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Insulting, Lazy and Stupid: Your New York Times

I'll admit: I'm a little bit jealous. Or at least, jealous for Lambert. He's a WASP, and therefore is "worthy" of making the NYT's political pages, right? Oh well. Bowers has become the new, eminently misquotable whipping boy for the "angry Left," and thus not to be contacted directly, lest some terrible germ infect the sacred flesh of reporters. He's calling from Inside the House!!!
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Daou's Online Revolution

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On the Value and Need for "Intelligence"

Question for the group, asked in honest and open-minded interest:

What "good in the world" can the CIA claim? What, specifically, has it done that makes America safer, and/or the world a better place? Read more about On the Value and Need for "Intelligence"

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The Days of Infamy

So I assume you know why today is an historical day. In the spirit of looking back and forward, and at ourselves, I thought I'd share a personal, family story about some of the things we're supposed to be thinking of, as we all break bread in thanks that we're not all speaking German. Read more about The Days of Infamy

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In Which CD Apologizes for Lambert Being Once Again Prematurely Correct

Change you can believe in!

The Washington Post appears to have changed an already published article without noting the change. The original article started out:

President-elect Barack Obama's transition team has agreed to accompany Treasury Department officials to meet with Capitol Hill leaders to help the Bush administration gain access to the second half of the $700 billion financial rescue package, government sources familiar with the matter said.

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9 Ways to Stimulate the Economy for the Rest of Us

OK, I'm no economist. And hey! I'm really fucking glad! Next to "child rapist" and "warmonger," I can hardly think of a more despicable title to hold right now. What I'm going to write here is likely flawed, unrealistic, naive, and all that other stuff Serious People tell me at the cocktail parties when I've had a few too many and start talking like this. But I'd like to stimulate some conversation about what Our Leaderz can do right now, to help our economy, and not just that of their richee buddies and buttboi friends. Because believe it or not (heh), I'm told that part of the problem with the incoming bunch is that they, um, well...don't really know what to do, when it comes to fixing the actual majority economy. You're shocked to hear that, I'm sure. Read more about 9 Ways to Stimulate the Economy for the Rest of Us

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Is It Safe?

Hoss makes a good point about this utterly devastating critique from Digby on yet another shitstain excuse for a piece of journalism, but I'd like to make a gooder point, if I may. I actually suffered to read Nooner's entire article, and what struck me was the completely self-absorbed tone and perspective she employed. Read more about Is It Safe?

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Friday Night Deep Thought

How is it that for days now, our SCLM has presented all manner of ciritical detail about the many reasons why "bailing out the auto industry" is a Very Bad Idea, but when the financial industry bailout was being passed, against overwhelming public opposition, the only song the SCLM could sing was "Unlimited, no guarantee trillions, NOW! or you'll all DIE!!!"

It is especially interesting when one notes that the amounts in question are roughly $50b (in loans that will be repaid, as they have in the past) vs $3trillion and counting (for nothing). Read more about Friday Night Deep Thought

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Pre Seed Exchange Posting

Just a little reminder, because I've got the snow-covered 5b Blues, and missing my blooms: the Seed Exchange is coming soon. I've got zillions, and I hope at least a few intrepid garden bloggers are interested in doing some exchanging as I would like to. I've got a few links in my gardenblog bookmarks that do exchanges, but I'd like to at the very least tie into that with something a little more separate and Corrente-specific. So consider this a heads up post, and if you know any good exchanges, or have participated in them before, share your links and thoughts here. Read more about Pre Seed Exchange Posting

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The Fun Part About "Man-made" is that Any (Wo)man can Make It

Ho, ho, Correntians. I'm fairly sure I'm the first here to link to this. And galdurnit, don't tell me if I'm wrong, in the holiday spirit of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Baby Jeebus cries if you do. Even so, Haw! I love this kind of shit:
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Atheist Rage In KY


An atheists-rights group is suing the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security because state law requires the agency to stress "dependence on Almighty God as being vital to the security of the Commonwealth."

American Atheists of Parsippany, N.J., and 10 non-religious Kentuckians are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, set to be filed Tuesday in Franklin Circuit Court.

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Damn Fine Essay from DDay on "Conservatism"

The whole thing is very good.

This goes to the other side of how this nation is changing radically - with a series of programs conceived largely by executive fiat that weakens civil liberties protections and subverts the plain letter of the law. This includes illegal wiretapping of American citizens, indefinite detention of prisoners without charges, and the dehumanizing practice of torture, which is ineffective and deeply dangerous to the lives of our troops, as this senior interrogator in Iraq explains.
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Irony Dead, but Propaganda is Alive and Well in Afghanistan

Feeling rather unclever today, I don't have the snappy intro I wish I could have for this:
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Lying Our Way Into the Future

Suzie asks some important questions concerning this report on young people's ethics. It doesn't surprise me at all that more boys than girls believe that lying and cheating are necessary for success in life. Now, I'm not one to bemoan Those Kids Today, as I've been doing some reading on 18thc politics and know we've got a long way to go before we hit rock bottom. Read more about Lying Our Way Into the Future


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