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Open Thread Tuesday: It's Cold Out There!


'Cause I got nuthin and Lambert is still away. So: what are you doing to prepare for winter? We got our first hard frost here last night, brrr. The berries in the forest preserve where I walk my puppy daily were frozen this morning, but still tart. I'm going to be trying to emulate Ohio this winter, and get these frakking basement rehab projects done once and for all. But it's cold down here (my new office suite I sort-of-built this year is in the basement), and I'll be burning a lot of wood, while keeping the thermostat set as low as I possibly can. Read more about Open Thread Tuesday: It's Cold Out There!

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Atheism, Science and "Alternative" Therapy

I'm an odd bird (but you knew that, natch). I have a background, educationally speaking, in both science (biology, history of science) and religion (history of religion, comparative Semitic philology). So my mind tends to dart all over the place and I can "see both (any) sides" with relative ease, intellectually speaking, even as I may not agree with that I'm studying or considering at any given moment. Read more about Atheism, Science and "Alternative" Therapy

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Kristallnacht is Coming, Soon

[Update: This. Remember: Batman is a right wing vigilante Galtian richee-worship style "hero" and while he's not allowed to kill in comix, in the adult versions, he can and does, gleefully.] But it will be quieter, and more subtle. Go make friends with a sheriff's deputy, soon. I mean this most sincerely. The roundup of liberals is around the corner, and most of us have a big target on our backs. Just by using English correctly, or having attended a rally for a Democratic politician, or dating interracially... Read more about Kristallnacht is Coming, Soon

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Doing My Part: Just Say No to Down-Low

Via Joe, I have to add to the viral here and link to No More Downlow TV. It's internet TV so I don't feel bad about doing that; no commercials, yo. I'll be spreading this around at other blogs with African-American writers and I hope you will too. DLism is a big problem in our communities of color, and it's time to change that. Read more about Doing My Part: Just Say No to Down-Low

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Do You Know Where Your Note Is?

Where's the Note is a smashing new project from the good folks at the SEIU, and is already a tremendous success. Apparently it's already even been covered by the SCLM, and the chatter I'm getting about it is that it's also working- banks are informing people who request proof of who holds the actual, signed note/mortgage. Read more about Do You Know Where Your Note Is?

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California Cowardice: Gov Ed.

Democracy Now:

Green Party Candidate Excluded from California Governor’s Debate
While governor hopefuls Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman debated on Tuesday night in San Rafael, the Green Party candidate for governor was being arrested outside the hall. Police charged Laura Wells with trespassing after she tried to get into the debate that she was not allowed to participate in.

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The Rent I Hate The Most: Computers


Let me rant short form: jeebus krist am I sick of this shit. I have several computers, most of them "old" which is to say a few years old. I recently had the PC reformatted, and lost some stuff in the process that I now can't seem to reinstall. Whatever, that's not what I'm bitching about. I'm bitching because I'm not a tech person, nor do I think I should have to be to use my computers. Computers are the modern day equivalent of cars; in order to function in our society and keep a job, one needs to have one and know how to operate one. Fine, I have and I do. Read more about The Rent I Hate The Most: Computers

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The Problem is We Lack a Leader(s)


Avedon got me thinking and commenting on something that's been in the back of my head for a while now, so I thought I'd turn it into a post. Put on your thinking caps, Corrente. This is the hardest problem we face.

We need a leader. Several of them, in fact. How do we get that? Grow them? Make them? However you want to phrase it, the need right now isn't "how do we fix these problems?" but instead is "who will be the face of the reforms we already know must happen, and who will inspire people to take us down that road?" Read more about The Problem is We Lack a Leader(s)

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Ooooh, pass the popcorn. I bet we'll be reading about the more and more:

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- A battle over a foreclosed home is shaping up in Simi Valley.

A family claims they were illegally evicted, and Saturday, they broke the locks and started moving back in even though the home has already been sold.

Jim and Danielle Earl, along with their nine children ranging in age from 3 to 23, returned to their house of nine years on Mustang Drive.

The family was evicted from their home in July after they fell behind on payments.

Their bank, GRP Financial Services, foreclosed on the home, but since then the house has been bought by an investor, remodeled and sold to someone else.

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Dancing with your PhD

I just know there are a lot of readers here who'll love this. Dance your PhD to explain it? Meh. Been there, done that hat tip Chester, Markus, Asa, Kris and Ben. I own that pole at [Chicago club of note], people. But seriously, as a concept, I really can take it quite seriously. What's the saying? "If I can't dance at your Revolution, I'm not coming." That's me, fer shore. Read more about Dancing with your PhD

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The Filibuster: Discuss

Despite being a blogger who blogs about politics, I actually know more about Sumerian grammar than I do about American political history, and I readily admit that. So this comment by reader Joe really intrigued me:

By the way, I think the filibuster issue is one of Corrente's major blind spots. I don't think the degree to which filibuster abuse has completely altered our system of governance can be overemphasized.

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How Much Violence Lurks in Your Neighbor's Heart?

Hoss is wondering how responsible people like Beck are for individual expressions of eliminationist violence, and to me that's not even an interesting question. It is just for that purpose that Beck in on TV, to better encourage his viewers to violence. It's as old as the Nazi Playbook and one of the reasons I'm very strict about not exposing myself or anyone in my care to that sort of filth. Read more about How Much Violence Lurks in Your Neighbor's Heart?

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Digby is Being Naive

This is another edition of What Digby Said but with modifications. I love her work like everyone else, but I smell a little middle class privilege here. Bottom line: if they want to, the cops will kill you, for no reason, because they can. Digby is basically saying "don't resist; your life is at stake if you do" and she's not wrong. But I had to add this comment:
Read more about Digby is Being Naive

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Why Don't You Believe?


I probably won't be able to blog much tomorrow, so this is premature Sunday Atheism blogging. But if you are a non-believer, why is that? What made you decide to shed your faith, or why haven't you ever adopted one? We've done this kind of posting here at Corrente before, but I'm trying to be a viral-slut here, and pick up some of the confessory energy of the IGB project. It's time to Come Out, atheists. Over and over again, if necessary. Read more about Why Don't You Believe?

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Mini vs Mega Burbs

[Edit for clarity: i'm visiting Chicagoland this weekend, but I no longer live in IL, and when I did I lived in South Side Chicago proper. I currently live in a suburb of MI's capitol city of Lansing. Sorry for not making that more clear in the post.] I'm on the road this weekend, but I thought I'd post some thoughts I've had while spending a lot, and I do mean a lot of time in the car. I really wish I had the opportunity to travel more, because I'd like to get more support for this thesis with my own eyes. Read more about Mini vs Mega Burbs


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