilliantly simple concept that will warm the cockles of nontheists everywhere. Read more about Atheism in Personal Narrative: "Generation Atheism" by Dan Riley

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For Moe: #ows and Reality


Just wondering, but how many of the OWS folk are brown and/or speak say, Spanish?

This is important, and will define the "movement." I bet a lot of you are like me (and color isn't important, in this sense) but if you are, you're too broke to pitch a tent in Manhattan. Because if you leave your job, you'll lose your house or apartment, and other stuff you need to live. Read more about For Moe: #ows and Reality

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Red Hats: Make Your Pitch; or, What is Ubuntu and Is There a Good, Cheap, PC?


This post is the source of this one. Some people aren't very smart about computers; take me, for example. Just like some people aren't very smart about congenital heart disease or comparative Semitic philology. So... I should ditch Macs and get a cheap PC with Ubuntu? Why, exactly? Y'all know I hate consumerism and the rest of that shit, but I'm willing to listen, in a product by product consumer review based throwdown, from the smart people here. I'm as dumb as a six year old, in this. Read more about Red Hats: Make Your Pitch; or, What is Ubuntu and Is There a Good, Cheap, PC?

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In Which CD Showers Lavish Praise upon Lambert

And so, I take a bow, make a leg, tip my hat, and offer my profoundest and most sincere thanks to the man who makes it all possible, Lambert. My weekend started a few hours ago, so forgive me for this rant but I don't feel like doing any real work and this issue actually has a bit of political relevance in addition to just me being a fawning fan. Thank you, Lambert. And fuck you, JSKit, Disqus, Blogger, WordPress, Facebook and all the rest of you fucking lazy ass motherfuckers who have seen fit to deny me almost all of my other regular blogs. You suck. He rocks. Read more about In Which CD Showers Lavish Praise upon Lambert

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What Supplements Do You Take, And Why?

Meh, for me today it was 12 hrs with one client and four more with another on the west coast later before I can sleep, so this is going to be short. I'd like to fill the rest in as I respond in the comments, reading what you all have to say. But the question is: what supplements do you take? Vitamins? Oils, cremes, salves, teas, and any other delivery device that doesn't come from Big Pharma or Big Ag, that helps you feel better? Why do you take them? How did you learn about them? Why do you know they work? What scientific-standard of proof can you offer they do, if only in your case? Read more about What Supplements Do You Take, And Why?

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Raw/Living Food: The Convert Speaks

Well, I have to Come Out. I'm a convert. It's my new religion and like any convert and evangelical, I can't stop talking about it. But dammit. This is working. So let me share. If you are bored with me, just absorb this simple part: stop cooking your food. Just, stop. Obviously you should be buying organic, local, and not-GMO. But damn, people. I laughed at Madonna when I read she went on this program, and now I feel ashamed for mocking her for what works. I always though hollywood drugs kept her in shape. Now I know. Read more about Raw/Living Food: The Convert Speaks

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Sex Talk: Men are Easy

So, recently I offended a bunch of nice people because I basically said: "men are easier to please than women, sexually speaking." I didn't mean this to be about men being more stupid, less exciting or interesting, or any other negative connotation about men and sex. But gosh! Is that so controversial to say? Men need... well, imho it's pretty simple. Sure, men want and need love and relationships and complexity and all that. But men also want simple things, and if one is good at those, one can make any man come. Read more about Sex Talk: Men are Easy

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The Stone Garden


So I've finally given it a name, my garden. It will be the Gardens of Stone. Several reasons. 1) It rhymes with part of my name b) it refers to the poignantly horrific and beautiful reality of the imbalance of power between the wealth and the rich, the slaughter that creates, and the heroes who sacrifice everything to stop it iii) i would someday like to grow medicinal mj but don't because of b) and also i'm still waiting for the voter-approved reality of its legality to 'take' with our local law enforcement and D) it's my garden, and it has stones. Read more about The Stone Garden

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Call for the Assist: WI, OH, etc

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For The Lost

This is for Joe. Whom I love, and respect, deeply, always.

This is the very first thing I learned about Barak Obama, back in the day. It's really simple. Maybe I'll be killed for saying this, but it's utterly and completely true. The first thing he did, on his road to becoming preznit? Take a guess. Heh, it's sort of funny, even. But the Big O's first executive decision? Let me tell you: firing a gay man. A black gay man. Who is taller than he is. Mon chere, and fellow employee, Claude. For being too gay. Read more about For The Lost

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Humanist Advocates on Campus

Hemant is all over this issue because he goes to a lot of college campuses to speak and college kids are generally the most enthusiastic atheists out there today. So what do you think? Is there a legitimate "need" for "humanist" chaplains on campus like there are religious chaplains for students? Read more about Humanist Advocates on Campus

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Toxin Attack on Grijalva's Office

This is one example of why I use the rhetoric I do:

Police locked down the Tucson congressional office of Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) on Thursday afternoon after staffers received a package containing a “confirmed” toxic substance, a Grijalva spokesman said.

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Is The Revolution Possible?

In addition to the rising price of bread and letters de cachet, 'tax farming' is what caused the French Revolution. This isn't new in this country, but it is spreading and it's one of the reasons why I call it "the Predatory State." But is it enough?

You probably know what I think. Unless and until people can no longer afford cable TV, happy pills, and HFCS junk foods, there will be no Revolution in this country. What do you think? Read more about Is The Revolution Possible?


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